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Primal 30-Day Challenge: FeminineFigure's Month to Dial it In!

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  • Primal 30-Day Challenge: FeminineFigure's Month to Dial it In!

    So I've been a long time fan of Paleo and Primal eating (about 8 years). Theory has always been stronger than practice, however. I own a business that requires me to have a 1.5 hour commute each way, so I'm on the road a lot. I have a 15 month old son, so as a busy, working mom, sometimes cooking doesn't happen as often as it should.

    Regardless, because I've followed this general way of eating for so long that I'm in pretty good shape. I'm anywhere from 122 lbs-128lbs depending upon how Primal I am, my height is 5'6". I lost my baby weight (I gained about 40lbs) over 6-7 months. I'm still breastfeeding my son.

    Life has settled down recently--my staff in my business is taking charge of things, I've committed to working 4 day workweeks, and my son is a bit easier to deal with than the newborn/infant stage.

    One of the most important aspects of my commitment to take charge and clean things up is that my son is now starting to mimic my every move. If I have a can of diet coke, he will persist until I let him pretend to drink. He wants to eat exactly what we are eating. All of this is a good thing as long as I am doing things that are good!

    Here are my goals:
    1. Commit to 30 days of clean, primal eating.
    2. Prepare more foods at home. I have several frozen meals and frozen "bases" of meals -- slow cooker chicken, for example, so this shouldn't be difficult, even when in a time pinch.
    3. Use the intermittent fast when busy--use it as a tool for success.
    4. Get 30 minutes + of sunshine every day.
    5. Take my vitamin D3 every day. I will be tested shortly, so dosage will depend upon that.
    6. Start working out! I used to be great with this, but with my son, this has been a challenge. I will try to walk every day (will help with #4) plus lift heavy things and sprint. I have the Primal Blueprint Fitness on my home computer and will be reviewing it tonight. I do best with a formal program, so I'll get one for this month.
    7. No more Diet Coke!

    Here's a picture of my son, for whom this challenge is dedicated:

    He's primal!
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    Hmm, not sure why his pic isn't working. I'll try it again!

    Anyway, here's what I've had today:
    Pheasant stick, wild caught lake perch fried in coconut flour, broccoli and butter, sauteed onions, strawberries & banana, 2 coconut flour muffins (replaced a few of the eggs with duck eggs--even better!).

    I did NOT get out for a walk today. There was a wind advisory--winds were bad--constant at 30-50 mph and I didn't want to get clocked in the head by anything flying through the air.


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      I also had a peach last night. Yumm!


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        Awesome that you're doing this for your son (and yourself of course) - he'll thank you one day when he's not mentally attached to all the junk food.