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    Thank you thank you...I am feeling great. I am also starting to see and feel it in my body and the way my clothes are fitting! And to be real honest I made some surprising choices on the cruise without feeling pressured or deprived. It was an interesting experience.


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      I find that the longer I eat clean, the easier it is to refrain from eating things which I know are not good for me. When I shop, I'm drawn to the produce and meats that I know are excellent for me and I almost unconsciously avoid those items which I used to crave. You're right - it is interesting how that happens.
      If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
      If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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        Hello All...and Happy Monday! I had to go on a camping trip this weekend for training purposes (Cub Scouts) and part of the training was preparing and cooking foods for a large group...and of course there is going to be potatoes, corn, tortillas and all other sorts of things that I do not care to eat anymore. Along with that came the comments about why arenít you eating that...or why are you eating that hardboiled egg instead of that taco? I made a choice not to get into why I am not eating certain things...because I didnít want to pull away from the reason we were learn for the kids. But, it was difficult because I didnít bring enough of my own foods...I had to pick through the chicken pot pie...I was pretty hungry but I made it. How do any of you deal with situations like this or when friends and family come over...In my case I am a Den leader and if we go on a Den camping trip I have to help the boys plan meals for everyone....people are not exactly going to want to eat primally on a camping trip. Iím concerned because I have a 4 day trip coming up in December...and it will be primitive camping. I have camped like this before but never without granola bars and snacks like that.

        Anyways, on another note, I am going to try my hand at shish kabobs tonight. I have beef, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, pineapple, tomatoes and jalapenos...yum! Iím still not getting the sleep I need and am exhausted in the mornings...but maybe that will change here now that I am back from vacation and I get back into my groove.


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          Wow, I feel like I have not posted in forever! Well...its been over a week =)

          I kinda fell off the Primal wagon over the weekend, I had a bunch of friends and family show up and we had a great time, but I ate from the SAD all weekend..and of course I am still feeling the effects of it as if I had a hangover from drinking way too much. It amazes me how much the SAD can really affect and bog you down! Oh well, this week is a new week and I am back on track.

          On another note, my co-workers had a pumkin carving contest and saved me all of the I need to figure out how to roast them....I have also been craving some pumkin muffins or bread...any Primal recipes?


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            TGIF! This week has took its brain is still on vacation. And all of the candies and treats that I have had to buy for school functions have really gotten annoying. Glad the Halloween situation is almost over, it is fun but the sugar makes my life difficult being that I am a recovering sugar addict

            I went home last night and made my very first batch of pumpkin seeds and I have to say, they turned out great! The kids love em too! Still need to do a search on pumpkin bread or muffins because I want to do it for Thanksgiving and I have had a huge craving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I spoke with some of my family members and they are all on board to have a Primal Thanksgiving...yay! We are going to do pork tenderloin and sautťed greens with bacon, onions and tomatoes. For a snack I will most likely do a fruit and veggie and cheese tray or something like that. No breads or sweets...except for the primal pumpkin recipe that I have yet to look for. I am just happy that everyone is on board!


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     has been since 10/29 that I have posted here! I have backslid and thought I could get back on the Primal wagon without posting to this site. Well, I was wrong. I stuck to my guns so much better when I was posting and reading here. So....I am back. I have stocked my house with Primal foods and rid my cabinets of all of the bad stuff for my body. I am not going to feel any guilt, and I am ready to do this again. I am here for likeminded support and for accountability. In order to do that I feel that I must admit a few things:
              • I love the taste of foods that are bad for my body
              • I crave sugar
              • I find it hard to enjoy certain vegetables
              • I am not big on exercise

              Now that I have that off of my chest...I will tell myself what I desire out of living primally
              • I want to feel good
              • I want to be active
              • I want to be strong
              • I want to live
              • I want my kids to desire to be the same...

     goes. I am back and I need some help and encouragement and accountability partners because this is not easy for me. Day 1...Do-over


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                Well this must be a sign; I was looking at when I first posted in this journal and...It was a year ago to the day. Must mean I am in the right place. I have been experimenting with the Primal lifestyle this whole year but not really giving it my all as I would cave at the littlest of temptations. I have been able to change a few staples in my household such as spaghetti squash instead of noodles, no chips, no sodas or sugar added juices and no croutons (this is huge for me). Today I am proud to say that I am on day 6 of 100% Primal. My kids are also on day 6 of only eating Primally at home. I know I might be repeating myself but hey....I’m glad to be back at it and I have high hopes this time that I am going to stick with it. I am tired of passing by a mirror and hating what I see, I am tired of being tired and I am tired of setting a bad example for my kids.
                This is what I wrote to myself on Day 5: 216.6lbs today I am feeling good, a little more energetic, headaches aren’t as bad (might be due to the air quality), and emotionally I feel a little stronger. Last night I almost caved and went to Mc Donalds because of the boy’s late schedule….but I made it and went home to have some tuna and pork skins, turned out to be very satisfying. My stress levels are still really high and my sleeping is not what it should be. My shoulder is injured and is in pain when I use it too much or sleep on that side. My neck and back are achy from stress I believe. Very tense muscles…could be from computer/desk work too. I worked out at Curves yesterday and I plan on going the rest of this week. I have been taking a fish oil, calcium and vitamin D supplement. No sun yesterday.
                My goals for this week: Get better sleep, Chill out-less stress, Pick up the pace on work outs and walking (I am far from chronic…I barely move), More sun and most of all smile =)


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                  Hello day 7! I feel pretty good today. Day 7, or the week mark is where I usually get a little discouraged because I'm still fighting cravings and headaches as well as tiredness. But today I vow to push forward. The boss man even brought in some doughnuts and kolaches for breakfast...I didn’t want him to take offense of even bring attention to myself so I took the Kolache to my office and pulled off all of the bread and ate the sausage. I am sure it is highly processed and has sugar in it but I'm not going to beat myself up about it because it is better than what I would have normally done....ate the Kolache with the bread and then a chocolate covered doughnut (and that is just for breakfast...the sugar makes me crave MORE)!

                  The work outs are going well and I have decided to start walking to Curves from my office on Monday. That will give me 2 miles per day plus the walks I do in the evening with the dog. Good thing about this particular day 7 is that I have a solid plan, including my meals planned out.

                  Also, I took a look at the success stories thread and wow...what a huge motivation! Over the weekend if I start to stumble that is where I will go for motivation!