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  • ~ BoyPrimal's Magnificent Meat Manifesto ~

    Bam! I am just rolling in the mud, steak eating, weight lifting, embracing this lifestyle in FULL. I can't wait to see where it takes me; even after a week the difference is incredible. I want to run down an antelope, tackle it, and take a bite.

    Not content to post journal entries into a forum, I have created a blog. ( Because absolutely no one else on the internet has a blog, right? )

    I'll will post some entries into this thread, but for more comprehensive ramblings and examinations look no further than: My first few posts are up.
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    I could use some input. I'm still finding my ground with the Primal lifestyle, and I could use some experienced advice.
    Here's today's post:

    I do not EVER want to go back to that place of tallying every aspect of the calories I eat. It's a terrible habit that only results in constant lows and highs from minute fluctuations in daily intake. I try to detach from that sort of thinking and focus on the broad picture.

    However, going into the Primal Blueprint I feel like I'm due for a day of observation. With or without intent I do still keep a general running number in my head every day, an estimate of what I'm eating, and every once in a while it's good to give that calculator a check-up. I'll be recalibrating today by keeping as exact an account as I can. This will also serve to give me a sense of how well I can hit the Primal guidelines by estimation, and what areas I should pay focus to. Much of what I eat comes without handy nutrition labels so this is about as good a summary as I can manage.

    Today's Food:

    1 cup organic, nonfat yogurt.
    120 calories/0g fat/17g carbs/14g protein

    1 nectarine
    60 calories/0.4g fat/14.3g carbs/1.4g protein

    Went out for a bit, got coffee, biked around town.

    4 slices of bacon
    120 calories/6g fat/0g carbs/8g protein

    2 eggs
    160 calories/10g fat/2g carbs/14g protein

    1tbsp butter
    100 calories/11g fat/0g carbs/0g protein

    Biked to work

    Leftover stirfry eggplant/onion/squash from last night, estimated.
    300 calories/20g fat/20g carbs/2g protein ( from the olive oil )

    1/4th of an acorn squash
    50 calories/0g fat/12g carbs/1g protein

    3 slices of turkey
    50 calories/1g fat/3g carbs/10g protein

    Biked home from work, then went out and did Tabata sprints.

    170g beef patty
    400 calories/30g fat/0g carbs/31.6g protein

    Salad greens - 30 calories/0g fat/8g carbs/4g protein
    1/4th an avocado - 60 calories/1g fat/3g carbs/0.5g protein
    5 cherry tomatoes - 20 calories/0g fat/4g carbs/1g protein
    Various sliced veggies - 50 calories/0g fat/10g carbs/0g protein
    Feta cheese - 80 calories/7g fat/1g carbs/5g protein
    7 sun dried tomatoes in oil - 40 calories/3g fat/3g carbs/1g protein
    1 chicken thigh - 135 calories/9g fat/0g carbs/14g protein
    1tbsp olive oil - 120 calories/14g fat/0g carbs/0g protein

    And through the course of the day, two small cups of iced coffee with half and half.
    80 calories/6g fat/2g carbs/2g protein

    Daily Total:
    Calories - 1975
    Fat - 118g
    Carbs - 99g
    Protein - 110g

    21 year old male
    5'6" height
    Very active

    All and all I'm pleased. If today is anything to judge by, then I can hit the Primal mark fairly well when left up to my own devices.
    Looking back on the day a couple things jump out at me. I am just barely riding the line of ideal carb intake at 99g. If the window is 50-100g of carbs a day, then it might be a good idea to ease back just a bit and take in more fat and protein instead.
    I wonder if I actually ate enough today? Even if it's just barely, under 2000 calories is probably a low total. I felt fatigued at some points of the day, and I definitely did not have full energy for my sprints. Can anyone looking over these numbers offer some tips and nudges in the right direction?
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      I am all about the plate of scrambled eggs in front of me right now. Eggs, egg whites, butter, fine cheddar cheese, and bits of turkey. It's my post workout fatty meal, and every bite is making love to my tongue.

      I "Primal" binged this morning and felt like crap until a few hours ago. I tried making some almond flour and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, which, gluten or not, set me off on a quest to put things in my mouth. Bits of half completed almond butter balls, yogurt, a nectarine, two bags of dried cheesy kale, and a powerbar later I felt bloated and awful. All this food was Primal, but it was carbs.

      I took that bad energy to the gym and channeled into an intense workout, now I'm here in front of my computer with eggs and a better outlook. In hindsight there was not nearly enough of the all important fats and proteins in my morning meal, and all the choices I made were less than idea foods that should be used sparingly and not compounded on top of one another. In the spirit of moving forward I'm taking this lesson, processing it for next time, and forgiving myself for not being perfect.
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        Big week one journal up here:
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          lulz, digging the jonas brothers background

          i know just starting out is rather rough, so i wouldn't REALLY worry about tracking. or binging. your body is going through enough hard changes as it is. focus more on getting the right foods in [which you are doing fantastically!] instead - and if that means eating 2 lbs of steak at dinner, then so be it after your body gets used to what its being given, then you can go in and tweak.

          just in my personal experience, every time i track and worry about macronutrient ratios, i tend to undereat and then binge my fool head off later on bad stuff, which defeats the purpose. just make sure you got handy fat sources ready. for instance, heavy whipping cream is saving my ass this week. next week, it will probably be avocados.

          mark has a good guide to adjust your thinking and eating, in case you didn't see it:

          LOVE FOOD SO HARD, man. such an excellent attitude to have. food is so awesome.

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            Batty is wise. Best parts of PB is getting in tune with your body's hunger signals. Tracking sucks.


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              I am extreme gung ho and perfectionist when I first set my sights on something. It leads to tunnel vision something awful, and sometimes taking off a bigger bite than I can chew.

              This is good advice. I'll make my PB goal today to let go of daily planning and let myself eat. ( Right after I finish making this Tom Ka Gai out of my chicken stock! )
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                Tubes, blood, bone, and bits. Oh my.
                This squicked me a bit.


                I bought two chicken breasts on the bone because it was cheaper at Whole Foods. I'm not accustomed to seeing it, but if I'm going to get all hardcore carnivorous I'd better get my innocence good and ruined now. Chicken looks so neat and tidy when it's stripped down to prepared breasts, but that's not how meat really is.

                Cooking it up right now to use in my Tom Ka Gai! Updates on my Thai soup adventures later.
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                  I'm having trouble getting past the calorie counting mentality. I'm still tallying things up in my head as I go through the day, and despite feeling and looking great I immediately start to get edgy if I approach the 2000 mark. Which is ridiculous, since I should be eating more than 2000 calories a day anyway.


                  At least I'm eating lots of good fats and protein.
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                    that...takes time. its SO Hard to NOT mentally do the math in your head if you've been doing it automatically for a long time. when i catch myself doing it, i start singing LA LA LA LA LA LA DOO DOO DOO LA LA in my head. if i did that out loud, someone might catch onto the fact that i am indeed crazy.

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                      Originally posted by batty View Post
                      that...takes time. its SO Hard to NOT mentally do the math in your head if you've been doing it automatically for a long time. when i catch myself doing it, i start singing LA LA LA LA LA LA DOO DOO DOO LA LA in my head. if i did that out loud, someone might catch onto the fact that i am indeed crazy.
                      I have been doing it for a long time. I have a general outline already in my head for the next two days already, and it's hard to shake it. I'm happy to say I had two FAT globs of almond butter today, unplanned and delicious.

                      My fall quarter starts on Monday; maybe that will help distract me. I've had too much free time this month, and with all this energy from going Primal I'm getting ready to plant a vegetable garden, build a compost repository, and basically any other project I can get my hands on. I'm starting to wreak havok on the house too. I'm trying to wrestle control of the kitchen away from my mom and reorganize it for my chef compulsions ( Still at home, college, thank god for free rent. ) (( Quote: "I bet you miss the way I used to be all grumpy and tired. Now I'm cheerful and destructively productive." ))
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                        WELCOME TO BINGE CITY.

                        Binge City. Population: Apple, walnuts, trail mix, goat cheese, yogurt, cauliflower mashed potatoes with cheese, and an unconscionable amount of almond butter. ( HALF A JAR. )


                        I don't feel bad, but I do feel annoyed. I guess I'll be IF for dinner tonight.

                        DAMNIT ALMOND BUTTER. DAMNIT.
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                          HAHAHAHA. I don't know what I was thinking talking in the past tense. I DIDN'T binge. I AM binging. And I'm going to go for fucking broke.

                          MAKING BACON AND EGGS NOW. Apperantly my thinking has shifted from "stop doing this and recover the course of your day" to "Just eat until you explode then fast until tomorrow. Doesn't matter, it'll balance out later."

                          At least it's not carbs.
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                            Need lots and lots of fat. Add extra bacon grease, butter, olive oil, etc.

                            Good luck stopping the run-away train.
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                              Eggs and bacon were good. I wish I hadn't gone so off the rails, but it doesn't feel nearly as bad as it did back in my cereal stuffing days.

                              What I take from this is that I should go for the eggs and bacon FIRST. Make something meaty like chicken, tuna, or scrambled eggs before I go onto other things. Almond butter is always the worst; it's too easy to take in the day's calories in a few big spoonfuls.
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