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    my body is exhausted in a fantastic way. i'm going to enjoy my well deserved rest day (just do a little core in the evening, planks, ab wheel) and continue with upper body tomorrow.

    Calories for the day
    2,079 173.4 30.9 103.1

    Ab wheel (not very primal. but awesome)



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      The weekend went "ok"
      Minus the few glasses of wine last night I did very well. didn't track my macros, but i'm sure that I stayed within the range.
      SO put me trough hardcore meathead workout... which was brutal cause he is heartless when it comes to training.
      It feels great being the only girl in the weight room

      I plan to nap when I get home and workout later on.
      Have not thought about food yet, work is insane today. already had some eggs and a coffee with cream.
      I do have some grass fed ground beef in the fridge.... need to research some recipes!


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        I'm in the same boat with the ground beef for dinner! Got some veggies and the beef, hoping inspiration will overcome me. Good luck on the workouts - they sound like fun (in a masochistic way). My biggest challenge is also the weekend, as all of my friends love good wine and last night a couple put on a wine and cheese horsd'ouevre get together. I think I ate a cup of brie! Not to mention the 4 glasses of white wine by the end of the night. What's the point in all of this discipline if I just undo it every weekend??


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          " I was so curios about that one, because it's such a hush hush operation. "

          It is? I thought he pretty much put it 'all out there' betwen the book and the website. What else is there?

          I'm doing the same thing with

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