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Primal Journal ~*~ Mainiaca - My Evolution

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  • Primal Journal ~*~ Mainiaca - My Evolution

    My evolution thru the low-carb world from Atkins to Primal and everything in between.
    A quick synopsis:
    1999 - first learned of Low-carb way of eating and the Atkins Diet. Joined the Low-Carb Friends bulletin board. Lost 25 pounds in 3 months.
    2000 - stopped Atkins - gained back 25 pounds and more
    2002 - tried Atkins again - no luck
    2002 - after a failed attempt at Atkins I tried Weight Watchers low-carb type points diet online. Did the diet for 3 months - no loss.
    2004 - Moved to Maine. By 2006 had ballooned to 186lbs at 5'3".
    2006 - started current job in Portland. Company has free, totally equipped gym in building!
    Jan 2, 2007 Started South Beach and working out. Lost 42 pounds in one year. Also became completely addicted to artificial sweeteners - especially Splenda.
    Somewhere i there I also tried the Zone diet, A low fat diet consisting mostly of a carby breakfast and Weight Watcher or Healthy Choice frozen dinners for my other meals.

    Jan 2008 - had sinus surgery including a pre-op course of Prednisone and post-op course of Prednisone. Went back to work and got a huge sinus infection. Was put on Augmenten - didn't work, then Cipro - didn't work, then Levaquin - finally cleared up sinus infection after about 10 weeks on antibiotics.
    NO weight loss since Jan 2008. Maintained weight for about year then slowly gained back 20 pounds. Stall believed to be caused by antibiotics.

    August 2010 learned about the Primal Blueprint - bought the book and started learning all I could.

    Oct 4, 2010 - started Primal way of life
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    Day 1 - Not totally Primal but not too bad of a start I think. Managed to get by without diving into the vast array of Pinera bagels and assorted cream cheeses that the boss brought in for the first day of Customer Service Appreciation Week - more goodies are sure to follow the rest of the week tho we haven't been told what yet.
    Had a baseline measure, BMI and weight done at the gym this morning. Numbers are up since the last one in March but that was to be expected after this wayward summer. So glad to be getting back on the low-carb path!
    Today's menu:
    B: green tea, crepes, blueberries, butter
    S: 1/4 C pumpkin seeds
    L: cherry tomatoes, balsamic and evoo, 1 oz cheddar
    D: chicken cacciatori (free range boneless skinless thighs from WF, parm, provolone, sauce)

    A little carby but I'll chalk that up to the abundant tomato crop in my garden the past few weeks.

    More tomorrow!


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      Day 2
      Did well today - think I have a good supplement schedule set up including Omega 3's and Vitamin D.
      Bosses dragged out all the left-over bagels and cream cheese from yesterday and added boxes of donuts. What is it with these people? I stayed away from the bagels and had a whole fat Greek yogurt with about 1/4 cup strawberries. Gonna keep a little dairy in my diets for a bit - once or twice a week.
      My plan is to limit dairy to the occasional Greek yogurt, cream in my coffee - when I have coffee, and butter.

      B: green tea, Greek yogurt, strawberries (seemed bloated a while later - dairy issue?)
      L: leftover chicken cacciatori from last night
      D: onion, green pepper, mushroom, tomato scramble with pastured eggs and a little shredded cheese, tea
      Exercise: leg machine workout

      So far so good. Lunch is all set to go for tomorrow - hopefully food is not on the bosses list of ways to appreciate me tomorrow!

      Started a little health diary to track how I'm feeling to see if headaches, muscle aches and stress and anxiety ease up or go away - here's hoping!
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        quick stop in for now - will post for the day later but...
        I noticed people are peeking in at this journal - if anyone has any tips, help, criticisms please, please feel free to post a reply. Any help on this journey will be greatly appreciated!


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          Day 3:
          Did really well today - bosses brought in pizza for lunch - they even ordered a gluten free pizza due to a few people with Celiac and I didn't have any of it. Opted for a salad instead!

          B: green tea, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 sausage, 1 bacon
          S: small amount of pumpkin seeds
          L: salad (tomatoes, lettuce, shredded carrots, chicken, a little tuna salad with mayo, balsamic & evoo dressing)
          D: about 5 ozs sockeye Salmon cooked in butter and olive oil, tea, a few cherry tomatoes
          Totals: fat 69g (63%), carbs 27g (11%), Protein 65.4 (26%)

          Workout: stretch routine


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            Day 4:
            so-so eats today. Opted for an omelet at work instead of the sugary 0% fat yogurt I brought from home. Not "clean" but better than the yogurt I think - carb-wise anyway. Didn't have the tomatoes and cheese either - SF iced coffee from Tim Horton's - cream and Truvia. A few cherry tomatoes, 1/2 cup of carrots and grass fed meatloaf (which was so-so) and tea.

            On the up side - I won a 19" flat-screen HD TV at work today as part of Customer Service Appreciation Week. Now that's what I call being appreciated!

            B: green tea, 3 egg omelet with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms
            L: 1/2 caf iced coffee with SF pumpkin syrup / Truvia
            D: 1 slice meat loaf (grass-fed beef, ground pork, milled flax - not very good) topped with a little Newman's salsa, tea, 1C carrots
            S: 2 squares G&B 85% chocolate
            Totals: fat 98g (68%), sat fat 28.9 carbs 41.5g (13%), Protein 62.6 (19%)
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              Day 5 - Friday:
              Really good except for dinner - take out night
              Went to the farm to pick-up some grass-fed beef, sausage, raw milk yogurt and cheese, eggs. May end up helping the owners with their website - hopefully in exchange for products.

              Got Grilled chicken salad from Sophia's - no other options that are even close to being OP. Opted for no croutons, no bread - still had parm peppercorn dressing - should've had EVOO with Balsamic vinegar from home instead. Had a few onion rings too. May have to opt out f take-out night from now on. We'll see.

              BD party tomorrow in NH - and ye there will be cake - UGH! Will have a good breakfast and lunch before heading down - hopefully will keep me away from the junk at he party.

              Today's eats:
              B: GM pumpkin coffee, truvia, cream / 1/2 C Fage greek yogurt with a few tablespoons pumpkin puree / truvia
              L: 2 fried LOL eggs / 1-1/2 slices bacon
              D: Grilled chicken salad with parm ppcrn dresing / green tea / a few onion rings
              S: decaf iced coffee with SF syrup, whole milk
              Totals: fat 44g (53%), sat fat (15.1), carbs 53g (28%), Protein 36.4 (19%)


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                Day 6 - Saturday
                Mae's BD party - ate like crap felt like crap - all I'm gonna say.


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                  Day 7 - end of week 1
                  Back on track today.

                  B: egg omelet cooked in a little bacon grease and some butter, 2 slices american cheese, home-grown tomatoes, small amount of onions and peppers, 1-1/2 slices bacon, Lady Grey tea
                  L: Iced coffee, SF chocolate syrup, whole milk. Chicken salad w/celery & mayo, a few cherry tomatoes
                  S: 1/2C greek yogurt, pumpkin puree
                  D: Small amount of roasted chicken and carrots

                  Looking forward to not having the bosses offering a bunch of crappy food all week - and getting my new TV!


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                    B: crepes / blueberries / butter / tea
                    L: chicken salad / tomatoes
                    S: 6 squares green and black
                    D: cheeseburger (not farm) onions and peppers, tomato, tea

                    legs workout

                    Down 1.5 pounds - 156.5


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                      Week 2 - Tuesday
                      B: Fage / strawberry puree / 1 Equal / tea
                      S: 1/2 raw mixed nuts
                      L: broc / chicken / cheese
                      S: 6 squares green and black
                      D: baked omelet (eggs* sausage* tomatoes peppers onions mushrooms) / 1C cherry tomatoes

                      listened to Underground Wellness podcast with David Getoff - OMG what a wealth of great info
                      May do cleanse after Jan1

                      Think I have to cut further back on dairy - seem itchier and bloated after dairy
                      Kettle ball workout

                      start posting podcast notes here!
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                        Where Have I been??
                        Not sure why I haven't been posting on a daily basis but gotta get back on track.Got everything I ate in my Touch so I'll just copy it over here this weekend.

                        Weighed in today - 156.5 no loss, no gain. Shooting for 155 next Friday.

                        Cheryl & Bennie coming over dinner tomorrow - promised pasta dinner month ago. YIKES! Guess this will be an off day??

                        I'm out - back tomorrow!


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                          Monday 10/18
                          Pasta dinner Saturday night with C & B- planned for months - couldn't change it. Had pasta, homemade sauce, garlic bread, italian bread, cheese and crackers then had carb hangover on Sunday.

                          Back on tack today:
                          B: tea, crepes, blueberries, rolled butter
                          S: handful raw mixed nuts
                          L: beef stew*
                          D: chicken* with mushrooms and onions in butter cream sauce

                          Started using Pilltracker app to track supplement intake - so far, so good!

                          Had a pretty crappy day last Monday anxiety wise - wondering if it might be side effects of Ambien. Same today - seems to ease after lunch both days. May not take it next Sunday - see if Monday is any better - if I sleep Sunday night that is! Will have to try 5HTP, triptophan or melatonin. 5HTP is $$$ - starting at $19 and higher - didn't check others. Going to have to check "expert" sites for best brands. Off to bed!


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                            hmmm... still not posting daily - what's up with that? Gotta get back - will schedule it on my PC as a reminder.
                            So up 1# over the weekend - sodium from chili last night?
                            Chugging water and hoping it goes away!
                            Looking to make 155 this Friday. That's be <1.5 down. I can do it!

                            Should post what I've been doing for the last 2 weeks but only want to look forward.

                            Started up a blog on blogspot for low-carb eating and health for women. Lot's of general stuff at least for now but it's a start. Haven't gone public yet - still setting it up - hoping to go live this weekend maybe?

                            Back to work - yuk


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                              So today I am eating:
                              B: tea / Fage total yogurt / strawberry puree / stevia
                              L: Ground beef / broccoli stir fry
                              D: sausage veggie baked omelet - maybe some bacon
                              Water water water

                              Did an upper body workout - less than 10 minutes - loving it!

                              lost 1.5# over night - gotta love it - looks like the additional water is working! Gonna keep it up.

                              Still have to clean up some food choices - doing better than a few weeks ago but could still be better!

                              Planning on cutting out dairy all together but may have to wait until after the holidays but will keep it to a minum until then. No more yogurt - after today of course - have to cut down on the cheese too which may be the most difficult.

                              I think the Omega 3 caps I'm taking are what's making me itchy - seems to be worse after taking them and the itching had wained when I stopped them for a few days - will stop for a week and see.