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    [QUOTE=PrimalChristian;215482]What a weekend!! I had the first experience with sugar cravings over the weekend and I hate to admit it but, I caved. On a good note, I am glad I caved because I was able to truly see what carbs and sugars really do to me and how they make me feel! I felt bloated, lost energy, felt lazy, my stomach hurt and it hurt my ego...I am still feeling the effects of it.

    It's amazing isn't it, the new ways that you look at sugar after not eating it for awhile! The first time I tried a paleo diet a number of years ago, I could SMELL sugar being brought into the lunch room at work - before I even saw it. When I get cravings, I like to remind myself of the negative physical effects -like the bloat and headaches- and also of the long-term damage (especially diabetes - which runs in my family) that sugar and grains can cause. I know you already had those pork chops but I like them fairly traditional. I coat them with a little EVOO, S&P, then bake. Then just before they're done, I give them a fast broil to crisp up that fat - delicious.
    If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
    If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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      Those pork chops sound the broiling idea! I used a little mustard and pan fried them with the rosemary and thyme, turned out pretty good!

      And yes...I need to get to that point where I can "remind" myself what sugar and grains do to me. Especially on mornings like these, a co-worker has brought in doughnuts (thank God I am not a huge fan). I do have 28 years of bad eating habits to contend with but I do see and feel such a change that it helps. Once I can get into a groove with working out and get a few kitchen gadgets then things will come more naturally. I’m really excited about how it is going to affect my kids! Last night’s Primal Jambalaya went great...and to think...they never even asked "where is the rice?". My oldest son did see me put the cauliflower in the food processor...but when he was eating he said "this is good, a little different texture but its good". I’m hoping the change in eating will help them with their behavior and attitudes...we shall see.

      I started off my day very sleepy...stayed on the phone with my mom way too late. My plan so far for the day is as follows:

      B: 2 Fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon and green/white tea
      L: leftover Primal Jambalaya
      D: I have fresh caught trout thawing at home....I have no clue what to do with it!
      S: if I get a snack attack I brought strawberries and almonds to work...NO doughnuts! (Still have not tried soaking my almonds)

      Here’s to another day in the primal fast lane


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        Donuts are delicious - no doubt about it. Tempation is all around sometimes ; ) but it does get easier especially once you start experimenting with and discovering new food options. It's the sugar headaches and crashes which are debilitating for me when I indulge. The next day my face will be bloated and my shoes won't fit properly - especially after Pad Thai. I've had times when I've not been able to get my shoes on at all. So those are the things that remind me the most. I also notice that the further I get away >>>>> from the sugar, the less enticing it is. But like all worthwhile endeavors, it takes time.

        You're kids are fortunate that they have a parent who is teaching them such good eating habits at their age. That's excellent. It'll counteract the other misleading food info all around them.

        I had a large lunch of clams, sea scallops, and sockeye salmon marinated w/onions and garlic in butter and EVOO. It was tasty. I'll probably have more of that for supper. I had tea for breakfast with heavy cream and stevia. I had an early start to the day and I wasn't hungry so I waited for lunch to eat. I also roasted a roaster chicken to have for the rest of the week (and for my finicky dog & cat). The strawberries and almonds are a great idea and delicious too - good defense. I like trout but I haven't had it alot. I'm on the east coast so I am a seafood person and I don't usually clean fin fish but you might want to pan fry it in butter with herbs (after it's cleaned :O) - that might be yummy.

        I also want to try soaking some almonds to make almond milk - I was excited when I saw the Silk brand come out w/almond milk but as usual it had sugar and other additives. Let me know if you do make some and I'll let you know when I try too.

        Another Sparkling Primal Day! Ciao
        If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
        If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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          hey there! if you're stuck at a desk all day, like me, try TAWFunGuy's, For Whom the Bell Tolls....every hour on the hour get up off your tush and do something for two minutes...jumping jacks, yoga, pushups, planks, squats, burpees, you name it.
          "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

          "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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            Wow Neandergirl...that lunch sounds awesome! I ended up not having the trout last night because it turned out to be a crazy night. I am a Den leader for Cub Scouts and we are doing a Show & Sell for popcorn to raise $ for our pack. And we only had 2 weeks to do it in....well last night was the first night since the 2 weeks started that it was not raining so we called everyone and got out there and sold some popcorn with the boys! As a matter of fact we are going to do it for the next 4 days!! We have over $2000 worth of popcorn to sell.

            So once it got dark last night, and my kids and I were starving (we happened to be holding the sale right across the street from a Dominos Pizza!) I went to the grocery store and grabbed them a pizza....I was so hungry that I almost caved but I got some frozen stuffed shrimp with crab...there was a small amount of bread crumbs in the stuffing but the carb and sugar count was pretty that is what I went with. Not too bad! I do not feel guilty and I’m moving on to today.

            Isaboblue, I am at a desk ALL DAY! It is killing me. But I am getting into a sort of new position where once I am settled in and can get some clients I can travel a bit and move around during the day. I looked for TAWFUNGUY's post regarding For Whom the Bell Tolls....but I didn’t find it. What date did he post it? That is a good idea to get moving around....the girls her at the office would love to see me do that. For now I go to Curves for Women on my lunch break and when I do not have Cub Scouts or church then I attempt Mark’s suggested exercises for lifting heavy things (pushups, pull-ups, squats…and when I can get to a playground pull-ups).

            I am really excited about tomorrow…I am going to let myself get on the scale. I have been a slave to the scale for a long time so I am trying to limit it and base my progress off of how I feel and how my clothes have been fitting…but I’m still excited! I will post how it goes tomorrow.


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              Page ....oh crap, i just had it and now I forgot. Page 19, Post# 720-something
              "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

              "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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                Thanks...I’ll look it up.

                Well this was my Friday to weigh in and I have to admit that since I started this journey I have seen nothing but GREAT results...until today. I have gained a pound. The first week I dropped 3, second I dropped 4 and third week I dropped 5 lbs. Not sure what I have done to gain a pound this week. And aside from the scale I checked my BMI (machine used at Curves) which is up a half of a pound. I know this shouldn’t seem like much but it is a bit discouraging as I go into the weekend....where I struggle the most. Not sure how I should change up my meals...if at all. I have been keeping my carbs under 70ish and calories in the 1500 to 1600's. I come from SAD diet high in carbs and everything PB is a drastic change for me. A day in my life a month ago was as follows (keep in mind that I sit at a desk all day):

                B: Sausage, egg, potato and cheese taco (flour tortilla) and salsa
                L: Chicken fried chicken with extra gravy, french-fries and a salad with croutons and LOTs of 1000 Island dressing...instead of bringing my lunch and going for a work out id opt to eat out with the girls in the office.
                S: Small or medium Blizzard from Dairy Queen (usually reeces peanut butter cups or chocolate chip cookie dough)...yes, I had a sweet tooth in the afternoons that wouldn’t quit!
                D: I’d pick up pizza or make something fried with rice and gravy...or grab McDonald’s chicken nuggets
                S: yep...another snack...usually something sweet!...and my poor kids would eat the same!

                Now let’s look at yesterday in my PB life:

                B: Nitrate free jalapeño sausage, hardboiled egg and green/white tea
                L: Salad (spinach, arugula lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, ½ hardboiled egg, ½ tsp Caesar dressing, pinch of sunflower seeds, 4 croutons) and a grilled tilapia fillet
                S: Almonds and pistachios (about a handful) and organic applesauce
                D: Baked trout (cooked with a splash of milk and butter) and grilled broccoli (cooked with a splash of coconut oil)
                S: 1 slice of cantaloupe and a handful of pork rinds

                This all added up to the following:
                Cals Fat (g) Carbs (g) Prot (g)
                1,698 112.4 58.5 118.8

                Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here? I am still in the process of learning and i am still working on reading the let me know if I am doing something wrong.

                Other than a bit of discouragement...I am feeling good. I am a bit hungry in the evenings...but I am proud of my vegtable intake and caloric intake. Cant wait to hear from you PB ladies and gents!


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                  That's alot of popcorn - good luck! Spent the last few days prepping for a visit from Mum & Dad - they're driving up from TN for a few weeks. Going to introduce them to the primal way. Don't think I'll get them to go primal but they're always interested in new ideas. Hope you're having a great weekend. It's beautiful in NE. I weigh in on Mondays - I was too involved in it as well so I limited myself to once a week. Nice defense with the pizza threat :~O. No guilt = way to go!!!
                  If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                  If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                    You are doing well - don't be discouraged since you could be building muscle while burning fat and that could account for the pound gain. I'm fairly new to primal although I've done paleo in the past and other posts which I've read indicate that it might be beneficial for you to add some calories and fat. I've been losing about 1.25-1.5 lbs per week with plateau weeks in between so you're doing great with the fat loss.
                    If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                    If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                      Most would say to lose the nuts (or limit them) and the fruit. Unless it's berries. I've had to do this myself. You just have to find what works for you! All in all, you're eating awesome! And yes, you're composition changes without showing weight loss. It takes time for body to adjust after making such drastic changes, too.

                      You're doing great!
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                      Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                      Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                        I have been so busy this weekend that I have not had time to post. As you can see I was pretty discouraged on Friday...but the more I pondered on the changes I have made the more I saw that I am doing well...I need to quit the scale and focus on the way I feel and the way my body looks...I see changes in my arms. So I am back in the game mentally and looking forward to the continued change. Thanks for the support ladies!

                        I do think I am a bit low on the calories because by the time I get home from work I am starving...headache and all. I also have pondered the thought about the fruits and nuts....its just that those particular foods are the easiest to grab when hungry and in a hurry or a bind. I need some snack ideas and I need to buy a dehydrator. I would love to have some beef jerky handy...any other snack ideas?

                        On another note, I made some Primal meatloaf...but I added chopped fresh oldest LOVED it. My youngest wasnt too thrilled, but then again he really never liked the regular packed full of sugar recipe either. I too have told many family and friends about the primal lifestyle....not too sure if it has sunk in. Maybe once they start to see my results and my attitude they might consider it. h and we are doing well with the popcorn sales! We have met half of our goal and we have a week to go!


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                          I highly recommend a dehydrator. I have an Excalibur and I love it! I've been doing jerky for a couple years and have recently started doing it all naturally - no soy or sugars and only marinating in primal ingredients. In the last month or so, I've been getting the last of my friends gardening efforts and have been dehydrating tomatoes like crazy. (I know some ppl on this forum don't eat tomatoes but I do). I have to be careful about eating too much of them though. I froze a bunch of peppers too.

                          I think I've mentioned pork rinds before and some people don't like them but they can be quite satisfying. I've found some good ones in my local grocery store which are just pork and salt w/out any additives. I've also been investigating them online and found some nice offerings on Amazon which I plan on trying - different flavors. I do love chips so these are a nice primal replacement for them.

                          Fruits are also a really great thing to dehydrate but high in sugar so I have to be careful to not overindulge. I like making a trail mix with a variety of dried fruits and mixed nuts. The next batch I make is going to include some jerky too. I made some homemade fruit rollups a few months ago with some strawberries which I processed in the blender. Now that we're into apple season, I plan on getting some more apples (went picking last week) and I'm going to dehydrate some, make some primal applesauce, and then try to make some fruit rollups with some too.

                          Not sure if you're a dairy person, but I like cheese for snacking. I buy good quality cheese in bulk at BJs food warehouse and I try to keep a variety in the house. I also like to snack on fresh peppers and different kinds of lettuce. I like to roast a roaster chicken each week (for me and the dog) and that's always a nice "go to" for a quick protein snack.

                          That meatloaf sounds great. I'm going to do a water fast tomorrow - not sure how long I'll go but I feel the need to clean house and get my body and mind in a good place. I've been a litte off-track the last few days with the fam visiting. Congrats on your goal progression.
                          If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                          If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                   you mind sharing your jerky recipe? I do eat tomatoes, love em! Peppers are also a must for me too. I am already cutting so much would be insane to cut tomatoes, peppers and green beans too. Although I have cut back on the green beans for now. I also need a crunch every now and then...and pork rinds are great. I like the spicy flavor but it is hard to find them without let me know how the ones on Amazon go.

                            Yes, I have seen a few recipes for fruit roll-ups here and there and that sounds really good for a snack option! I think a mixture of berries would be good. I have found a really good organic applesauce at a Sun harvest grocery store nearby. I also like the one with added cinnamon. It seems that the fruits and veggies I like are a bit higher in carbs than the ones I do not prefer, go figure right? For this week at least I am going to limit my fruit and nut intake just to see if I can see results. Then I am going to start looking for a dehydrator.

                            So how did your parents feel about the Primal way? My mom actually called last night and was asking me a few questions about snack she only knew that I was having problems snack wise But I thought it was neat that she and my step-father were showing interest.

                            As I mentioned above, this week I am going to limit fruits, nuts and seeds. Hopefully that will help. Then after this week I have my vacation cruise....where I will be faced with all kinds of temptation. I have just decided to not stress about it and try to go with the flow...if I mess up I can just get back on track...after all, each day is a new day!

                            Today's menu includes the following:

                            B: 1 scrambled egg, strawberries
                            L: Beef fajita with onions and peppers, salsa
                            S: Celery and cashew butter (I could not bring myself to pay $9 for almond butter...that was my only option here where I live...any recipes for almond butter?)
                            D: blackened trout mixed veggies drizzled with butter

                            I am a bit low in the is almost time to go shopping! My grandmother is watching the kids while I’m on vacation, she said to buy all junk food because she wasn’t going to cook! Not sure how I am going to handle that just yet....


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                              For my last batch of jerky I used a marinade of garlic powder, onion powder, red wine vinegar, liquid smoke, and I added a small amount of honey from a friend's hives - there might have been some celery salt as well but I can't be sure. I don't always add the same ingredients and I usually mix it up a bit. I like to buy spices in bulk and I keep a variety of them in stock so that I can experiment. I like adding italian seasonings sometimes too. Ginger can be nice and I like spicy/hot cayenne pepper so I have used them as a coating after the marinade. Once you get going, you'll want to experiment with a variety to find what you like best. I've had my dehydrator for a few years now and it's held up pretty well with the use that it's received. Now that you've mentioned the mixed berries for the rollups, I think I'll use some blueberries that I have in the freezer to make some.

                              Hey, I'm not sure if you've ever checked out this site but it has a lot of great stuff: I've been to this site alot over the years and it has a ton of good links. It even has the PB info now! It was one of the first sites I used to educate myself about the paleo lifestyle. I found a recipe for almond butter on which seemed pretty good - haven't tried it though.

                              My parents are used to me trying out new food plans so when I told them that I wasn't eating grains or corn anymore they weren't surprised. I've been off sugar for quite some time anyway so when I mentioned that I had eliminated grains/corn, soy, and starches too, they didn't really question why but my Mum asked if I had developed an allergy : ). They're also at the age where they avoid certain foods for various reasons. My Mum has developed diverticulitis and lactose intolerance and my Dad tries to avoid sugar and caffeine - they've both had major surgeries in the last ten years. I told them about the primal way of eating and encouraged them to think about the abundance of HFCS in the food supply as well as the obesity rate which has skyrocketed in the last thirty years. I started off by asking them to remember how they ate when they were children and to think about how often they ate processed foods or candy when they were being raised by my grandparents. They described how they ate and it was very different sixty years ago from how they/everyone eat/eats now. Mostly the food was grown locally and available only seasonally. My grandparents cooked almost every meal from scratch and used fresh meats and vegetables. Then I asked them to think about all the diseases which are around now that were relatively a rarity back then. They mentioned that candy and ice cream was an occasional treat for them as children and that corn was a summer crop, which was sometimes canned, but never eaten like it is today in so many different forms. Bread was of course common as were potatoes but they both remembered getting alot of exercise from walking to school, gardening, riding their bikes, and just playing outside. If they did get excess starches, they burned it off w/physical activity. My Dad lived rurally and his family used wood exclusively for heating, so he and his brothers spent alot of time in the summer getting the winter wood supply together. I think I gave them alot to think about while they're off doing their visiting the next few weeks. They'll be back before they go home and I plan on feeding them primally for their last few meals with me.

                              Well, you'll have to enjoy your cruise and let us know how you fared with all that temptation - I've never cruised but many of my friends do and from what they tell me, the food offerings are immense. Not sure about the "buy 'em junk food" comment. Maybe if you have time, you can prepare some stuff for the kids and freeze it, then Gram will just have to defrost and nuke since it will already be prepared?
                              If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                              If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                                Just reading your journal -sounds like you are doing great! Good luck with the popcorn. My son and husband are selling it too. My DD is selling pizzas for American Heritage Girls too. I'm surrounded by grains lol.
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