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    Looking to lose around 15 lbs BF. I'm a collegiate triathlete and, after taking a year off of serious training, I need to lose 15 lbs to get down to my racing weight. I want to do it as primally as possible b/c I know that it is the correct way to eat/live. However, with my level of activity, things will need to be modified to incorporate my high volume base training right now. The good thing is that since I am in the base phase of my training until January, I will be at aerobic HRs almost exclusively, great for fat burning if done correctly and easier to tolerate primal eating than if I were usurping glycogen in high intensity endurance workouts.
    I want to be on the podium at Collegiate National Championships in April. The biggest way for me to improve my speed right now is to lose this weight and optimize my fat-burning capacity, building a strong body that will be ready to handle the drastic increase in intensity come Spring.
    I figure right now is a great time to begin for several reasons. One, my training just started several weeks ago so I am almost back into the swing of things in that respect so tweaking my diet away from lots of breads and starches should be easier now than if I were to do it at the same time as beginning my training.
    Two, in exactly one month I will be flying out to Stanford to visit my beautiful girlfriend. I want to be in great shape and to wow her; basically, I want to make her miss me even more! haha! One month is plenty of time to get considerably more ripped than I am now, considering the amount of exercise I do every day. I train between 3-6 hours a day so, on a clean primal diet the BF will melt right off.
    This is my weekly training schedule:

    M: AM-run 10 mi Duke Forest loop N- swim 4km easy PM - Swim Practice with team
    T: AM- run 4mi AM2- swim 6km + 60 mins dryland strength post-swim PM - Brick workout with team on trainers
    W: (same as Monday)
    Th: AM - swim 6km + 60 mins DL strength training post-swim PM - aerobic ride 25-30 mi
    F: AM- Spin class @ gym before class PM - run 12 miles + stretching
    S: Long ride 65-90 mi + 4 mi run OTB PM - weight room 60 mins
    Sun: AM- run 10 mile forest loop PM - swim 6km

    I am periodizing my training into 4 week blocks, doing 3 weeks similar to the above then one week of recovery where I do much less, probably 50% or less, however much I feel is right, intuitively.

    Well, needless to say, I eat a lot. But I need to eat a lot less of the carby garbage I usually eat. Any recommendations are welcome, especially from any of you who train high volume in endurance sports and have figured out little tricks to keep your workouts strong. I am also on a student's budget (ie I am poor) so taking that into account would be much appreciated. Right now, I have a big jug of Endurox R4 in my room so I am thinking the best thing to do for my recovery and to ensure both fat loss and performance gains would be to drink a serving of this after all of my workouts then try and eat as primally as possible, stopping when I am full, for the rest of the day. I hate counting calories so this appeals to me.

    Any advice? I'll try and update this thread as I go...