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    Tomorrow I will officially start my challenge. Although I have been going about 70-80 percent primal for the last two months I see this challenge as a great way to kick my health into a new gear. It is probably a good idea to give a little background on myself in this first journal. I am a 17 year old rising senior in high school. I am currently 5'5", 120 lbs. I became originally interested in the PB,and fitness in general about a year ago when I was unhappy with how skinny I looked and how weak I felt. After reading Mark's ideas on the PB as a weight optimizing diet I became really hooked. I would like to use this journal primarily as a way to stay accountable to myself. I think that this challenge is a great way for everyone to join in and help each other towards their goals. I will try to post as often as possible. I don't want to become bored with posting so I may not have a set format for my posts. I will try to include generally what I ate, my exercise that day, how I am feeling towards the challenge, and pretty much anything else that relates to primal living.

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    So officially day one of the challenge. I was able to get to bed at 11:00 last night and got about seven hours of sleep in. The day seems a lot longer when it starts earlier. I geuss that its easiest to do what I ate the traditional way.

    B. 1 Banana, 1 cup black cofee, 2 cheese lettuce and tomatoe wrapped in turkey slices.

    L. 1 Apple and peanut butter, Handfull of almonds and cashews, lettuce w/hummis dip.

    D. 4 slices of homemade whole wheat pizza

    S. 1 Banana

    There were a couple of things I noticed; Because I went to bed earlier than I am used to I stopped snacking earlier, and I felt hungrier for breakfast. My dinner was the only really non-primal thing I had to eat today, and I had already planned on having one non-primal meal a week. I haven't really counted the nutrient totals but it looks decent. I might need a little more fat.

    I felt like I had quite a bit of energy today. I felt compelled to bring out my jump rope after reading an article on Son of Grok. I also did some handstands. I used to compete on a boys gymnastics team, and I always remember having strong sholders from the handstands. My real workout came at the end of the day. I did Mark's A rutiene for building muscle, which consisted of 5x5 squats, overhead presses, and pullups. I was wasted by the end of it.