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    pmsl - are u laffing at me


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      Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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        hmmm .....


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          And so called sunny sydney serves up more of the same on Weds morning .. so heres y'day in the short version

          B: bacon and eggs (2 poached)
          L: roast pork with a small piece of crackling with roasted veges
          D: tandoori chicken on a BAS
          S: about 3/4 of a 150ml tub of coconut milk consumed during the day in tea

          Exercise: PB exercise progam - better in all than last time. In the last months pushups have doubled, squats from level 4 to 6, Level 1 to 2 press and plank level 2 to 4 .. pullups .hmm . enuff said

          SleeP: interrupted by midgets so not enuff

          thats all ..


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            lookin' good i completely get the midget interruptions!
            Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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              thanks very much ... my midget is old enuff to know better ... yrs?


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                3 and 5. so yeah, they 'know' better but i don't think that stops 'em
                Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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                  i getcha .. im about 2 yrs ahead of u with mine but yr right .. they just find cleverer excuses


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                    Morning has dawned with a stunningly beautiful day in Sydney, the skies are blue, the waters of the harbour are glistening and summer is approaching ...

                    A solid day y'day
                    B: bacon and eggs
                    L: chicken salad
                    D: steamed fish with mushrooms and a side of broccolli
                    S: 1/2 tub of coconut milk in tea thru day

                    feelign pretty good all in all


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                      a beautiful Sydney Thu has given way to yet another portentous humid clud filled frriday morning ...

                      enjoyed the lovely thursday . ... my move slowly was a lovely 70 min walk across the Sydney HArbour Bridge as the sun was setting ... couldnt have been better

                      B: bacon and eggs
                      L: work lunch so entree some pieces of chorizo sausage, a king prawn or 2, and sashimi, main a big steak with spinach and horseradish dressing
                      D: after that lunch not so hungery so a mid size tuna salad with lots of greens, half an avocado, olive oil and garlic dressing
                      S: a couple of pieces of dark choc and about 100mls of coconut milk in my tea ...

                      and now ... work calls..

                      cheers all


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                        Walking across the bridge at sunset at this time of year is just heaven.

                        Being longer of leg than I, I am sure you do it twice as fast.

                        I am contemplating giving up all pretence of doing early morning walks (altho I hear what they say about morning sun and cortisol etc - I might research that again over weekend) and going back to walking home across the bridge too. So beautiful. There's something about putting on the ipod and letting your mind work through all the annoyances of the day so you are zen when you get home...


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                          cant agree more
                          frighteningly enuff i wasnt listening to music but rather an open university series on the Santorini volcanic eruption, its genesis, and basically how we know what we know about it from what was left behind ...
                          nerdy huh


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                            pretty nerdy, but maybe not for a geology dude. Ah - was there an eruption? I didn't miss another news event that gripped the entire world, did i?

                            oh - that has just inspired me - I am going to download the Rob Wollf podcasts everyone here is talking about for walks.


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                              there was an eruption in 1500 BC ... the current island of santorini is the remnant of the collapsed volcano .. the tsunami wiped out the minoan civilisation and gave rise to the legend of atlantis ...

                              wheres the link to the podcasts? id be interested


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                                The lost city of Atlantis! I also wondered where that came from. Was on my list of "things I have always wondered about and need to google"..I always thought it was a US thing - maybe because it kept coming up in movies.

                                I'll get back to you re the links. I am useless with IT, even if I can find them I am not sure I would know how to transport them back to your journal. But I will try. I think I am gonna go in to itunes and search his name.

                                crap, I can't even find itunes on my work computer anymore....don't hold your breath...