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  • 8 oz coffee with coconut milk and coconut oil

    6 oz coffee whrrrd in blender with about 4 oz coconut milk, the last of my coconut oil and hemp protein, dark chocolate powder, 1 raw egg, ice ... followed by zinc and vitamin B-complex

    I definitely need breakfast these days.

    Lunch: mixed greens, pecans, bleu cheese, fresh strawberries, chicken, cheap vinaigrette

    Dinner: bag of broccoli cooked in EVOO and kosher salt. I ate half of it with some grated Parmesan/Romano and the other half with the last dregs of my red wine vinaigrette made with so much fresh garlic that it was hot on the tongue. I followed that with two scrambled eggs.

    I weighed 166.4 today. =) I've lost 35 pounds since October and 60 pounds since 2007. Yay me

    Synthroid and bed time


    • 16 oz coffee w/coconut milk (no more oil )

      I wanted breakfast but did not have time because I had a dental appointment before work.

      Lunch: mixed greens, pecans, bleu cheese, fresh strawberries, chicken, cheap vinaigrette ... vitamin B-complex, vitamin D, 60 mg zinc

      Dinner: grilled chicken sandwich and a brew at Clocktower Bar and Grill

      Squats 3x10@10
      Lunges 3x8@7.5
      RDLs 3x10@10
      Calf raises 30x

      66 oz water today

      200 mcg Synthroid


      • 16 oz coffee w/coconut milk

        Late breakfast: three eggs cooked in EVOO w/lotsa freshly cracked black pepper and some Parmesan/Romano, vitamin D and B-complex, 60 mg zinc

        No lunch

        another 16 oz coffee w/coconut milk

        Early dinner: half a bag of cauliflower cooked in EVOO with some kosher salt and dried thyme, cooled, and stirred with one can of light tuna in olive oil ... all mixed up with various lettuces and some red wine vinegar, pro biotics

        yet another 16 oz coffee w/coconut milk ... but I am leaving for work soon and I am draggin' already

        No exercise today ... just keepin' low ... did some chores and errands, though, and drank water

        Will take 200 mcg Synthroid before going to bed


        • Got home from work last night, famished, so finished off the cauliflower and had a can of tuna (packed in olive oil), plain, all stirred up in a bowl. At least I didn't eat it from the can. =p


          Because I was on the phone with Dad until very late, I got to bed very late ... and did not get up until 0800 this morning. I had 16 oz coffee w/coconut milk and a little while later, wolfed down two hard-boiled eggs, vitamins D and B-complex, 60 mg zinc, and pro biotics before running out the door.

          By 1230, I was pretty damn hungry and caved to the donuts that management bought us for meeting some goal. I ate 1/2 of a chocolate frosted cake donut and 1/2 of a blueberry cake donut, and a cup of coffee with cream. Isn't it amazing how good anything tastes when you're really hungry?

          My older son treated me to an early dinner at Clocktower Bar and Grill. I had a burger with Cheddar, lettuce and tomato ... and, yes ... French fries ... water, and coffee with milk. I came home and had pro biotics.



          seated overhead shoulder press
          standing dumbbell front delt raise


          flyes while bridging on a sports ball
          headbangers while bridging on the sports ball
          8,8, & 8's

          A whole bag of romaine lettuce, tossed with oil and vinegar
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          • I have not been eating enough ... just too busy.

            Yesterday, I drank too much coffee. I had a salad with blanched asparagus, walnuts, white beans, roasted red peppers on various greens like a mesclun mix with arugula and spinach, oil/lemon juice/red wine vinegar. I had my supplements.

            On my way home, I picked up some turkey at TJ's. I was so nauseous and it tasted gross, so as I drove, I got about half a slice down. Later on that night, a couple of hours later, I ate the rest and it was fine.

            I did not exercise. I did take my supplements and Synthroid.


            Today, I had more coffee than my usual 16 oz, but not as much as yesterday. I had no supplements. I did not eat enough ... again.

            I had chicken and broccoli on a grilled pita, with a teeny bit of Cheddar ... and some fruit salad. It came with Honey Mustard dressing but I gave that to my friend to keep for later because she likes a lotta dressing/gravy/sauce/whathaveyou.There was no gunky dressing like mayo or sour cream on the fruit salad, but there was some sort of sweet *juice*.

            I drank plenty of water today.

            I met my sil and niece for dinner in Ridgefield, at a Chinese restaurant that - SURPRISE! - was closed. So we drove down to a Bar and Grill on Rt 7 and had dinner out on the patio. I had a draft Palm and a burger with Cheddar, lettuce and tomato. Well ... I split my burger with my sil and she split her French dip with me. I did not dip it because there was already some sorta gravy on it and I am not fond of overly goopy, saucy, drippy things. Famished, I ate all of my fries.

            Squats 3x10@10
            Lunges 3x10=@7.5
            RDLs 3x10@10
            Calf raises 35x

            Time for Synthroid and bed.


            • too much coffee

              not enough water

              no supplements

              a "Caesar" salad with that nasty stuff some people call chicken ... it's part synthetic, I swear ... the texture is just ... not ... right ... that topped with oil and vinegar

              dinner was a quesadilla and two Old Burnside Dirty Penny ... yeah, not primal, certainly not healthy ... but the beer was tasty


              seated overhead shoulder press***
              standing dumbbell front delt raise
              flyes while bridging on a sports ball*****
              headbangers while bridging on the sports ball
              8,8, & 8's

              *** Right arm: no problem ... but left arm: could only do six reps each set ... I wonder if it will ever heal from that misplaced flu shot ...

              ***** Really struggled with the last two reps in the last set. My right shoulder crunches badly when doing these flyes. I will try it standing, even though I won't have gravity where I want it. My left arm, again, is so weak from that damn misplaced inoculation.

              Taking Synthroid and going to bed now.


              • more normal amount of coffee ... still not quite enough water

                no breakfast

                Lunch: fresh spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes and strawberries ... with red wine vinegar and oil

                Dinner: a yummy concoction by my friend from Honduras. It was a lot of meat and some vegetables on rice.

                No work out or supplements today

                Synthroid and bed


                • Didn't have to leave at 0645 today, so I have time to be a bit more organized.

                  B - I whrrrd 1 cup of coconut milk (still out of coconut oil and protein powder) with some dark chocolate powder, 2 eggs, the last of the vanilla, and some Stevia. I took my vitamin D and B-complex, and 60 mg of zinc.

                  L - A bag of Romaine, a can of yellow tuna in olive oil, and some red wine vinegar and EVOO w/crushed garlic

                  D - some sorta vegetable TBD, cooked in EVOO, followed by some scrambled eggs

                  I saw the surgeon yesterday. She said I am doing well and can start working on my core, but always and forever mindful of my body. (Well, yeah ... that applies to all of us) I can start, gradually, increasing my weights. So, my plan is to work on my core two days a week now.

                  I walked last night, with my friend ... an ol' walking buddy. It's raining cats and dogs right now, so no walking outside. I probably won't make it to the gym, though, because I was thinking that after work, I'd go see a band that's playing at a local place tonight.


                  One of my friend's at work was afraid to eat her spinach salad for lunch because her tummy was acting crazy. So, I had her salad for lunch ... with goat cheese, tomatoes, strawberries and my vinaigrette (EVOO, red wine vinegar, lots of crushed garlic and some yellow mustard).

                  I ate the salad I brought for lunch, for dinner.

                  I went to the bar and grill, saw the band and drank beer.
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                  • I am bored. My life needs some challenge. I don't know what, yet. But I know that some things that used to be fun are now tedious.

                    So, as much as I enjoy music, unless I am going with a friend/some friends, I need to cut back on the bar scene. I like trying the new beers, but that fun is short lived ... and it is counter-productive to the pleasure I get from lifting weights. Lifting weights is not only enjoyable in the moment I am doing it, but it continues to provide benefits after ward. Giving up the tiresome bar/beer habit -- it's not like I've been doing it very long, just a few months -- will not be difficult. However, the boredom I already have is going to be even more pronounced with the empty spot this will create. Fine.

                    I've also noticed that coffee is not tasting as good to me, anymore. ??? What's that about? I have a couple of ideas but the 'why' does not matter. What matters is that I have a habit that is not bringing me pleasure, so it needs to go.

                    Quitting too many things at once does not work for me ... it sets me up for failure. So, the better thing for me to do is ask myself "do I really want this?" before getting myself coffee. The bar/beer thing is okay with friends because that literally happens just a few times a year. It's going by myself a few times a month that is problematic.

                    B - coffee w/milk and a raisin bran muffin from Dunkin' Donuts



                    Calf-raises 45x

                    L - mixed greens, 1 can of yellow tuna in olive oil, my vinaigrette (EVOO, red wine vinegar, freshly crushed garlic, yellow mustard) vitamins D and B-complex, 60 mg zinc

                    water, water, water
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                    • I got out of work at 10 last night, and went to my sil's to take care of her dogs.

                      I got home a little while ago, and feel a nap is in my future.

                      B - broccoli, kosher salt, EVOO, and two scrambled eggs


                      Went back to my sil's to take the younger dog for a walk and do some laundry. I got to skype with my youngest sil, that lives in Sweden, while there. That was a fun, unexpected treat.

                      Not ready to cut off coffee, I guess. I have been out of it for about a week but it didn't matter because I could get it at work. Yesterday and today, I spent the rest of the Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Now ... I am really out! Of course, I will have a paper cup or two at work tomorrow but, I think, next weekend, I will drink tea.
                      I am not looking to completely cut coffee out of my life. It's just that it used to be something I looked forward to every morning and now, it's not. In fact, the reason I have it is because my brain is foggy and I feel like I am slogging through water.


                      seated overhead shoulder press*
                      standing dumbbell front delt raise


                      headbangers while bridging on the sports ball**


                      flyes while bridging on a sports ball***
                      8,8 & 8's (10,10 & 10's, actually, but it doesn't have the same ring )

                      *again, left arm really struggles around the sixth or seventh rep ... I lift as high as I can while blowing out hard and maintaining form

                      **10 lbs was way too easy so when the surgeon said I could move on, I just went to the next size that I own. ha ha ha ha ha A mite ambitious, I think. I could only do two sets.

                      ***I had my arms up, about to come down for the 9th rep of the 3rd set when my left arm just totally gave way. I was fortunate to be able slow the descent to my chest. I started laughing ... I guess when I fail, that means I'm done ... right?

                      This was a good work out. I was challenged.

                      Afterward, I whrrrd the last of the coconut milk, the ice from my Dunkin' Donuts coffee, two raw eggs, some dark chocolate powder, stevia, and ground ginger in the blender. Not half bad. I think adding some spices in this is a good way to switch it up a bit and get some extra nutrition. Vitamins D and B-complex, 60 mg zinc, and krill oil.
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                      • B -2 hard boiled eggs, vitamins D and B-complex, 60 mg zinc, krill oil

                        3 cups of tea with coconut milk

                        L - Sesame wrap at our new cafeteria at work. I thought it looked full of vegetables. It had sesame noodles in it. Who would have thought to put noodles in a wrap? I also had some grapes and cheese

                        D - brussel sprouts cooked in EVOO and seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, 1 hard boiled egg

                        Started ab's today. Although I got the surgeon's okay, she said to start very slowly. I would have anyway, since I have done NO ab work since late May or the first days of June.

                        Held plank position for 20 seconds and started to shake
                        Did 20 each of the following:
                        standard crunches
                        bicycles (each set of obliques did 20)
                        butt lifting crunches
                        reverse crunches

                        I suspect I will feel nothing from this, but better safe than sorry after surgery, I think.

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                        • B - 2 hard boiled eggs with a multi, krill oil, B-complex and 60 mg of zinc, 10 oz water and a mug of tea with coconut milk

                          This is a volunteer morning at the hospital and I will have a large cup of coffee with milk or cream there, which ever the nurse brings.


                          L - brought in by my friend: red quinoa, cubes of baked sweet potato, pieces of fresh avocado, and topped with chimichurri ... absolutely delicious!

                          Just home from work, I was putting on my sneakers, getting ready to meet my walking buddy, when she called. Did I eat dinner yet? No ... Would I like to come over to eat a little something before our walk? Of course ...

                          She is Honduran and makes all sorts of wonderful things that I never dreamed of ... like a juice from canteloupe, pineapple, water and vanilla ... and she showed me lemon in my Corona instead of lime ... and she taught me how to make real refried beans. They're not as good as hers, of course ... but they're the best I've ever made.

                          She melted some cheese on a corn tortilla (I know, I know ... corn ... bad ... but you have to remember this gringo-chick is from So Cal and my stomach is Latina), topped it with some seasoned, shredded chicken ... and her fresh pico de gallo ... and some salsa verde. OHmygoodness! It was so delicious.

                          We had a good walk. She keeps our pace quick and we had good conversation. Nothing like a strong walk & talk with a dear friend.


                          One of the nurses at work gave me a bag of clothes. I am so excited! There are some Liz Claiborne pants, still with tags, that are a size 10! And they fit! It has been a bit over 27 years since I wore a size 10. I am thrilled ... and a wee bit in disbelief. I know I can't wear a 10 in all brands, but this day last year, I was wearing 14s and 16s ... and now I am wearing 10s and 12s. Yay me.

                          But ... fifty year old skin does not bounce back like thirty year old skin. Although I feel strong, firm muscle on my arms and legs ... there is still plenty of gush ... and plenty of work to do. On that note, it is time for a little work:



                          Calf-raises 50x


                          In the middle of my first set of lunges with my left leg out front, and right foot flexed behind me ... something went really wrong.

                          It was in the three biggest toes ... my body reflexively sprang up to relieve the pressure and pain in my right foot.

                          I read a bit about alternatives and found nothing suitable.

                          I finished with caution, keeping the ten pound weights but not dipping so low and going r e a l s l o w.

                          Now ... in spite of watching my form with religious fervor to protect my knees ... my left knee hurts.

                          It doesn't take an orthopaedist to know that I am done with this routine until I heal. I will switch to something else.

                          I don't need my muscles to get complacent, anyway.
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                          • Having problems with computer freezing ...

                            yesterday, I had a can of yellow tuna in olive oil on mixed greens with the last of my EVOO, red wine vinegar, mustard and fresh garlic vinaigrette ... for breakfast!

                            Lunch was a chopped salad from TJ's with a delicious green olive champagne vinaigrette ... green and red cabbage, white chicken ... I don't remember but it was pretty tasty

                            Dinner was another salad from TJ's, with mixed greens, mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette ...

                            I half-assed worked out my arms. It is time to stop the weights for awhile. This is not muscle fatigue or soreness ... this is nerve pain, over all weakness, and a lack of stamina in the left arm and crazy, loud crunching in the right shoulder. I am going to look up some Pilates work for the upper body and do that for a few weeks.

                            I cooked a whole bag of French cut green beans in olive oil and added some mustard and apple cider vinegar.


                            • Today, I had a huge breakfast from the deli, called The Italian Bomb. It was fresh, sweet sausage (patty), egg, red pepper and fresh mozzarella. B-complex, vitamin D, 60 mg zinc

                              We had a good bye luncheon for a co-worker/friend. I had a small piece of wedge ... like a slice cut in half. There were a lot of vegetables on it. There was probably meat or cold cuts but it was from Subway and not a *real* deli, so it was pretty unremarkable. I had a magic bar and a slice of chocolate cake. Oh! and some rice pudding


                              I went to my friend's to walk and she fed me a seasoned pork chop and a yellow corn/kidney bean/fresh cilantro/tomato/lime/etc salad. Yum. She gave me pasta (not Italian PAHsta ... but pa-stuh ... made from shredded chicken and who knows what else. It's like a really, super fine chicken salad. I ate a couple of bites but am saving it to have for lunch at work tomorrow, on mixed greens. We had a good, swift walk&talk.

                              Core workout was 20 each of the following:

                              standing twists
                              side to sides
                              obliques (elbow to opposite knee, 20 per side)
                              butt raises with legs straight up



                              • Well, some changes in my life. I have a new part-time job at a catering venue. I left the retail gig. I am very happy about that.

                                I thought the weird thing that happened to my right big toe was a big nuthin', but I was wrong: going on walks with my friend, at a quick clip, proved that the toe was, indeed, sprained. So, although I've done some random upper body work, I have done nothing with my lower body (except for walking and the recumbent bike at the gym). Also, various symptoms made me hesitant to work my core ... is this my new normal since surgery? Or, is there something wrong? I won't go into detail here. However, I did see my surgeon today and she concluded that I need to stop the lunges/squats/crunches ... anything really strenuous with weights ... that affects my, erm, surgical area. I can do my upper body, with weights, using caution.

                                So ... we talked about what I can do. I can continue walking, using the treadmill and bike at the gym ... and doing Pilates and other gentle methods of exercise for the core and lower body. While I love the practically-immediate results from the squats and lunges, I had a scare that took me to the surgeon ... and I am not going to do anything to undo my surgery. I will be a compliant patient. Because of my connective tissue issues, I don't heal in a predictable manner. I will see her again in December and we'll reassess, then.

                                I weighed 165.4 on Thursday or Friday, fully dressed, at work. So, technically, I reached my goal of 165 pounds by September. But I know, that until I hold 165 for a couple of weeks, it does not count. Also, as I start setting aside summer clothes to pack away, I am making much larger piles to donate. I have a pair of size 12 pants that I bought a couple of months ago, a skoosh too tight, that are a mite big now. The size 10 pants that I inherited from a nurse I work with are a skoosh tight in the waist, but fit every where else. So, all those size 14 pants that I bought in the spring (and paid a seamstress to take in the waists), are going to go ... one pair at a time ... as I replace them.

                                I was thinking that I wanted to weigh 150 pounds but now, I just want to lose this gush. How much of it is a lack of skin elasticity, I do not know. Even if I don't lose another pound, my chronic joint pain has been gone for so long now, that I don't even remember at what point it faded. My back problem (I have a vertebrae that is turned and kinked from a fall down some stairs about 25 years ago) has lessened. It's still there, of course ... but without the extra weight, I have not suffered weeks of pain because of a violent sneeze. I don't wear an XL anymore; I wear a L and some M's. Woo hoo!