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    I went to primal eating about 2 weeks ago and have learned a lot in that short period of time. One of my dear friends on Facebook was doing a Whole30 challenge and I looked it up and came across this site during my research and decided it would be worth the try....afterall, I felt like crap, had no energy and am overweight.

    I have to say tha I feel great already....but am having a hard time getting used to eatng all of my veggies. I am having to experiment and try new things because I was never a big veggie eater. I am also in an area where it is difficult to get my hands on organic and non processed meats etc. but im going to continue to "hunt". So far so good. The first week I dropped over 6 pounds and have just had overall better moods.

    Now I can keep track of things better with this journal and the challenge itself!

    B: 2 eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon, homeade salsa cup of green/white tea (I use one of each)
    S: Mixed nuts (no peanuts) and black grapes (those suckers are sweet!)
    L: Leftover steak wrapped in bacon, asparagus
    S: trail mix and an orange
    For dinner I am going to have a grileld tuna steak and brocolli and later some sort of berries or maybe and apple sprinkled with cinnimon.

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    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      hi there! good luck;-)
      Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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          Grrrr...I had my response all typed up last Friday and I guess it did not post. Oh well...on to this week. The weekend went well. Took the kids for our first trip to a local market. I was really surprised by the staff and even more by the prices of the fruits and veggies that I was able to pick up. It made this transition even more exciting and interesting to the kiddos. They are excited to eat the fruits and nuts that we picked out at the "cool health food store"...taht is what they called it.

          The eating is going well but I am having a hard time working in the "lifting heavy things" I go to Curves and keep my heart rate below 75% during the week usually about 3-4 times a week but have yet to find good time to lift heavy things...any suggestions? I am active in church and Cub Scouts so my time is usually pressed.

          Here is where I am at today =)

          B: Sausage and pepper omlet with cantaloupe
          S: Mixed nuts (no peanuts) and grapes
          L: homeade chicken and veggie soup
          S: Orange
          I will have turkey stuffed poblanos and spinach

          Am I too heavy on the fruit?? What is good amount of fruit to consume per day....and nuts too?


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            lift heavy things? i lift my 3 and 5 yo. seriously. it's great that your getting your kids involved with the shopping!! get some coconut oil in there. you won't need to snack as much. what kind of fat do you cook with? fruit is okay if you can handle it. i like to stick to berries (very low sugar, high fiber). nuts also contain enzyme inhibitors so either soak and dehydrate them or eat very sparingly. i tend to skip the nuts bec. the omega 6 is high. do you take fish/cod liver oil supplement? seems like you're doing great;-)
            Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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              Yep...I can relate I still lift my 5 year old my 9 year old is another story! My problem is that I work behind a desk all day...not much slow movement and heavy lifting at all. I have not ventured out to use the coconut oil....I am a bit intimidated by its consistancy. I will have to experiment (any good dishes to try first?). Right now I am using extra virgin olive oil to cook with. I also picked up some butter the other day but have not used it yet. I do not take a supplement yet, still looking around and reading up on supplements. Thanks for the response! All the help I can get is greatly appreciated!

              I was not reall hungry this morning so I skipped breakfast, and I was running late =P. I have a luncheon at a seafood restaraunt so it will be interesting to see how I fair there. I should have plenty of choices...grilled fish and veggies!


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                For trying coconut oil, try making a small batch of eggs or veggies fried up in a little coconut oil. I love the flavor it adds and actually think its a lighter flavor than olive oil (which I cant really stand since going PB, its just tastes 'off')


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                  try to avoid cooking with the olive oil. it's less stable than say lard or other animal fats. evoo is great on salads though;-) have fun at your luncheon, love seafood YUMMMMM!!
                  p.s. coconut oil takes a bit of gettin' used to, but i like the energy from it
                  Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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                    After tonights meal this is where I am at....

                    Calories 1,360
                    Fat 85.9 765 56 %
                    Saturated 21.0 187 14 %
                    Polyunsaturated 15.4 137 10 %
                    Monounsaturated 22.9 203 15 %
                    Carbohydrate 63.6 235 17 %
                    Dietary Fiber 19.2
                    Protein 90.5 357 26 %
                    Alcohol 0.0 0 0 %
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                      Well it turns out that the above is not accurate. My grandmother showed up and insisted on taking me and my boys out for my favorite mexican food place! I did well. The chips and the salsa was the hardest to avoid (my grandmother thought I was ill) but I did it! I had fajitas with extra veggies and salsa. Its funny because my boys have been doing this with me at home pretty much, when they took a look at the menu one went for the cheese enchilada plate with beans and rice and the other went for the chicken fried steak and fries...I let it slide. Poor guys scarfed it down and I do believe that they did not care how it affected their bodies =). Overall it was good times with great family.


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                        I have had a really good 2 days. I feel great and energized. Even though I am not relying on the scale (I want health and happiness not weight) I am down 4 pounds this week. I am seeing a difference in my clothes and my energy levels. My strength is increasing as well as my endurance. I have not felt that I have been missing out on anything and I am enjoying my food and cooking. The only problem I am still having is getting out there and getting a good amount of sun and getting to bed at a decent hour. My brain runs at night and I have a hard time getting to sleep....and therefore waking up on time in the morning. I have completed 2 (minus the pull-ups....I need to find a good PRIVATE spot to start working on this) of the "lift heavy things" from Mark's Fitness well as walking with my boys and Curves 3 times this week. Great week...

                        Here is what I had yesterday and where I am at so far:

                        B: Sausage, onion and spinach omelet with homemade salsa (cooked in butter)
                        S: Medium Apple
                        L: Herb crusted tilapia and a big salad with lots of veggies and sunflower seeds (I used actual Caesar dressing mixed with lemon juice...I hate most other dressings!)
                        D: Sautéed jalapeño pork sausage (nitrate free/ free range) with green peppers, onions, fresh spinach and tomatoes over broccoli

                        This all came out to approx:

                        Calories 1,514
                        Fat 108.7
                        Carbohydrate 73.0
                        Protein 71.5

                        I am currently at 208.8 lbs from 220 over 3 weeks ago....


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                          What a weekend!! I had the first experience with sugar cravings over the weekend and I hate to admit it but, I caved. On a good note, I am glad I caved because I was able to truly see what carbs and sugars really do to me and how they make me feel! I felt bloated, lost energy, felt lazy, my stomach hurt and it hurt my ego...I am still feeling the effects of it. Now I have a reference as to how I will feel if I cave again. I now know that this lifestyle change is something I want and need and I am more determined to get my kids into a primal lifestyle. Does anyone have any motivating suggestions for when these cravings come lurking around? On that note....moving right along to a new day!

                          I was able to experiment in the kitchen a bit this weekend...I made some awesome salmon patties and the kids loved them. It was so simple and completely fulfilling...I even have 2 left over for lunch today. I used eggs, cerano pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and some pepper. I fried them up in a bit of butter (I have yet to get me some coconut oil) and they turned out perfect. I threw in a salad...and viola! I am so looking forward to my leftovers for lunch. Tonight I have some pork chops....any recipe suggestions?


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                            Well im back at it! Yesterday I had the following:

                            B: Hard boiled egg, jalepeno sausage, grapes and green/white tea
                            S: none
                            L: Leftover salmon patties and a salad
                            S: Shrimp on a stick (the girls at the office had these and cheese cake....I opted for just the shrimp!)
                            D: Rosemary and thyme pork chops and bacon wrapped asparugus

                            I also had the boys help me blend up some fresh berries and a bananna (we added some milk) and poured into frozen pops for tonight =) They are excited!

                            I also went to Curves yesterday...I am missing the sun a lot! I live in south Texas and we have had days and days of rain...really bogs down the energy level! Oh and I went and bought some coconut oil last night....and fried me up and egg this morning...yummy!


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                              Just wanted to update for today before I has been a busy day!

                              B: Fried egg 2 sausage patties
                              L: Leftover Rosemary and thyme pork chops and bacon wrapped asparugus
                              S: Apple and cashew butter (any opinions on cashew butter??)
                              D: Im gonna whip up some of the "Primal Jambalaya" that Mark posted! YUM!

                              that puts me at about....

                              Calories: 1591
                              Fat: 102.8
                              Carbs: 49.9
                              Protien: 116.9

                              I also made it to Curves again and have some heavy cleaning to do tonight....hey...that counts!