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recovering from month-long vaca

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  • recovering from month-long vaca

    I started paleo this spring and was in the best shape of my adult life by mid-summer. Then I ate my way through europe for three weeks without exercising a single day. So needless to say, I'm paying for it now. I've got a college reunion coming up and am on a mission to get back in shape.

    Day 1:

    1/2 cup almonds
    1/4 lb. deli turkey
    salad w/ pickles, peppers, deli turkey/ham, and half a packet of low fat ranch
    cup of green tea
    fresh okra sautéed in olive oil

    I'm trying to get away from deli meat, but it's so easy. Tomorrow I'm roasting a chicken and am about to go to the recipe forum for some healthy ways to cook veggies . . .

    Work out:

    1 hr: 20 min. cardio on bike, ran sprints between, stairs, lunges around the track, and leg weight machines

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    Need fat. Real old fashioned ranch dressing.
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      Yeah now I gotta get some real ranch to redeem myself for the plastic packet ranch yesterday. Also, any good suggestions on how to work calcium into my diet without eating dairy products? I do take vitamins.

      Day 2:
      coffee (black)
      small leftover salad w/deli meat
      kimchee salad at dinner (shrimp, octopus, cabbage, scallions, but way too much sodium) and some edamame
      ground turkey w/ onions, mushrooms, and some well-seasoned tomato sauce

      20 min crosstrainer
      wall squats
      arm weights