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    hokay, so, I've been dabbling in and out of the primal blueprint since march. In that time I discovered that gluten and I are not friends. I may well be celiac but getting the testing done does me no good as I've been off gluten too long. Even cross-contact seems to make me ill, so I am basically functioning under the assumption that I have undiagnosed celiac/severe gluten intolerance. So gluten-containing foods are not available in my 20%.

    Also, I haven't lost more than a couple pounds on the scale, but my belt is 2 notches smaller than it was in March.

    This journal and the 30 day challenge are going to be my way of being accountable. I'm currently eating a diet which is pretty high in carbs from dairy, fruit, sugar, rice and corn. Starting Tuesday, September 7th I will be cutting out the rice and corn and going totally grain free. Rosh Hashana is the 9th so I'll be keeping the dairy, fruit and natural sugars until the 10th (basically primal on a carb binge). Starting on the 10th I will be going VLC to try and get into ketosis and past low-carb flu as fast as humanly possible. Hopefully the VLC approach will keep me from having a foggy brain by the 13 and 15th as I will be doing presentations in class on those days. (after low-carb flu symptoms subside, I'll be eating a more varied diet aiming for under 100g of carbs/day)

    I will institute the primal blueprint fitness as much as possible, using kettle bell swing intervals for my sprints (I hate running with a passion, even with minimalist shoes) and walking to class as much as possible.

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    Not the best start to the program, but I've been having a tough time lately. Just keep pushing forward.

    I didn't get to sleep till after 5 am (not for lack of trying, I'm an insomniac since birth), and didn't get up till after 1pm. So I didn't have time to eat before class at 2, I grabbed a packet of almonds at the coffee shop on break. Since it was unseasonably gloomy out, when I got back I made a quick egg drop soup from a rice-noodle-soup packet, but I threw out about 2/3 of the noodles. Going to make some broth from the bones of the chicken thighs I made the other night. I think I'll have chicken thigh-meat with some salsa and leftover sauteed carrots for dinner. Probably gonna run to the store and get more fruit tonight for dessert.

    eta: didn't make it to the store, ended up making a single-serving almondmeal pancake with lots of butter for dessert instead.
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      also had a glass of whole milk before bed,
      fitday sayith :1288 cals breaks down to 65% fat 20% protein and 15% carbs. only 65.4 grams of protein, gotta get that up a little... but not bad for my first day.


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        darn sleep problems are kicking me around. I lifted heavy things by carrying my farm box (including a large spaghetti squash and an average-sized watermelon) for almost a mile from the pickup point to my car and from street parking to my apartment. Not-totally-intentional 15 hour IF (did drink some tea during it). And then I ate junk: 1 oz of almonds, an apple with honey, glass of wine and some baby food rice-and-corn crackers (they were the only bread-ish thing in the store that was gluten free besides a rice cake or a corn tortilla, neither of which I felt like I could say Hamotsi over on a holiday. Stupid religious predilections).

        The lack of sleep left me unprepared and with very poor willpower. I managed to resist the peanut butter cups, which was a small victory but a victory none the less. Hopefully tonight sleep will find me quickly and I'll have the energy to take care of more meal-prep and exercise tomorrow.


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          ok, finally getting sleep back on track! had 3 eggs, 2 tbls of butter, a handful of mushrooms and onions and an ounce and a half of ham (good stuff) with about a quarter ounce of parm for a late brunch. Moved some stuff around my apartment (slow pace). I have leftover chicken and a lot of squash hanging around... dinner will be fun.


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            oh man, squash casserole was fabulous.
            I think I'll be more inclined to eat more meat if I make meat I like better. the chicken is just too boring. I think a trip to the big whole foods to get some grass-fed shortribs (ooh, and maybe some shanks too) is in order.

            eta: also had a little apple with some cheddar, and a glass of milk (I won't be buying more this month but I still have some in the fridge to use up and I figure the nutrient levels are high enough that it's kinda nutrition insurance when I'm not eating enough meat)

            so sayith fitday: 1181 cals, 84.7 grams fat, 47 carbs 61 grams of protein.
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              haha! Ketosis has been achieved! (I used a test strip and plan to keep using them just to keep an eye on things as I'm losing) not really any brain fog that can't be attributed to my sleep issues.
              had some ham and some cheese for brunch. milk and leftover veggies for snack. Dinner will likely be out with the boyfriend... hopefully he will take my nudging toward Counter Burger (lets you do a fantabulous burger in a bowl with tons of organic veg) or our local thai place (tom ka gai and chicken coconut curry... yum).


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                baaad day. probably got glutened. which sent me misbehaving. oh well, just have to be really good the next four days and I can call it 20%.


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                  in case I ever forget (not likely), Wheat is the devil's grain and is trying to kill me (primal law 9, avoid poisonous things. this definitely includes wheat). I spent most of today obeying law number 5 when I should have been doing homework, because I was too uncomfortable to do anything else.


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                    Ok, sorry about the lapse in posting, I was still on track food-wise but trying to deal with the aftermath of the darn gluten. Lot of slow moving and a little play today. Got some sleeping pills from the doctor (just for a few days to get back on schedule).

                    Debating about the sales flier that came from the grocery store today. 2-day sale on cross-cut beef shanks(mmm marrow) for super cheap, but they're conventionally raised. I haven't been able to find grass fed beef (other than ground) at a price I can afford (freezer could MAYBE fit 1/8th of a cow, but roommate probably wouldn't like me taking up the whole thing). Should I go ahead with the conventional shanks or stick to ground and lean cuts?


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                      Originally posted by moonablaze View Post
                      Should I go ahead with the conventional shanks or stick to ground and lean cuts?
                      Why not get alittle of each?



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                        decided to go ahead and get the shanks, so there's a big bag of them in the fridge waiting to be cooked up. lifted a lot of heavy things today, but I'm still gonna try and convince myself to do a sprint workout later this evening.

                        CSA veggies are awesome.


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                          the shanks were awesome. bunch more in the freezer for later. I have not been keeping up with my workouts. I'm moving slowly plenty, but I need to do sprints and lift heavy things more formally. it's a little late tonight, so that's a goal for tomorrow.


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                            ok, my depression has been getting in the way of my bodily health and I haven't lost any weight this month . Starting today, my physical health helps my mental health. FORMAL workout every single day, even if I've been walking already. I think I'm gonna stop buying dairy (I'll use up what I have in the house but clearly I've been eating too much of it).


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                              2 consecutive days of working out. yay me. all reasonable food too. my pecs are super sore though. cest la vie.
                              physically, I feel sore and lousy, but emotionally, it's good to stick to my guns!

                              ok, here's the way I can allow myself a day off of working out without letting it get out of hand: I get a day off IF and ONLY IF it is Sunday and I've done all my homework for the week. got that self? do ALL your homework and get A SINGLE DAY off the gym. Best offer you're gonna get for a while. NO you may NOT trade the day off for sugar. and you ESPECIALLY are not allowed to "treat yourself" to sugar for being "so good" and working out.

                              I think treating my self as an annoying teenager may just work for me...
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