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    (She pulls out old journal, and blows off the dust. It billows into the air. . .)

    Man. Oh, MAN.

    It's March now. My last post was Christmas.

    Well! Let's try this AGAIN.

    I hope this time my journaling will be slightly less . . . non-existent. I've eliminated the major cause of stress in my life. Sayonara school! You WON'T be missed. If I want to go in for a degree that won't pay me back worth a darn, I will do an art degree for crying out loud. In the mean time, I'll be chillin' with my two beautiful autistic boys, who could use a full-time less-stressed Mom.

    And with all THAT out of the way and the kidney infection almost gone (Oh, DON'T get me started. It's been a rough few months.) I'm back on my feet. And that means I'll be able to walk, and I'll be able to cook. So hello Primal living!

    Annnnnnd, it's about time too. All that weight I lost the first time I went Primal? Yes, it's back. Thus the whole "life-change" being very important.

    For a while I wondered if I should come back to Primal (despite all the cramping, and heartburn, and weight gain . . . huh . . . no wonder I came back to Primal) because I've struggled with going on and off it so much. I get really cranky. But I figure that it will be easier to take care of one problem (being irritable) rather than try to magically fix all the others I have now or may get in the future because of eating grains.

    This morning I weighed my self (it was a dismal 201.4) whimpered a bit, cooked up 4 eggs with butter and tossed out all the junk food left over from our spontaneous game night last week. So it begins.

    DAY 1 of 30 --eating Primal, and walking in the morning.

    More importantly, I think I might have figured out the cranky thing. I may not have been eating enough food. I'm so used to starving myself trying to lose weight, that the idea of four eggs is mind-boggling. But there seems to be a large difference between starving yourself while eating mood boosting carbs, and starving yourself without the sugar-rush crutch. I'll write more on this, as solving problems never seems to be that easy for me.

    Also, I have found my bare-foot alternative footwear. I couldn't use VFF's because I have "funny toes," and they just didn't fit. So in desperation, for anything even remotely close to barefoot that didn't squeeze my toes, I tried on the Merrell Pace Glove (Merrell Women's Pace Glove - Barefoot Trail Running Shoes - It was love at first toe-stretch. I'm going to break myself into these babies nice and slow.

    I don't fail so long and I don't quit.


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      welcome back


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        Oh--thank you!


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          Walking/Primal Eating
          Day 2 of 30

          Because of my schedule, it's so much easier to post in the morning that in the evening. So I'm checking in for day 2.

          Walking? Check.
          Eating Primal? Check.

          I didn't cheat. At all. Which is more than a minor miracle. Carb-flu slew me in the afternoon, and I survived by sucking down too many grapes and strawberries. I woke up this morning, feeling a ton better, but last night, when they pulled out the vanilla ice-cream for root-beer floats only my total and complete exhaustion saved me from my sweet-tooth. Huh! I'll take it.

          I've perfected the making it happen of walking. I get dressed in my walking clothes, and then when I take my boys out to the bus, I just start on my way the moment they're on board. No more of this "wake up early" bit. That just isn't going to be happening. Learning to be flexible is really helping me out.

          Also, note to self: I have to make sure that I have meat thawed for lunches. I didn't have leftovers, and suddenly it's noon, and I'm looking desperately for proteins. Also probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have some jerky around. There are only so many eggs I'm willing to eat a day.


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            sounds like that was a pretty good day. Yup, you've gotta have a plan for your lunches, I always feel that is where the wheels come off the track if one isnt careful! Keep it up.