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    Ok, I've been "practicing" Primal for a while now, but the Challenge is an opportunity for me to refocus. My goals are to 1) cut all the "cheats" out for 30 days- this includes alcohol and my weekly trip to a frozen yogurt shop in which one can add all the delectable and non-Primal candies one desires 2) re-focus on the intensity in my workouts- intervals 2-3x week, xfit WOD 2x week in addition to walking/hiking more (the dog will like that one). oh yeah and 3) drop weight--I've been playing around with this one and I have dropped a couple of pounds, but am looking for about 6-8 lbs. or 4.3%-5.7% loss. It's going to be HARD!!! But that's why it's called a challenge. BRING IT ON.

    PS made the summer squash and sausage/shrimp casserole for dinner last night- highly recommend.

    Day 1: weight 139

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    Checking in... still feel great. Only had one "cheat" of super sugary and delicious cup cakes which tempted me all day at work. Best part was that I tried not to beat myself up over it (still kind of did), but I really wasn't hungry for the rest of the day, so fasted through dinner. Felt fine by the next day. I have dropped 1.5 lbs as of this morning!! I am happy to say that I have broken the 1x week fro yo expedition (it wasn't the fro yo that got me, it was the toppings-which you add yourself at this particular joint). I'm just not all that hungry most of the day, which is nice. I have been really enjoying hot tea a few times a day w/ half and half and Splenda... i have concerns about splenda and have heard the negatives, but when it comes down to it--stevia has an aftertaste in hot beverages (i've tried maybe 10 kinds) and I dont want to use honey due to sugar content.

    Best part, I have been getting compliments from friends who don't know about the "challenge."

    Day 17: 137.5 lb (5' 6)