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    I had been groking on for a year until June, then I've been swinging between fully primal and really bad food. I need some accountability to fulfill my goals. Why I eat primal? Because I need as many decades of health as I can to do all the awesome things I want to do.
    I will be fully honest with you, the good and the bad. BTW, I'm not fat, I don't have bodyfat (not-visible at least) and I've never had, so leverage is not available for me. Well, that's what I tell myself to rationalize it, in reality I have a huge family with serious (really serious) health problems to use as leverage.

    Breakfast - Hake coated in 1 egg (2 fillets) and cooked with olive oil
    I was hunting and due to logistical issues I didn't have something primal to eat so I decided to fast, but instead I ate some bread and chorizo around 12:00
    At about 20:00 I drink I glass of red wine.
    When I came home 20:45, I wanted to eat an icecream (which would end in me eating between 4 and 8), I told myself I would wait 30 mins and then if I still wanted one I would eat it. I didn't resist it and went to the freezer, I didn't find icecream. I recentered myself and decided to fast until the family dinner we have today, which I'll report about tomorrow.

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    08/09/10 - II Family dinner. Ate: Cured jam, hake, organic chicken bread at a relative's house, octopussy. Didn't ate dessert, politely passed without anything poisonous. Went out and only drank one single malt whiskey.

    09/09/10 - Greek yoghurt with almonds (2 servings)
    Organic yoghurt with almonds and 2 double-egged omeletts cooked with organic butter. 1 glass of red wine as a sensible vice.

    10/09/10 - Grilled pork ribs, q small piece (I don't like them that much) of organic tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, pistaccios and dark chocolate with nuts as a sensible vice.


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      11/09/10 Glass of milk (social compromise) + fish oil pill
      Some cheap yet primal (non organic, but without poisonous aditives) embutidos and cured meat, plus some organically raised food and some blackberries and apples I gathered that day
      Social dinner, chorizos a la sidra, beef steak, potatoes, pepper and some dairy fatty dessert with honey that didn't taste good so I didn't finished it.
      12/09/10 Yoghurt and almonds (big meal)
      Some fruit (I don't remember)
      Pork ribs + pork steaks (with gallion)
      Pork steaks (same recipe)
      Brought some basic groceries with me so:
      Jamon omelett (4 eggs) + banana and 1 glass of red wine
      Cured meat and embutidos, banana and peach (with fish oil pill)
      Eating at college: jamon and watermelon, pork ribs with potatoes, banana
      Then went out for some good time (1 beer, resisting a lot of tentations to drink more, buy chocolate and chips and 1 glass of red wine)


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        14/09/10 2 scrambled eggs with cinnamon, some embutidos and cured meat
        15/09/10 3 scrambled eggs with cinnamon + fish oil pill
        Eating at college, trying to choose the more primal and caloric food, I realized potatoes were cooked in sunflower oil, dessert was sugary yoghurt. In conclusion, I won't eat there if I can eat at home, I can eat more, and more healthy for the same price at home (10 min from there)
        Snack: some dark chocolate with almonds (ok, 1 full bar), 1 granny apple and 2 handfuls of pistaccios.
        Dinner: Some raw 82% fat butter, 4 pork steaks with some olive oil, 2 small kiwis and about 220g of pistaccios.


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          I don't remember exactly what I ate on 16th and 17th, gotta update more often, but I'm sure it was in the same line as the other days.
          18/09/10 After a good 14-17 hours fast (only one small cup of coffee in the middle), I at a 450 piece of cured loin, some apples I had gathered outdoors (hunting day). At the end of the day I drank 1 cup of milk. I don't remember what I had for dinner either, so that means it was as primal as usual. I had some digestion problems that day, I think it was due to the additives of the loin. Gotta buy it clean next time.
          19/09/10 Ate at my grandparent's house. Despite social pressures my menu was: half a kilo of bacon, 4 pieces of organic chicken, 2 greek yoghurts and about 200 g of almonds. My only meal that day. I also felt sortof sick that day while traveling, gotta keep an eye on that.
          20/09/10 6 organic eggs cooked with butter and spiced with cinnamon. Fish oil pill.
          Went to buy groceries with a colleguee, what I bought: 1.85 kg of salmon steak, 1 bag of salad and grapes.
          Eat 1/3rd of the salmon and a cup of grapes for lunch.
          Snacked 400gs of pistaccios.
          A bit of chocolate in the middle
          21/09/10 1/3rd of the salmon steak with grapes.
          Heavy UHT cream with almonds.


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            21/09 II about 180 g of potatoes fried in olive oil
            22/09 salad with canned sardines in olive oil, balsamid vinnegar and black pepper + 300 g of pistaccios
            frozen the salmon so I didn't have to throw it away


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              22/09 EPIC FAIL
              Went to give some of my blood and I accepted to drink two aquarius because I had to go back home walking. Then I went out with my mates and well, one thing led to the other so I ate 2 ice creams and 1 pizza. One pattern I've notice is that if you indulge yourself a bit, you carry that momentum that can lead you to indulge yourself a lot. Because, well, our brains are that smart and we lie ourselves so we don't realize it. It's a failure, but that's something of the past, now I'm living it's effects but I can get back on track again, that's something I can do at every instant. I'm fucking faster than light biatch.
              So, only one sensible vice a day max from now on and only one handful of nuts a day max. The bulk of my caloric intake has to be animals and big vegetables.