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  • Primal Journal - kiwineil

    So now that somehow im a "senior member" i thought best i start a journal ...

    So Im a 41 yr old 6 ft 3 inch guy.
    Started here at 107.5kg ie 235 lbs about 3 weeks ago ... down from around 114kg (250 lbs) at start of year achieved on more exercise and a kinda low carb diet ..

    Im aiming for around 95 kg as a starting point but more importantly want to meaningfully increase my lean muscle mass and the worlout side of the program really appeals ..

    I work way to hard (70+ hours a week) in a world of lunches and after dinner drinks so between work and home (two midgets to run around after) my time is short ...

    Last medical:
    BMI: 30.2
    Weight: 107.4 kg after fasting for bloods
    Stress ECG: average
    Cholesterol: 5.1 with HDL 1.3 and LDL 3.2, total/HDL 3.9
    Triglycerides: 1.3
    Blood sugar: 5.7

    For the last 2.5 half weeks ive completely cut out grain/pasta/bread/cereal/sugary drinks etc and upped the fat (bacon and eggs for breakfast etc).
    Am following the exercise program (2x Lift heavy things, 1 x sprints) and 3 x move slowly which includes 2x 90 minute bikram yoga a week ...

    Last weigh in suggested about 2.0 kg (4.4lbs) lost in first two weeks.
    Feeling good but still a bit headachey and woolly of brain

    My diary y'day

    Bfast: 4 strips bacon, 2 poached eggs, 1 sausage
    S: 100mls coconut milk
    L: medium steak with green salad
    D: tuna sald with multiple greens dressed in olive oil

    Exercise: 1hr hilly walk home from work ...

    So Ill keep this going and see how it goees ..


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    Awesomeness kiwineil.

    Woolly brain should be ending soon. What do you propose to do about the after work drinks? I find myself at client lunches pretending to eat and at work drinks pretending to drink! It gets quite amusing...


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      after work drinks - i propose to have a glass or two of red wine .... or one light beer and a glass of red .. one has to live after all


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        So my Friday:

        B/fast: 2 eggs 4 pieces of bacon
        Lunch: pork, pork crackling roast veges
        Dinner: steak and green salad, 2 sausages, 2 glasses wine
        150ml of coconut milk in tea through the day

        workout was good, nearly at level 6 squats, at level 3 plank, 2 pushups, level 2 press level 1 pull up (hate em)

        feeling good, feeling more energetic ... weigh in tomorrow .. v curious to see how it goes


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          Ok so my saturday ant this mornings (sunday weigh in)

          Saturday looked a lot like this

          B: bacon eggs and sausage. left a weight in my stomach like i diidnt need it ...
          L: 200mls coconut milk and a handful of raw veges
          D: homemade chicken soup

          wasnt really hungry after that breakfast not sure why

          exercise was 90 mins of Bikram yoga, then whippersnipping and mowing the garden ....

          the good news is weighed myself this morning prior to Sunday Bikram and another kg off .. so thats 3 in 3 weeks (~7lbs i think) which is a reasonable prgression ...

          happy sunday everyone



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            another kilo! onya.

            what did you do to lose the inital 7 kg? any particular diet?

            I experienced coconut milk/cream revenge last night - oh god i felt so sick. I deserved it for needling you to have it (in the middle of a work day no less)!


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              tx ..
              the initial 7kg i just tried to eat well so more veges less takeaway junk (aka Maccas and the ilk) reduced the beer consumption and lots more exercise .....
              i took 3 weeks off work and exercised every day and that seemed to kick start the metabolism ...


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                You have to clear your inbox to get any new messages...


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                  .. done


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                    So after a long weekend here in Sydney Im back with an update of the last day or so

                    early morning yoga, no brekky
                    Lunch: made a batch of someone heres cheesy bacon scones ... very tasty but next time ill put more butter in
                    Dinner: steak stirfry with lots of veges

                    Monday: got up early and in the car at 6am for 2 hr drive south of sydney
                    B: 4 eggs 4 strips of bacon 1 sausage
                    L: not needed
                    D: chicken roast stuffed with coriander accompaied by green salad with parmesan and prosciutto
                    S: 4 maltesers (Aussies will understand).

                    So im now into my 4th week. I think the "flu" has stabilised, the carb cravings are mostly gone and my appetite is diminishing and im making healthir choices. ..
                    the exercise program is improving and im seeing some early evidence of having ribs which is cool...

                    so its a gorgeous morning here in Sydney. Sadly im back at my desk but looking forward to a lunchtime work out ...

                    cheers all

                    kiwineil ..


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                      "evidence of ribs"......noice....

                      I don't know how anyone can stop at 4 maltesers. imposter!


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                        I stopped at two the other night, or I should say the kids stopped giving me any more of their maltesers.....

                        Nice going Kiwineil. I am six weeks in and 4-6kgs down I tend to bounce up a kilo then back down a couple over a couple of weeks. Exercise is limited to lots and lots of walking at the moment but cant complain about the joyish very dry and sunny spring we have had in the west... Especially after just returning from three years in taranaki (west coast NZ)....
                        "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


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                          Tues update:
                          trying a new strategy for the Balance of the week which is to skip lunch and instead drink enuff tea to get thru 150mls of coconut milk as my through day energy source ...

                          So today:
                          B: 2 eggs and 4 rashers bacon
                          L: no
                          S: handful of mixed nuts, 170 mls coconut milk thru day in tea
                          D: chicken roast with broccoli and veges

                          So according to fitday 1800 cals with 37 g of carbs split 62% fat 30% protein 8% carbs

                          Exercise: workout - leveled up on Press and Squats ...

                          Energy - feeling a bit lethargic


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                            thanks mr frog ...
                            and over here in sydney its been abominable - wettest Sept ever .. i do love Perth its a great town


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                              its called willpower missy mog ... will power