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  • I forgot to mention that I take 200 mc of Synthroid every night, on an empty stomach. With breakfast, most mornings I take high-quality supplements (no dye, sugar, yeast, this or that): calcium/magnesium/vit D; a multi; and Vit D (not combined). I have been getting leg cramps lately, and having read that magnesium can't do it's magic on cramps when binding with calcium, I will start taking it (alone) at dinner. After I get that back to normal, I will reintroduce the supplements to rehabituate my gut. It's just that all these pills and their primadonna schedules get to be more trouble than they're worth.

    I have been cutting back on caffeine. I used to drink two large mugs o' joe every morning, before going out into the world. Sometimes, I would drink it at work, too. Not too often, though, because it's not as good as mine. +p I drink one large mug now, with coconut milk. Speaking of which, I was introduced to a lovely product last week at my son's girlfriend's birthday party. She is a gorgeous Brazilian, and this Sococo Leite de Coco came from a Brazilian grocer. Lucky for me, it's in the town where I work so I will find a way to get there and keep a regular stash. Yay! Yesterday, I bought half-caf to start when I finish my regular grind in the next couple of days. One or two cups of tea on those afternoons when I have a pervasive headache or feel myself slipping into a coma should work. It's what I did when I cut my consumption in half.

    B - Some of the beef I made yesterday, heated up with some (frozen) whole green beans, and two eggs in EVOO. Supplements.
    D - Chicken cooked in tomato paste, SOCO with pepper, sesame oil, garlic salt and pepper and cauliflower stirred into it's broth.

    I will skip lunch today, and have dinner around 4:30 - 5:00.


    Reading other people's stories, I remember how stressed I used to be. It was a huge factor in everything from how I felt about food to the food I ate to what the food did to me. This year has just been increasingly better and better, and food is no longer a huge thing in my life. I like it, don't get me wrong. But it just isn't the obsession that it was for a great deal of my life. As long as these people stay primal, as they work through these major life upheavals and develop new coping mechanisms, I hope they see a change in their relationship with food, too.

    I have two low-paying jobs. I am tired and need to figure out how to re-introduce exercise into my life. I like hiking/walking and lifting/strength exercises. Yoga was too painful and Pilates was alright, with modifications. I am hoping that as my inflammation eases, I can try them again. Tai Chi might be fun with a group but in my living room with a dvd ... not so much. Yawn.


    • Well ... I got hungry, so I ate some chicken that I cooked yesterday, shredded on a bed of mixed greens, at 3:30.

      My sons had an impromptu little gathering and I was invited. =) I had a burger without fake cheese (blech) or roll, but I did smear a little mustard and BBQ sauce on it at about 6:00. Not so bad.


      I also had some tortilla chips and two beers.

      Could I have done without them? Yeah. But you know, I didn't go crazy ... and the kooky Hawaiian beer with passion fruit was interesting (although I stuck to my Corona, for the second) ... and I had a good time with them and some of their friends. I could have had red wine but I don't like what it does to my mood a day or two later. I don't sob anymore, but I get in some sorta funk. Beer doesn't do that to me. =D

      I will eat primal tomorrow. I will probably try a little of this or that at the office birthday party on Wednesday, and we're having pizza and ice cream cake for my younger son's 23rd birthday on Friday. I can forgo the ice cream cake. But I am going to have a slice of pizza and I am (probably) going to wash it down with a brew.

      That will have to be it, though, because I bet by that time, I am going to feel some pain.


      • This has been an unusually festive week at work (read: food fest) and it ended with my son's birthday (pizza).

        On the good side: I feel alright. I am not in any more pain (arthritis) than usual and things that have been rather sluggish have, erm, started moving along. I am NOT interpreting this as "I need to eat less primal". I am interpreting this as "that whole 80/20 thing has a variety of benefits, even if it occasionally slips to 70/30 or, um, yeah ..."

        After enjoying the better fit of my clothes for a couple of weeks, I finally weighed myself yesterday and saw that I had lost five pounds and I want to keep that going. Also, having had more crap than I usually eat (although I did not go hogwild), I have a yearning for cleaner fare. So! Today for breakfast, I am going to cook up some chopped broccoli in EVOO with lots garlic, some kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper, and add a couple of eggs for protein.

        And, having read a post about someone's issue that could be potentially linked to nightshades, I am getting closer and closer to believing that I owe it to myself to at least eliminate them long enough to see if there are the sort of results I am hoping for.

        I don't eat eggs daily but I do eat them several times a week. Damn! Maybe I have to eliminate them, too? One thing at a time, one. thing. at. a. time.

        I have some food I am going to finish before I begin my nightshade experiment. This is nothing to be sad about. It's food, for chrissake, and although it's satisfying to enjoy my food ... it is very disturbing to sense that it sometimes has more of a priority in my life than it should. I need to eat to live, not live to eat.


        • One of the girls brought in the good tortilla chips from Panch Gringo's, and salsa with fresh cilantro. Of course, I ate it. I ate it and paid dearly. I will not give up a good salsa or pico de gallo; it is in my blood, dammit! But the chips ... or, more specifically, the corn ... I think it actually affected my mood.

          I know it's been an emo week. Today is the one year anniversary of my mom's passing. But those were random tears, not anger. And I wasn't feeling sad, just sensitive. I got some wild anger ride within fifteen minutes of eating those chips. I got busy at my desk and none were the wiser what the heck was going on with me, but I noticed.

          A friend from work inherited a bunch of leeks and gave me three. So, right now, they're cooking with TJ's apple-smoked bacon and brussel sprouts. It smells so good! I am looking forward to eating it on a bed of mesclun greens for lunch.


          I had my constitutional one cuppa joe (half-caf, since I'm weaning off, and what great results have occurred with that!) with coconut milk and went to my annual check-up. Yeah. That one. The female one. But! Great news! I've lost another few pounds =)

          It's hard to say exactly how many since I'm talking about three different scales (the one at my endocrinologist's office, the one at work, and the one at the gyno's) but it's in the 8 - 10 pound range now. Woo Hoo!

          My endocrinologist wants to see me when I get down to 180, so he can adjust my Synthroid Rx. I was 227 in 2007 and got down to 189 with an unhealthy diet and working out like a fiend. Since then I have gone from 189 to 204 and back down again, more than a couple of times. I know why. That problem has been resolved and there's no need to beat the dead horse here.

          I am going to get down to 180 and hold it, for awhile. Then, I am going to lose more.


          one large mug of half-caf with coconut milk
          one bowl of frozen pureed bananas with jasmine tea

          leeks/apple-smoked bacon/brussel sprouts on mesclun greens

          swordfish and asparagus, cooked in EVOO and possibly drizzled with sesame oil

          That's the plan, man!
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          • It's been a gray, rainy day ... the kind that makes me think about grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup. As I drove home, I thought of different places I could go to have that for dinner because that would be less harmful than buying a WHOLE loaf of bread to make it at home.

            I thought about how good it feels to stick to 80/20. Most of my aches and pains are gone and the persistent one in my left hip has certainly diminished. My face is clearer. I've lost enough weight (ten pounds) that people have noticed and commented.

            I drove home and had salmon and a Trader Joe's concoction with various green vegetables in garlic butter. I was physically satisfied but something inside was still whining so I shut her up with an omelet.

            Now I am stuffed. I am going to have a cup of chamommile/raspberry/mint tea and go to bed.

            I have added a bit of fat to my food because (1) I need more calories, (2) I think it will be good for my skin and joints and (2) I am getting bored with my food.

            I need to increase my exercise which is currently just a bit above nothing. I like it; that's not the problem. It's that I have to create time for it.


            • Adding more fat has been a good thing for me.

              I have not weighed myself recently, and until my clothes are a wee bit loser, I feel no reason to weigh myself soon. My clothes are loose enough that they look a little silly. Losing another five - ten pounds will require new clothes.

              The bottom line is: I just feel altogether better ... my skin is better than it's ever been. As a matter of fact, the other night I got a compliment that I don't believe I have EVER received: he said I had beautiful skin!

              I was stunned! Many women have commented that my skin looks good (and these are women that have known me for a few years so they know how bad it can get). But no one, NO ONE, has ever said to me, "You have beautiful skin."


              I will say that my GI tract does not function as well as it used to but, I suspect, that is a lack of exercise. Until April, I was on my feet and moving, every day. Now, I sit and stand, but I don't move so much. I went to the track yesterday and Saturday, before work, but my full time job during the week precludes that from happening. There's a method; I just have to figure it out.

              I was going to go after work tonight but (1) it got bloody cold and (2) my asthma is kicking in. I wonder what that's about, as it was a non-issue last year. I need to get an inhaler if I am going to walk in the cold air. I can lift and do some random isometric exercises, but I need to figure out how to get more 'walking' in.

              Okay. I am going to have some Sleepy Time tea and hit the hay. Adios +)


              • I forgot images have to be approved


                • Okay! So it's been a few months since I've been here.

                  I have continued to lose weight. I am not really sure where I started so I don't truly know how much I've lost but it's at least fifteen pounds. I am wearing clothes I haven't worn in nearly twenty years! (It's a good things I have classic taste or I'd look a little silly wearing trendy stuff from the '90s).

                  What really got me on a roll was changing my view of food. I turned fifty last month and over the years, more and more foods have become troublesome in a variety of ways. When I was young (in my twenties and early thirties) I'd just suffer with it because I liked the food or I did not want to be inconvenienced with modifying my diet while feeding my family what they expected. All the stuff one sees these days about GMOs and hormones in our meat; most of us cannot afford grassfed beef and organic vegetables ... we can barely put the gas in our cars to get to work! So, I stopped viewing the extra fat on my body as some ugly thing that needed to be eliminated ... and thinking of weight loss as a step by step process to change my blood chemistry for the better.

                  I started thinking of my fat as a well-stocked pantry. I did not need to eat as much (or buy as much) because I could use the fat on my body as fuel. My negative opinions about my fat became very matter-of-fact and non-judgmental.

                  I thought about all the stuff I've read here and at Dr Mercola's about fasting ... about how it used to be a regular part of my life when I was religious (in my teens). As an early stage diabetic, I have been educated about maintaining my blood sugar and eating about 400 calories every four hours. Ugh.

                  Too much freakin' thinkin'!

                  Since January of last year, I have been working very hard to stop thinking so damn much and just 'be' and 'do'.

                  So ... all of this came together and started me moving in a losing direction.

                  I eat a lot of vegetables. That is the bulk of my food. I eat whatever fat I need and give no mind to how much. I eat animal protein, but not in massive quantities. It's not that I have anything against it; I don't have much money in my food budget.

                  Last weekend, my landlady offered me two chicken carcasses. I made broth with them, and chicken vegetable soup with that. Today, for breakfast, I had some of that soup. For lunch, I had a salad with mesclun greens, some grapes and orange segments, almonds, Gorgonzola cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette (premade from DiCicco's grocer, right next door to my weekend job). For dinner, I cooked a whole bag of turnips with turnip greens in coconut oil and dressed it with Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar.

                  That is a lot of food for me. I tend to eat a bit more on the weekends because my shifts at my part time job are irregular and that's just how it works out. Monday - Friday, I work a day shift at a hospital. I have coffee in the morning with some goat milk, no sugar. Lunch is a thirty minute break between 1pm - 3pm. I will eat pretty much anything. It could be a salad or half a sandwich with a cup of soup. I might bring it from home, I might buy it at work. The other day, I split a turkey club with my friend, and we got sweet potato fries. I get home some time after 6pm and cook a bag of frozen vegetables. Last night, I had broccoli with EVOO, garlic, salt and pepper.

                  That's it. And I am losing weight. Oh! One of my sons gave me a gym membership for Christmas. I came down with a cold two weeks ago and my lungs are not quite right yet, so I've stayed away. I think I will use the treadmill this week but no inclines and keep it slow. I don't want to hack up a lung.

                  My skin on my face is not looking so good right now, but that could be anything. =( On the other hand, I have NO joint pain anymore. Yes, I am still stiff but hell ... I'm fifty and I work two jobs. I usually sleep well and have energy. No, I don't do cartwheels everywhere but I don't moan and groan about how tired I am like most middle-aged people I know, either. My stomach problems are practically non-existent. I had colonoscopy a couple of months ago and the doctor said that I had "the colon of a twenty year old". ha ha ha ha ha I hope he meant a healthy twenty year old. I had my 50,000 mile check up and my PCP wanted to know what I was doing ... that everything looked great. I suspect my endocrinologist will be lowering my Synthroid because he told me he wanted me to lose twenty pounds so that he could ... and by the time I see him in June, I expect to have lost over twenty pounds since my last visit.

                  So. That's where I am. Oh! I forgot one crucial bit of info: I believe that we all need different things and that everything changes ... so what is working for me now probably won't work forever, and it's up to me to pay attention and be willing to tweak my lifestyle to get the most out of living.


                  • I weighed myself today; I've lost about 27 pounds. There is a lot of gush so I've been working on that, and it's improving.

                    I have not been sleeping well at all. I am facing surgery and six weeks of short-term disability. I plan on using this time to take care of business ... namely: the business of me. I will be a compliant patient so that I don't undo the surgery, but I hope to work out this having my days and nights confused ... and being more diligent on taking my supplements, etc.

                    I probably have more relevant info but, honestly, I am so tired from being so sleep-deprived, that I am going to wash and brush and hit the hay.

                    adios and good night


                    • I am out on short-term disability, having had some major surgery a month ago. I don't own a scale; I weigh myself a couple of times a month at work (I work at a hospital) and, having not been there recently, I don't know what I weigh. I do know, however, that on surgery day (June 5th), I was down 32 pounds since last October. I suspect I've lost a couple of pounds since then because my tummy has lost some gush. Yay!

                      I am sleeping normally again. I am slowly increasing my exercise. Since I am not as active as I am normally, I fast more than I did when I was working at two jobs. There really is no point in eating breakfast unless I am ravenous, so I've been out of that habit for months. Sometimes, I am really hungry and have no qualms about eating some eggs, possibly with some vegetables or fresh herbs tossed in. Because our high school track is closed for maintenance, I have been walking outside of the fence ... on the grass. I think this is much better! Although we have a forgiving, synthetic track surface, as a walker (read: not a runner), I think walking on grass - and paying closer attention to the irregular surface - is just a win-win all the way around.

                      I had gone back on my supplements but this has created all sorts of, erm, distress. So, as of today, I will continue my B-complex with the first meal of the day and my chelated zinc on an empty stomach, before going to bed. Being out of work presently means I am getting plenty of Vitamin D while reading outside.

                      I think the 80/20 approach works for me. I keep vegetables (fresh and frozen), eggs, canned tuna in olive oil, fresh lemons, herbs (fresh and dried), and various oils in my place. I try to limit myself to two cans of tuna a week ... sometimes, it becomes three or four but that's no more than one week in a month. I have salmon in the freezer. I am pretty scared of chicken right now, because I cannot afford the chicken I would not be afraid to eat. Same for beef and pork. On the other hand, I am not the pain-in-the-ass guest that "doesn't eat that". That's where my 20% comes in ... as well as the beef/chicken/pork from questionable sources, random potato or rice, etc.

                      Historically, I drink more alcohol in the summer. It's not just because I like an ice cold brew, either. It's that there's all these cookouts and it's hot as hell! I used to be more of a wine drinker and I know that beer is not the wisest choice. But, drinking "more", for me, means 2-4 a week instead of a month. Nah, I am not going to drop that. It will die a natural death as the weather cools ...

                      For those in the USA: Happy 4th! For everyone else: Happy 4th! (It's still July 4th where you live, right?)


                      • Yesterday, I got a return phone call from the surgeon's office. The nurse said I could lift light weights (no more than ten pounds) and start working my way to a three or four mile hike.

                        Today, I've done three sets of 8, 8, 8's with only 7.5 lb weights (I want to see where I stand). I am about to use the same 7.5 to do three sets of 8 reps of headbangers while bridging on a sports ball. I have missed that more than anything. The stretch is nothing short of delicious.

                        I walked 1.5 miles outside the track. I realized the discomfort I was feeling could be alleviated if I alternated directions, giving each leg a "turn" on the higher side, but not until I was a mile in. I will do this tomorrow, and I bet 2 miles will be comfortable. I think it is reasonable to start increasing my distance 1/4 to 1/2 a mile a day, at this point. If I am wrong, the next day I will drop back a quarter.

                        Tomorrow, I will do some lower body exercises, being mindful of how much any particular kind engages my ab's. I will not reintroduce planking, crunches, or any other ab-focused work out until my 2 month check up. I need the surgeon to confirm that my adhesions are strong enough.


                        • coffee with goat's milk (no hormones, etc) - 16 oz
                          2 miles, alternating directions, on the grass outside the track ... this was a noticeable improvement
                          1 hard boiled egg, 12 oz water, B-complex, Krill oil, and Vitamin D (it does not appear I will be getting it through sunshine today!)

                          another hard boiled egg

                          12 oz water

                          I am unusually hungry today! I am meeting an old friend for dinner in North Salem tonight. They always have a creative menu prepared with delicious, fresh ingredients, so I want my appetite later. I think I'll have large salad with (canned) yellow fin tuna in olive oil in the mid-afternoon. That should hold me. I hope!

                          2 - 12 oz water
                          *chairs* for 45 seconds, 3x
                          butt lifts, 45
                          inner leg lifts, 30 each leg
                          outer leg lifts, 30 each leg
                          12 oz water
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                          • Yesterday, before I could buy the salad greens, I ate the can of tuna at 2:00.

                            I went to visit my friend who was watching her adorable twin granddaughters. We played with them and ate some white corn tortilla chips and guacamole. I liked the crunch and the salt but if I am going to indulge in that sort of snack, I want the yellow corn chips that come in a brown paper bag ... and really delicious, fresh guac ... so I did not go crazy and gorge.

                            I had a Palm Pale Ale at 121 last night. I ate all sorts of yummy non-paleo things like ricotta with artichoke on toast and gnocchi, but we shared one order so it was half the damage it could have been. I had delicious, healthy food too ... fresh tuna and a baby arugula salad with lemon and pine nuts. The best part, though, was seeing my friend of nearly 30 years and catching up with her. =)

                            Today, I did 2.5 miles at the track
                            8,8, & 8's (2x8@10)
                            headbangers while bridging on the sports ball (3x8@10)
                            standing dumbbell front delt raise (2x8@7.5)

                            1 hard boiled egg with Vitamin B-complex and Krill oil

                            It's gorgeous out there. I am going to put on my suit and read in the sun for a shot of Vitamin D.

                            I have various chores to do around here Then I'll shower and run errands, including food shopping.

                            I forgot to mention my 60 mg of chelated zinc last night and my 16 oz of coffee and milk, this morning.

                            I've had 16 oz of water and about to have another 12. Brussel sprouts are cooking in coconut oil with curry powder, powdered ginger, fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt.

                            A huge salad for dinner: mixed greens, Kalamata olives, tiny bit of Feta cheese, tomatoes, 2 hard boiled eggs, Greek dressing

                            2-12 oz glasses of water

                            I was not hungry, like yesterday. I probably should have eaten more, as I was hungry earlier in the day. It's just that nothing appealed to me.

                            I have had too much canned tuna lately ... went over my 2-can quota last week. I don't know what to do about this because I am wary of the meats that I can afford, that are offered at the local grocery stores. On the other hand, knowingly ingesting mercury is incredibly stupid.

                            I will have my 60 mg of chelated zinc tonight ... and my 200 mcg of Synthroid.
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                            • I did not sleep well last night. This *problem area* (right groin?) does not hurt, but there's a nerve ning-ning thing going on that's probably just related to healing, like reconnecting after being severed during surgery. In any even, it feels like I am getting poked with a really hot needle ... a thick needle ... not like a knitting needle, but much thicker than anything on a sewing machine. And then there's the recurring, intermittent pressure. It's all been alleviating over time, which is why I have not mentioned it to the surgeon. Getting a hold of her is a tiresome game of tag amongst her secretary and nurse. I will definitely bring it up at the August appointment.

                              So, that said, I did not get up until 0745 today. Late for me. I had 16 oz of coffee w/milk and did 3 miles at the track.

                              I came home, hungry, and had three eggs scrambled with a lot of broccoli (stalks ... probably 3 cups worth) in grapeseed oil with garlic salt and pepper. B-complex and Krill Oil, 12 oz of water.


                              *chairs* for 50 seconds, 3x
                              butt lifts (3 count up, 5 squeeze, 3 count down) 30x
                              inner leg lifts, each leg, 30x
                              outer leg lifts, each leg, 30x
                              2-12 oz glasses of water

                              One of the reasons I prefer to lift and do other anaerobic exercises at home, as opposed to the gym, is I can't stand the pop music they play there. I like to switch it up, but I like something powerful. Today, I put Apocalyptica on Spotify. That works.


                              I just had lunch: 4 cups baby arugula, 2 mini cukes, red onioin, Kalamata olives, 1 can of yellow fin tuna in olive oil and a dressing made of some of the oil from the olives mixed with red wine vinegar and freshly crushed garlic. 12 oz water and Vitamin D, since there's no sunshine to speak of out there.
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                              • Last night, I had ice cream for dinner. As a matter of fact, since it came from Carvel, I am not even sure it was ice cream. Perhaps it would be more truthful to say I had a frozen, sweet synthetic concoction involving cappuccino flavoring and Oreo cookies, topped with a poser whipped cream?

                                Although I have no regrets (I wanted it, enjoyed it, and my desire has been sated), I am paying the price today. I had pain in my left hip that I did not have yesterday. Crapola-induced inflammation, I suspect.

                                I came home and had 12 oz of water. Of course, a few hours later, I was hungry (although I had no appetite and my stomach did not feel hungry). Sugar crash, I know. I shut it down with a bunch of olives.

                                I had my 60 mg of zinc and, awhile later, my 200 mcg of Synthroid, and washed down with 12 oz of water.

                                I did 3.5 miles today. I just started using my iPod at the track again, yesterday. Today, I mixed it up with some RATM, Martina McBride, Third Eye Blind, and Little Texas.

                                I came home and drank 10 oz of water, put on Creed, and did the following:

                                8,8 & 8's x 1@7.5, x 2@10
                                headbangers while bridging on the sportsball (3x8@10)
                                standing dumbbell front delt raise (3x8@7.5)

                                I am not hungry, but have always been told that I should eat some protein after lifting. Of course, that was back in the days when I was a gym rat and lifted heavier weights and worked out for at least an hour. Today, I will choose an intermittent fast. First of all, my body is trying to clear out the garbage I put into it last night. So, exercise and water is probably the best thing I can do to aid the process. Secondly, my older son is taking me out to lunch today =)

                                1 tablespoon local honey mixed with some powdered Tumeric, B-complex, Krill oil, washed down with 10 oz water

                                another 10 oz glass of water

                                Have been informed that my son has to stay a bit late at work, our lunch date has been pushed back. I just got home from Home Depot and was ravenous, so I mixed up a can of yellow fin tuna in olive oil with some of the red wine vinaigrette I made yesterday. Love how delicious food tastes when I am really hungry. Will have a fourth 10 oz glass of water.

                                It's hot as hell out there and my friend invited me to her pool but I have plans today, so maybe next week. Hmmm ... guess that means I oughtta take a Vitamin D.

                                We went to Primavera in Croton Falls. I had a salad of mixed greens with tomatoes and Gorgonzola, lightly dressed with a vinaigrette, and grilled chicken with spinach, onion, tomatoes ... some other vegetables. Delicious. It was too much, though, so I ate a few bites of chicken and half of the vegetables and brought the rest home.

                                Then, I went to my friend's bar and grill in Danbury and tried a new beer she just got on tap. Yeah, yeah ... I gotta rein in this beer thing. Well, I go back to work next week and that will result in a natural death of over consumption of beer and ice cream.

                                My son gave me his doggie bag, so for dinner I had the rest of his chicken with artichoke, fontina and crab in a pernod sauce and asparagus risotto. ha ha ha ha ha I didn't order such a rich meal but I still ate some of it, didn't I?

                                Well ... no crazy sweets today like Carvel. Still, I've had enough stuff that I expect to be stiff in the joints.

                                I've had about 70 oz of water today, but I need more ... so off I go.
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