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    I had the omelet. It looked so little with just the little basil leaves I pinched off the plant artfully scattered within and atop. It was just right, though.

    I have some residual stomach pains. I don't know if it's from the coconut milk (likely ... I remember drinking coconut from the shell when I was stationed in Hawaii and the pain was enough that I didn't do it again) or fruit. *shoulder shrug* I don't want to swear off either so I think I just need to scale back a bit. Perhaps the next smoothee I make will be less coconut milk diluted with cold water. Since I froze the bananas, I could definitely go to one or one and a half.

    Although I have been working through a lot of muck in the last few years, and have become much calmer in the process, I definitely sense that the lack of carb's has contributed to this still calm of mine. I don't know that this way of life would have had such an impact on my mind, say, a year ago but that does not matter because I am here now. It will be interesting to watch how this pans out in a full month of hormonal fluctuations.


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      I skipped the salmon and just ate the broccoli in olive oil with lots of garlic. Yum. Time to wash and brush and hit the hay. BUT! I am so excited because I requested the status of my book, the PB, and Morgan very kindly got back to me to let me know that it's arrived at my PO ... so I will pick it up tomorrow morning, enroute to work. Woo hoo! Also ... saw those videos on the home page and ... um ... wow! I guess I would have been the one back at the cave, watching the groklings ... as I am now, I would not have the ability to catch any dinner. Well ... it was inspiring more than intimidating. I think.


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        I started feeling really good yesterday afternoon. I believe lack of grains and minimal dairy are part of it but, because I had been feeling poorly for over a month, I wonder if something else was at play. *shoulder shrug* Whatever. Now, I just need my normal sleeping habits and I'll be fit to go to the track in the morning before preparing for work.

        B - two cups of coffee with cream, two strips of Niman Ranch bacon, one yellow squash and one onion sauteed in the grease
        L - ten little bitty organic tomatoes, two hard boiled eggs, one organic carrot, one celery stalk
        S - half a cup of raw almonds
        D - one quarter cup raw sunflower seeds browned in butter, one 10 ounce package cauliflower (thawed) tossed in, some chicken broth and curry powder all stirred in

        Two mugs of green tea and water throughout the day.

        I need to go food shopping again but it will have to wait until the weekend. I think I will finish these tomatoes and not buy any next time because I've gotten the impression from posts here (on MDA) that people believe nightshade consumption to contribute to various ailments that I've been having ... and I do eat a lot of tomatoes. I will pick up my book (PB) from the PO enroute to work so I will probably read about it. In any event, it's probably time to shake things up a bit: buy less of this and more of that and experiment with new ways of making my food.


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          I was editing my post last night and hit the delete key one too many times. thppt! =p Too tired, I went to bed.

          I finished the last of my organic itty bitty tomatoes yesterday and will eliminate (for a little while) nightshades from my diet. When I read The Book this weekend, I will be educated about those delightful little fruits and know what it is that I am looking for in their absence.

          I learned that 1/2 c of almonds hurts my stomach. I can eat 1/2 c of walnuts, no problem. My lunch time at work is 1:30 and I am never home before 8:00, so I really need a substantial snack to hold me. Or do I? This is an old habit of mine, anticipating and circumventing hunger, rooted in the days when I got diaphoretic. I have yet to have severe symptoms from hunger, eating this way. UGH! Some old habits die hard. Okay. New rule: only take 1/4 c of nuts, of any kind, for daily snack. I am not going to keel over and, very likely, I will find that's just enough to hold me.

          I tried coconut milk in my coffee this morning. Umm, no. I don't want to do that again soon. I was a trooper and drank the whole thing; didn't whine like a baby and pour it down the sink. I gave it a fair shot but it just does not cut the bitterness like cream does. I like strong coffee, I just don't like the bitter aftertaste. I've tried milder coffees and ... well ... why bother? So, for now, cream is still in my diet. I have butter and shredded cheese and I am going to finish them. However, I will hold off on replacing them when they're gone. They're not so necessary in my book and, having quit dairy before, I know that it's something I want to do again. I could quit coffee for the umpteenth time (therefore, quit the need for cream) but I don't want to right now. I like tea, but not like I like coffee. Coffee, to me, is about starting the day ... getting a move-on. Tea, on the other hand, is something I like to do in the afternoon ... a little 'me' time while I work.

          I have a few errands to run before going into work today so I gotta git.


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            Okay, so I thought I'd be alright going to work without breakfast (I really wasn't hungry!), 1/4 c of raw walnuts, an avocado and a can of tuna in olive oil. I figured I could get a spinach salad for lunch and the other three things would be, um, snacks.

            Who knew that spinach salad was on the hospital coffee shop's summer menu ONLY? argh

            Okay. So, I ate the walnuts around noon ... and left for lunch at 1:37 at the coffee shop, and had a ham/Swiss/tomato melt on flatbread and some fruit. Eh ... I could have done worse and I really could not have done better, save for peeling off the flatbread and eating the stuff on the inside. Whatever. Yes, I was feeling a hunger at 6:00 ... hunger pangs one does NOT get when eating primal. I don't suffer those several times a day anymore so I rode it out. I did not have anything to "hold me" over because that would have been more carb's and I have ridden that merry-go-round for decades. Better to be hungry until I can eat something primally substantial. I got home a bit after 8:00 and sliced up a little pepper (the kind that comes in the guac kit at Trader Joe's) and cooked it in butter ... whisked a couple of organic eggs and poured them in ... topped them off with the last of the shredded Cheddar ... and sliced up the avocado on the side.

            ahhhhh ....

            I am content.

            I am also smarter. I will not wing it tomorrow. Even if I don't have the time to go grocery shopping before work, I will finagle something.


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              Woke up to a power outage so I'm a bit behind the eight ball. I was hungry fairly early (for me) so ate two hard-boiled eggs. The power came on so I got a shower and am now having my first cup of coffee with cream. Woo hoo! It does not take much to make me happy ...

              I'll pick up a ready-made green salad at the local IGA and top it with the can of tuna in oil that I took to work yesterday and munch on some organic carrots on the way to work.

              1/4 cup of raw sunflower seeds for a snack ...

              dinner ... uh, the curried cauliflower I have yet to make ... salmon ...

              I'll go food shopping tomorrow. I need to skedaddle ... really behind ...


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                So the carrots didn't happen but that's alright because I will take them, and some hummus I'll make tomorrow morning, for a snack during my hike with Maria.

                The salmon didn't happen either. I munched on five pieces of cold, leftover bacon while my 10 oz of defrosted cauliflower heated up in butter and curry powder. I was too hungry to wait and since I only have one hot plate, I could not cook the salmon and cauliflower at the same time.

                My lousy premade salad from the coffee shop (no time for IGA this am) was iceberg lettuce, a couple of slices each of cucumber and tomato (so much for cutting out nightshades!), very weak oil and vinegar (did they dilute the vinegar? they definitely used some bland vegetable oil) ... my can of tuna which was in water, no oil (wah!) and 1/4 of raw sunflower seeds. Ugh ... what a disappointing lunch! I did have one piece of Godiva dark chocolate. One of the nurse anesthetists gave us a box with a farewell card, as today was her last day.

                My eyes are tired but my body is not. I don't feel nauseous. There's a twinge in that problem area of my back/left shoulder blade, but everything else feels really good. I don't even have a headache!


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                  Another night of taking forever to fall asleep. I am hoping that today's hike with Maria will impact that. My RLS is as bad as ever, which really surprises me. *shoulder shrug* Well ... it shouldn't ... I used to walk three miles every morning before work, and now I don't. Hmmm ...

                  I will have another cup of coffee and get a move on. I feel no urge to quit the coffee with cream. I didn't buy the delicious plain, full-fat yogurt that I love the last couple of times at the store. That's something. I do see unpleasant side-effects within 30 minutes of eating it and, I bet, if I ate it regularly I would not have this clear skin that I've been enjoying and marveling for the last week or so. So I didn't pass up on the yogurt because someone else said to drop all dairy. I listened to what they had to say and noticed their truths applied to me when I was compliant. I still have one bag of "Mexican mix" shredded cheese (about two cups) and will eat that in eggs or on vegetables until it is gone. It's not my style (and isn't this what it's all about? what's right for moi?) to be baptized in the river with the masses. I stand back and observe ... educate myself in a variety of ways ... and then ease in.

                  I spent some time on this site last night, reading about recipes. *sigh* I am not interested in creating a replacement for something I've decided I don't need. Like, sure ... I miss the convenience of a sandwich, so rolls and bread are missed. But I don't miss how I feel after eating them. That's why it was not hard to give them up. I have a full life, too. I mean, I was accused by my sons' father of being "earth mother" (and not in a flattering way, either!) because of all the efforts I put into our home (cooking with whole foods, cleaning with as little harmful products as possible, lacking interest in tv, etc) but our sons are pretty much out of the nest now and I live alone. I don't begrudge the people grinding almond meal and making all kinds of elaborate recipes. I bet they're delicious. I just don't care to put forth that kind of effort. Hell ... for all I know ... I might be doing just that in a few months. Now, however, I am about quick and easy, with first priority being deliciously nourishing. So, I need ideas and will be scavenging this site and others for them, but ... I see a trend evolving with me. I like to do different things with vegetables for dinner. I get home at 8pm, at the earliest. My lunch time is 6.5 hours before that, and we don't get a dinner break. So ... I am thinking about using the alphabet to incorporate a larger variety of vegetables when I go shopping. There are things I always buy, like avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, various greens (fresh and frozen), lemons and limes ... but last week, I bought squash. Today, I will look for artichoke hearts (frozen) and eggplant (fresh). I always buy bananas and tomatoes, too, but not this week.

                  I am going to make some kind of crock pot chili with bison, but that will wait until later, after my experiment with no tomatoes. I will look for some other kind of meat/fish that I have never prepared today.

                  I need to hop in the shower ... get a move on ... and will think about what to have for breakfast before I head out of the door. I probably won't plan a menu today, since I don't have much here right now and am going shopping.


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                    What a great day! I hopped on the scale before showering and saw that I lost three pounds this week. I don't know how many that is since I started going primal but it's 16 pounds since August 7th. I'll take it!

                    I went to Trader Joe's and bought, amongst other things, lamb chops. I know I like them because I used to be a server at various country clubs in Westchester and those delicate little chops were a favorite with the martini set. We'd snag one or two in the kitchen when no one was looking ...

                    I got home and, although I had not planned on eating eggs today (just didn't have an appetite for them), I had twenty minutes to put away groceries, cook something to eat, pack something to have later, and clean up my mess ... I made eggs. When the two egg omelet was just about set, I dropped two massive handfuls of fresh spinach on top and some shredded Mexican style cheese. It was quite delicious, even if I thought I didn't want eggs (real hunger does that to a person!). I put a lemon-pepper chicken breast and two handfuls of frozen brussel sprouts in a ziploc bag and put it in my fleece jacket pocket ... cleaned up my cooking mess and left for Maria's.

                    Her sister, Pam, was there to join us ... and we head out for Poughkeepsie. This was not a hike; more of a walk ... but a very nice one. We walked across an old bridge spanning the Hudson River. The fall colors have barely started but it was bright and sunny with a cooling wind ... very nice! Tomorrow is the one year anniversary since they made this former railroad bridge available for pedestrians ... which could be why it was so crowded. That and lots of kids were sportin' Marist colors with Mom and Dad so it could have been family weekend. Well, that and the fact that it was an absolutely gorgeous day! From one side to the other, and back, is only 2.5 miles ... so once we got to the car, we decided to go apple picking. There were hills to stretch the quad's and taking turns carrying our half bushel of apples (about 24 pounds) meant I carried something heavy. Since I could only carry the bag with one hand at a time, I kept switching (the plastic handles cut into my hands) but, eventually, I had to stop: it was really hurting that vertebrae that's twisted and kinked. Okay ... so I am devolving into some kind of wuss. ugh Well ... it's stupid to ingore a body's que and this is real pain ... not the pain of lifting weights but the pain of twisted nerves in the spinal column ... so I should not be so harsh on myself.

                    I am home. I am in that lovely mellow groove one has after walking in fresh air and sunshine and enjoying the company of friends. Oh! I did eat two apples. That is a lot for me since (1) I've been avoiding them since the stomach pain I got about two months ago from the Golden Delicious apples I bought (from the A&P) and ate in about a 8 or 9 days time, and (2) I don't even eat one serving of fruit daily so eating two on one day is a bit crazy. I am happy to say the one Macoun and the one Empire I ate did not hurt me. I am hoping to go back to my old sleeping ways of dropping like a stone and sleeping through the night. We'll see what happens.


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                      I got off the computer last night at a quarter after eight. I've read enough to know that computers and cell phones within a couple of hours before bedtime are a no-no, disrupting brain waves and all that. (TV is a moot point since I very rarely watch it.) I don't care for talking on the phone so that was not a serious issue but ... not getting home from work any earlier than eight at night meant that I was on the computer too late. So ... all these healthful changes I am making, I am making when I am ready. It does not feel like a sacrifice to me because I see it as a choice I am making because of something else that I want even more than the thing I am giving up. That is to say that I want restful sleep more than I want to be in virtual land, so I turned it off. I read some of The Book and, sleepy, went to bed. Don't you know I got two phone calls! They were people I needed to speak to so I called them back (I charge my cell phone in the kitchen because I like my bedroom completely dark). Okay ... so I was finally back to bed and (thank GAWD!) drifted off to sleep around ten thirty. It's been a few weeks since I did that. It's my normal to drop like a rock within fifteen minutes but I deal with these cycles occasionally. I blame it on hormones. *shoulder shrug*

                      I woke up and laid there a bit, wondering if I would fall back to sleep. I didn't. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw that it was five after five (I don't keep a clock in my bedroom) and felt rested so, here I am, having my second cup of joe at five thirty.

                      Alright. So, that's another goal ... when I get home from work, do NOT log in. I can do computer time in the morning before work. I can keep an eye on things with my cell during the day and, if necessary, take care of the computer at night. But ... 80/20 could work here, as well.

                      My chest was a bit tight last night. I figured it was the usual fall allergens on my walk stirring up the asthma. I'm quite phlegmy this morning. Hmmm ... yesterday's shredded cheese could have contributed to that. I think I will put the rest in the freezer and use it no more than once a week until it's gone. That way I can enjoy it ... slowly wean myself off it ... and not waste it.

                      I did have a closed fist (1/4 cup in my hand) of raw walnuts last night, as I started to get hungry. I wanted to give my body some fuel but I did not want a full tummy so close to bedtime. That worked.

                      I woke up hungry, for the second day in a row! This is definitely new. Historically, it takes my stomach a few hours to wake up. The cream in my coffee has satisfied it for awhile.

                      I am going out with a friend today, to Yonkers. We'll pick up her mom from the home and take her on a little outing. She said that her mom likes ice cream and then she laughed and added, " ... but don't think she's so sweet. She'll also want beer and cigarettes!" I laughed and she added, " I'll let her have some ... " and I said that was good. At her mother's age and declining health, if she knows what makes her happy and she gets it like once a month ... what the hell? This friend of mine has been a nurse for over thirty years ... she knows her stuff ... and she knows that life can't be all about following the rules.



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                        B - 1 - 10 oz package of frozen, cooked winter squash, not quite a T of unsalted butter, one closed fist of raw walnuts, a few shakes of ground cinnamon
                        L - the last of my basil plant, olive oil, one closed fist of raw sunflower seeds whrrred in the blender and mixed with my last can of oops tuna (meaning: oops, I wanted canned tuna in olive oil and I bought it in water), plopped on a bed of fresh spinach
                        D - I don't know yet. I'm going out with my friend, after we return her mom to the home. I may have a cocktail.


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                          Yesterday, I had some decidedly non-primal foods and I enjoyed every morsel. I also noted the gas and bloating that came from one scoop of Haagen Daz Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream. Hours later, at The Harvest I had a fabulous cocktail. It was a cosmo but we asked for so little cranberry juice that it was the palest pale of pinks. I really tasted the fresh lime juice and Grey Goose (yum!). For dinner, I had two shrimp with cocktail sauce, a baby arugula salad wrapped in proscuitto with a fresh lemon dressing, green beans with olive oil and garlic, and one half of the Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with a cup of decaf and cream. I got home late but I fell right to sleep (for the second night in a row! Yeah!) and didn't wake up until 6:30 ... so I got seven hours of sleep.

                          I will continue to have an occasional indulgence. As I fully expected, I did not wake up this morning with carb DT's. I don't feel like it's going to be some massive effort to get back on the proverbial wagon. I have no regrets. In fact, I will definitely do that again.

                          B - two organic egg omelet in unsalted butter
                          L - one piece of lemon-pepper chicken breast on a bed of baby spinach and roasted red peppers, a lemon to squeeze on it at meal time, some EVOO to drizzle
                          S - 1/2 c raw walnuts and a Macoun apple that I picked at an orchard
                          D - artichoke hearts (thawed and cooked in bacon grease) and lamb chops

                          It is cold. I am wearing socks. That is cold. I wear flip flops in the winter, but I'm acclimated then. It was t-shirt weather on Saturday but it got cold yesterday and I have a chill in me.

                          I woke up this morning with my back and left shoulder blade feeling better than they have in months. Could it be cutting back on tomatoes? Hmmm ... could be. I am having peppers in my salad today. I have half a jar left and will probably have them in eggs one morning. Then, I think, I will be done with what nightshades I have in my kitchen and will resist eating them for awhile. There may be a correlation; my mother, brothers and I have major joint issues and always have (and we all live on tomatoes and peppers and inflammation manifests itself in a variety of auto-immune issues with the four of us way more than in Dad). No decisions yet ... just keeping an eyeball on it all.
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                            Originally posted by Debbie View Post
                            I will continue to have an occasional indulgence. As I fully expected, I did not wake up this morning with carb DT's. I don't feel like it's going to be some massive effort to get back on the proverbial wagon. I have no regrets. In fact, I will definitely do that again.
                            *thumbs up*


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                              Thank you for your support, Meat. =)

                              Today was a tough day at work. Tough schedule; not tough food wise. Someone brought in cookies from Stew Leonard's. I was not the least bit tempted. Someone else baked some kind of apple/cinnamon/walnut bread. I was devouring my delicious salad and did not care. The work schedule was tough, though ... and I really need to bring more food to work. If I don't eat it, I can take it home. I burned a lot of calories today and just did not have enough fuel. BUT, thank Gawd, my symptoms are so tolerable when I eat this way. It's just a tiredness ... I am not especially weak, but I am tired and my stomach feels hungry. It's not growling or hurting ... I guess that when it's content, I don't really know I have a stomach because I can't feel its presence. Now, I feel it when it's hungry and it's not painful but it's uncomfortable.

                              One of the bariatric patients was a really nice guy. He was not there for anything related to that; he was there for a lap chole, I think. Anyway, his nurse needed help dressing him and I always volunteer to help with stuff like that because I am bigger and stronger than all of them (the vast majority of them are around 5'3") and my paperwork job is a bore. Body functions don't bother me in the least and, well, I just like to interact with the patients. So, anyway, he was 500 pounds. He's lost somewhere between 200 and 300 pounds and has a tremendous amount of excess flesh that will have to be surgically removed when he's done. He's bed ridden. He assisted us as much as he could and the three of us got the job done while the ambulance crew waited outside to transport him.

                              I am just sure most bariatric patients have never heard of eating this way. Not all of them are looking for an easy fix; they're just at wit's end. I really think that if they had a clue, some of them would love eating this way and be so thankful for an option that was not as dangerous as lap banding or gastric bypass. *sigh* They'd still face surgical removal of the extra flesh but I don't have to itemize why losing (and maintaining) on the PB would just be safer, more satisfying, more enjoyable ... just more of all good things. I imagine if any discussed it with their doctors they would be convinced not to do it. I really wish some doctors in that field would support and encourage them, doing it this way. *sigh*

                              Yeah, I know ... it's a money thing.


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                                I didn't get up until 7:15. It seems like I am back in my old groove of falling asleep within minutes, sleeping through the night, and getting up when I am ready. I love this. I was an insomniac for most of my life. It took a lot of effort to become a person that sleeps the natural way. In fact, truth is, except for legumes and a bit more cheese, I have naturally eaten this way for a long time, save the carb's I indulged in at work. It's a strange feeling when I go from close but confused to "right there" ... like I stepped through some kind of time portal. I love it, though. I see it as an illustration that we're all connected ... that there's nothing new under the sun ... and that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

                                Okay, back to nuts and bolts.

                                B - two cups of coffee with cream; apple chopped and cooked in butter, winter squash puree added, topped with walnuts and ground cinnamon
                                L - green beans, Kalamata olives, juice of one lemon, one can of tonno in olive oil
                                S - organic carrots dipped in tahini mixed with water, fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
                                D - last of the TJ's rack of lamb and artichoke hearts sauteed in bacon grease