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    Greetings again from a overcast and humid Sydney ...

    So Weds was a good day in one sense and bad in one small sense

    Bad first - no exercise - stuck at my desk from 7am till 9pm without a break ...

    The good:
    1. Belt goes in another notch. Thats my first in primal and third for the year so feeling good about that
    2, Good day foodwise, stuck to my plan to replace lunch with handfuls of nuts and coconut milk in tea, b/fast was 2 poached eggs 4 slices of bacon while dinner was steak salad and half an avocado ..

    feeling pretty good right now ...

    have a good one everyone


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      Originally posted by kiwineil View Post
      its called willpower missy mog ... will power
      I need to get me some of that.

      Congratulations on the new notch on your belt!


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        thanku kindly !!


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          Morning all
          another moody sultry sydney morning . humid grey skies etc ..

          so feeling pretty good about it all now .. will be 4 weeks on Sunday so curious about the next weigh in but not stressed about it at all. why ? cos i look better (lost a belt size, my suit is hanging off me, im getting a bit of defn in the abs etc), feeling better (wake up feeling at least not completely poleaxed), and stronger (my bad back is torubling me less which must be due to core strength) and more mentally acute.

          So i dont actually give a crap what the scales say this week (well maybe a bit) but the journey is working right now for me and I will stick with it ..

          Y'day stuck at work from 7am till 7pm with no lnch break but walked home (1hr) fast and quite hilly so i think that qualifies as something useful.

          B: 2 eggs 4 slices of bacon
          L: no lunch but used coconut milk in my tea all day and got thru 175mls
          S: ran out of nuts and too busy to get to shop so none
          D: fish and spinach with green currry paste and coconut milk steamed acccompanied by blanched broccoli - yum
          Treat: 2 squares choc.
          Sleep: 8 hrs out like a light

          Bring on the weekend !


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            "So i dont actually give a crap what the scales say this week (well maybe a bit)"

            Good luck with that. Even if they don't move, you know your body is changing, so don't give a crap. My damn scale hasn't moved for weeks, but I know I am looking better.


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              tx ... ill see if i have the willpower to not care when i stand on them lolol


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       did you go??


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                  only half a kilo down which is weird but like i said im not that fussed
                  my clothes are loose, im starting to see some sign of abs in the yoga mirror and i feel really good ....

                  but tx for asking !! and glad u got yr sprints in too .. well done


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                    OK so the weekend .... really busy weekend ferrying midgets around to social events but managed to do pretty well i think ...

                    Fri night: fast walk home 1 hr after work then grilled fish and vegetables for dinner
                    B: none
                    L: not till 2.30 scrambled eggs bacon half an avocado
                    D: at friends. avoided all the little entrees on biscuits things, dinner was curry avoided the rice and the naan (which was tuff curry rice and naan is about my fave food in the world) but did have 2 glasses of red
                    Exercise: bikram yoga 90 mins

                    B: none
                    L: scrambled eggs and mushrooms
                    D: chinese restauarant. Szechuan beef and chicken and cashew nuts... not sure if thats good or bad. avoided the rice.
                    Exercise: bikram yoga (90 mins) followed by sprints in the park with dog ...

                    Weighin: 104kg = 232 lbs so im down 3.5 kg for the month.
                    Wanted a little more but feeling much fitter, getting defn in abs and legs especially ... and lost a belt size so thats a better marker than the scales methinks

                    anyhow its a sultry windy wild kinda sydney morning and bbest i do some work

                    best wishes to all


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                      Well its a crappy wet humid day here in Syd as i sit at work at 7.30 am

                      so Monday was pretty good i think ....

                      B: bacon and eggs
                      L: nope
                      D: BAS with tuna, capsicum, a few pieces of feta cheese but used the feta cheese liquids as my salad dressing and half an avocado
                      S: some nuts, 140ml of coconut milk in my tea
                      E: 1 hr walk hilly after work
                      Sleep: about 8 hrs unbroken
                      Energy: actual at a bit of a low today. I have my Lift Heavy things today but may make tomorrow a rest day

                      Over and out !


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                        Do you track on fitday? You don't sound like you are eating much at all...

                        Maybe you should lift heavy things Wednesday..


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                          on fitday this came to 1700 cals 70% fat 21% protein 9% carbs (37g total).

                          is this not enuff for a 100 (ish) kg bloke - i have nio idea

                          on lifting heavy things on wednesday i may even do on both days ... or save for weds .. we shall see


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                            I don't think so based on figures I have seen discussed here - but hopefully someone will chime in.

                            or lifting today and something aerobic tomorrow.


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                              always happy to take feedback ....

                              yes actually heavy lifiting today and aerobic tomorrow sounds more in keeping with the blueprint ..


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                                ninja yah;-)
                                Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers