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  • Primal Journal: RKi

    DAY 1 of 30

    I am hereby committing myself to DO-THIS-THING! Barbaric YAWP! I've always been told that making a public commitment helps when you're trying to make a major change. They also say that keeping a journal helps too. I hope these nebulous "they" people really know what's going on. . .

    I've done (fairly strict) Primal before, for over a month. I loved how I felt. Then I fell of the band-wagon (pizza is my mortal enemy). I eat Primal off and on for most meals, but none-too-shocking, all the health annoyances have slowly been returning. Today was day five of lousy sleep because my nose and lungs are stuffed up even though I'm not sick. Yeah. Well, I want to give Primal Living a more than half-hearted try.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll suffer a tad bit more this time in my trial period because the glow of the new way has tarnished a little, so the placebo effect won't be carrying me through my carb-flu and sugar withdrawls. That's okay. I remember how good it felt to not faint when I was hungry, and I could breathe without trouble. And I'll have this journal to remind me why I was crazy enough to try it out again.

    To that end, I probably won't be posting what I'm eating. It's probably be all about what I'm going through, and why I'm doing it.

    My first goal--starting with today's primal breakfast--is to live 30 days eating a Primal Blueprint diet. Because of some stupid injuries, I'm passing on the fitness until I heal. It's cool. One step at a time is still moving forward.

    And WHY am I doing it? Self!-you had better remember this! This is why we don't cheat or fall off the band wagon:

    -constant headaches
    -always tired
    -crappy sleep
    -stuffy nose
    -sore throat
    -perma-semi-clogged lungs
    -random annoying body aches (The elbow? Seriously?!?)
    -forced to eat on an utterly regular schedule or I faint or vomit
    -out-of-control sweet-tooth

    I am overweight. But that just doesn't motivate me as much as feeling bad all the time does.

    I'm hoping to come back to this at the end of 30 days and be able to see that what I eat makes all the difference in how I feel. Lord, help me.

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    End Day 1 of 30

    Ah, yes. The carb-flu.

    I don't know what others go through, but whenever I start primal, the first while I live with this bizarre vacillation of energy, occasional headaches, and the odd feeling of being totally full and utterly starving at the same time. Of course I was having headaches anyways, so that makes that easier. And the first time I went Primal I ate like a snarfing PIG trying to keep that ravenous feeling at bay, and still lost 10 lbs in two weeks. So I'm not worried about eating the extra calories to help keep me going.

    I was a totally good girl today. Ate what I was supposed to, and squeezed a nature walk in too. I'm starving now, but I've got some jerky, avocado, and macadamia nuts coming my way because I have an awesome husband. I'll check this day off, and smile because I'm on my way.


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      Fantastic start! Keep up the great work!!

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        Hey welcome! I started my Primal Challenge yesterday, thank god we get to eat so many delicious foods!
        "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

        "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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          keep it up! Im really digging the apple with almond butter snack for moments of craving, and there have been some rad recipes for a 'meatza' you should check out to slay the pizza monster once and for all.

          all the best!


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            Amen! I love looking down at my plate full of food and just loving it. And I have to try out this "meatza." It sounds too good to be true.


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              I'm gonna like reading your journal


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                Random Note for Day 2 of 30

                Thank you all for your support. I love having people to cheer me on.

                Today I went on my weekly date with my husband--we usually just go for coffee and conversation. No sugar in my drink this time. . . and I didn't miss it. At all. Why on earth did I ever put it in there to start with? It's like salting your food before tasting it.

                Then we were both dragged bodily by our little boy over to a farmer's market where he got an apple, and we got the best dang raspberries in the world. Life is full of pleasures.

                And once upon a time I wondered if I could enjoy eating if I wasn't eating all the poison foods (Ah, gluttony--the most short-sighted vice). Brownie-cheese-cake . . . or fresh raspberries held in paper, handed to you with a smile? I don't worry about whether I'll get by without junk food anymore.


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                  Ah! Survived day 2 of 30--still successful. Now going through the gurgly-stomach stage as my body learn to cope with the new diet. Must find more snack, or buy more gum. . .

                  And on a happy note--my breathing is easier. Since we haven't had any rain to clear out the air . . . perhaps this indicates diet makes a difference.


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                    3 of 30.

                    Ugh. Feeling all light headed and weak. Is this part of carb-flu? Or do I need more fat in my diet?

                    I am feeling encouraged though. My scale assures me that in feeling light-headed I am actually lighter. Weight loss bonus!

                    Note to self: green tea and water are your friend. Milk products are not.

                    Favorite snack from yesterday--slice and avocado in half. Put salsa where the pit used to be. Consume with spoon.


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                      "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

                      "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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                        I have done well! I survived a pastry-laden baby shower, and eating out today. Green tea was my friend. I totally enjoyed my hot drink and chatted with grain-consuming friends. And eating out was nice with steak and veggies.

                        Nice. But . . . well . . . they brought the steak to me, and it was practically still mooing. I'm a medium-rare girl myself and this cow was just barely on the rare side of the raw-cooked line. I cut off parts and nudged it to the edge of my plate, telling it to make a break for it, as it was probably still alive. If it did try to walk off, it didn't get very far. My brother hunted it down and ate it. I think my inner Primal, and my former-vegetarian need to get together and duke it out.

                        I doubt it would be much of a competition. Primal would whoop her, and then eat her still-beating heart raw. And after eating a metaphorical still-beating heart, how bad is a too-rare steak?


                        I also caught my son's cold--which is actually a little cool. I've never been sick while Primal before, and I'm very interested in the difference. Usually minor colds take me down. Asthma, sinus infections, all kinds of badness. This time, it'd be nice to just have a cold.

                        Day 3 of 30--done and done well. (Or rare.)


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                          Originally posted by isaboblue View Post


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                            4 of 30.

                            Still doing well for eating. Not doing so hot with my cold. But I am surviving. A little homemade chicken vegetable soup helped. Ugh. But, still only day one. As long as I don't get a lung infection or something bizarre like that--I'm calling this a good thing. Here's hoping.


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                              Ugh, I hate being soon as I start feeling icky I start drinking some home made elderberry tincture, it knocks it right out or if I didn't start early enough it shortens it considerably. Although, now that I think about it, it's loaded with sugar to offset the nastiness of elderberry. that I'm Primal I'll have to start experimenting with alternatives. Stevia maybe.
                              "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

                              "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith