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Primal Journal - Looking Really Really Good Naked (Paleo_Rob)

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  • Primal Journal - Looking Really Really Good Naked (Paleo_Rob)

    Hey All,
    I have decided to start a primal journal I have been eating primally for a few months now, and have already lost the bulk of the weight I wanted to lose (17kg and now am hovering around 90kg with im guessing 15-16% bodyfat).

    With summer around the corner (for us southern hemispherians) I have decided I want to finally ditch the last 5-6% of body fat, and replace it with muscle.

    So this wonít be your ordinary primal journal, as I will probably break a few of the tennets of primal living. The primal lifestyle is something I will use for the rest of my life to be healthy, but for the next few months im changing it up for the sake of vanity.

    I donít want to be huge, just ultra-lean and look really really good naked. I will probably end up sacrificing function for size and aesthetics, but I justify it by saying that this is just for a short moment in my life.

    The plan is to have this all done by 31/12/2010 and start the new year in with this new body.

    Starting today (2nd September 2010) that gives me just under 4 months to achieve this transformation.

    To quantify and summarise, I have 4 months to
    a) Lose 6% body fat or 5.4kg of Fat
    b) Gain 5.4kg of muscle. (i.e stay at 90kg)

    The general plan for this will be as follows:

    Phase 1 - First 6 Weeks
    • Heavy Lifting to Fatigue (Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy) Heavy weights to 8+ reps.
    • Little lifting on the legs (again for vanity sake, I have big quads already and donít want to have huge chunky legs that wonít fit in a nice set of jeans)
    • Training 2days on 1 day off
    • Doing 30-45mins Steady State Cardio each day. (70% Max)
    • Eating about 500 calories above maintenance, 60:30:10 Fat:Protein:Carbs
    • Training will be fasted, with eating to commence 1-2hrs after training, bulk calories after training.
    • Hopefully I can gain mass whilst losing fat, but If I go up a couple kg during this phase, so be it.

    Phase 2 Ė Next 4 Weeks
    • Heavy Lifting however lower reps and going to about 1 rep below failure.
    • Still training 1 day on and 1 day off.
    • Still doing 30-45min Steady state with a day or two a week of HIIT for 15mins.
    • Still train fasted, however reduce calories to about maintenance.
    • Plan is by the end of this 6 weeks to have at least 60% of the muscle mass I want.

    Phase 3 Ė Next 4 Weeks
    • Heavy lifting at low reps (Myofibrillar Hypertrophy). Essentially try to maintain muscle size and trust increase strength
    • Train every day I can. Shouldnít be fatiguing my muscles at these low reps so should be able to go every day.
    • Cardio the same.
    • Train fasted, eating 500 Calories below maintenance.
    • By the end of this phase I should have lost the BF.

    Phase 4 - Blow Up.
    This last bit is to get that last 40% of muscle mass. By now I should be quite lean, and increasing the muscle should allow me to look quite lean.

    Hopefully this doesnít shock or offend to many people as it is quite a departure from the stock primal deal, however its something I want to try.

    So follow on if you like, I will try to write at least once a week and If you have any questions please ask away!
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    will we get photos


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      Originally posted by Suse View Post
      will we get photos
      You bet! hahahaha
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      Free Robb Wolf Paleo Meal Generator for iPhone
      IF Timer - The Original Intermittent Fasting iPhone App


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        Suse bad....but just beat me to the question. lol

        Seriously, you stole my goal!
        Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
        Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
        Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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          This sounds like Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore, am I right? How do you like it so far? I have begun doubting the StrongLifts 5 x 5 because I think it will give me the bulky look which I don't want.
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