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Ups and downs, my primal life

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  • Ups and downs, my primal life

    I have been primal for about 8 months now. Although I have no problem sticking with it, I do have my occasional chocolate relapse.

    Throughout this journey I discovered that grains and dairy are without any doubt a no go for me. Too much fruit will have me crashing as if I had a pizza.

    I still sleep too little and must start clocking more walking hours. As an avid Cross Fitter I have no problem with complying with sprinting and lifting heavy things.

    This journal will be my way to have a clear idea of what I eat, how I sleep and how I exercise. This is how I will ensure I make myself accountable to myself and to whomever chooses to read this.

    In case you are wondering who I am... the girl on the picture!/pages/Utr...757472?ref=sgm
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    welcome, odie!
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      Not sure which of those folks in the pic is you but either way, you look great!

      Hope your journaling helps you meet your goals -- and hey it's a great way to show off and be proud of yourself, you deserve it. You're achieving health that few people in this world ever do!
      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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        Hey Jenny,

        I am the girl )


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          Thanks jrherring!
          I will start posting from tomorrow onwards!


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            10 september

            - 140 grams of grilled Turkey
            - 70 grams blueberries
            - 1 tbs almond butter (I am addicted)

            mid morning
            - 2 hand full of cashew nuts (way too much fat I suppose but I just couldn't keep my hands off the bag.)
            - 75 grams of red berries

            - 200 gr grilled aubergine
            -140 gr turkey
            - hand full of cashews

            mid afternoon
            - 75 gr red berries
            - hand full of cashews
            - hand full of grapes

            - 150 gr codfish
            - loads of veggies
            - hand full of cashews

            Guess I have been too trigger happy on the nuts!
            Perhaps too much fruit. I am feeling pretty " high"

            will do better tomorrow
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              I love this primal life. I do know however that there are things I need to improve: play more, sleep more and walk more.

              Re walk more:
              Yesterday i decided that I need to walk more, so instead of splitting the dog walking sessions with the husband, I figured I'd add another 30 minutes to their daily regime. True to my decision, I got out of bed this morning and went for a serious walk with my two british Bulldogs. It wasnt a slow walk, but one with a purpose. Bert and Britney (my bullies) have short leggs and they had to do a 30 min jog.

              Yay for me for doing what I said I would. Tonight, I will take them out again, although the dog walk service will have taken them for a serious swiming session. Although my dogs do have a dog walking service, my goal is to walk more, come rain or come shine.

              re play more
              I love cross fit and get to do fun things like handstands... this got me wondering, does Cross Fit qualify as (lift heavy things, sprint and play?) or should I go and find something else to do?

              re sleep more
              With regards to sleeping, I am proud to say that I have managed to sleep at least for 8 hours in the last two days. I wonder: does it matter what time you go to bed? I mean, does sleeping from 22:00 instead of from 24:00 mean that I will be better rested?

              This journal is in its early phases but I must say that I like the fact that I am accountable and hence more aware of the decisions I make.
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                Saturday 11 September

                no eating today. IF day.

                - Did walk the the dogs for 2 hours.
                - trained others
                - off to sit outside and enjoy the last days of summer


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                  Just dropping in to say that Utrecht is my favorite city in the world! I am so jealous!


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                    haha really? I don't hear that often. Most people are all about Amsterdam


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                      Be sure you're getting plenty of supplemental Vitamin D. See the vitamin D thread linked in my sig line.


                      iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order


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                        Thanks Cillakat I will!


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                          12 September 2010

                          Feeling particularly tired today to the point of being grumpy.
                          Not sure why...


                          62 gr strawberries
                          4 fried eggs
                          1/2 an avocado
                          100 gr cherry tomatoes

                          150 gr tuna
                          1/2 avocado
                          1 ts almond butter (i am addicted)
                          200 gr sweet potato (was feeling very tired) perhaps too much... not sure, see if i crash later on.
                          6 cappers

                          Spent the afternoon sleeping. Apparently I needed that.Guess there are worst ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

                          161 gr sweet potato
                          100 gr green beans (are these primal?)
                          100 gr grilled chicken
                          3 olives

                          16 almonds
                          2 dates
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                            Hi Odie, looks like you are doing great! Love your FB journal as well. Hey, just curious -what are cappers?


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                              Hey Ali, maybe I just spelled it wrong?
                              Yep I did, I meant capers.