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    Eating is good - did not get on the scale today - don't want to get obsessed but do need it as a guide at this point. Oh well!

    so today's plans eats are:
    B: tea / crepes / butter / caramelized apples
    L: chili
    S: a few pieces organic chocolate
    D: salmon - WILD CAUGHT! - maybe a little dill sauce
    That should be it - plus tons of H20
    I'm at about 96oz - not quite up to optimum intake but better than last week - I'm working on it!
    Have a great day!


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      Things looking good on your end Mainiaca! Good idea about not getting obsessed with the scale. Have you thought about using a body tape measure? They are awesome for seeing results when the scale doesn't. Something to consider.

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        Hi TAW - I actually get measured and caliper tested at the gym. My last measure was when I started Primal in Oct and have another scheduled just before Christmas. I realize this is a much better measure to go by but not all that practical for everyday use (not that I weigh every day). The scale does help keep me on track tho.
        Thanks for posting!


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          Eating is pretty good today.
          So far:
          B: tea / bean flour crepes with blueberries and lots of farm fresh butter / a few pieces of bacon
          S: about 1/4 cup raw mixed nuts - wasn't really too hungry but ate them anyway - sometimes I fall back to that eat every few hours mentality. DUH!

          Planned lunch: baked sausage omelet
          Planned dinner: chicken thighs with butter and cream mushroom sauce

          Didn't have the omelet for lunch - decaf coffee instead - oh well
          Also had 6 pieces green and Black 85% and a small decaf iced coffee - gotta get off the coffee!
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            A morning of cleaning and laundry - then it's groceries and stopping by DH's work to say good-bye for the weekend. He's off for a boys weekend of camping in the White Mountains - crazy guys! then I'M taking the weekend off too!

            Got on the scale - wasn't going to - but I did. I made my mini-goal - I'm at 155 - OMG! I can't wait to check off that number on the stickie on my monitor at work - so excited! The weekend goal is to maintain of course. Won't be easy - DD talked me into Chinese tonight since DH is off camping. So it's one meal and done!

            Planned eats:
            Decaf coffee
            B: Baked sausage omelet
            L: Chicken thighs etc from last night and a BAS
            D: Chinese - I KNOW!

            A weekend of nothing to do but work on my blog and only if I feel like - aaahhhhhhh - priceless!

            Eats update: didn't have the chicken but I did have the BAS: lettuce*/toms/apple/orange cheese*/almonds/crans/shredded carrots/EVOO & balsamic
            pumpkin latte for snack - and a cookie - I KNOW again!
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              nice quiet day of doing nothing much.
              B: bean flour crepes (switching to coconut flour next time) / lots of farm butter / glazed apples / coffee w/truvia and vanilla and milk
              L: leftover chicken thighs with mushroom and butter sauce and peppers and onions
              S: tea / G&B chocolate
              D: small bowl of chili

              That's it for today


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                No power yesterday - no excuse for not posting
                Here's today's menu:
                B: tea / Fage greek full fat / pureed strawberries / 1 Truvia
                L: salad (organic lettuce) / chicken and additional veggies from work / EVOO & Balsamic / 1/2 apple
                S: serving of G&B chocolate*
                D: cheese & veggie omelet with bacon

                Blog - hmmmm didn't work on it yesterday due to power outage. Will work on it tonight for 2 days posts.
                That's it I guess


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                  The Monday after T-Day. Did not weigh in and I'm sure I didn't maintain but I'm also pretty sure I didn't too bad. T-Day was definately a 20% day and Friday and Saturday had a moment or 2 but I'm right back on track again and moving forward.

                  This month until Christmas will be the hardest I've had for a while - trying to stay away from my usual holiday baking sprees. If I don't bake it I won't eat it will be my mantra for the next month. Missing cookies tho!