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  • echoyjeff's teenage primal journal!

    Well, this is my first ever journal that I've ever written on a forum besides writing in my own journal

    First off, a little about me ... I'm 16 years old, and I'm a junior in high school currently. I love to do many things, including golf, piano, singing, diving, volunteering, and hanging out with friends. I'm also really dedicated to school. I'm trying to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout high school, and this year is definitely going to be tough with all the AP classes that I'm taking. I'll add more here as I have more time ...

    Why am I doing this? Well, after taking AP biology last year, I began to become curious about nutrition. Our family was pretty healthy, or so I thought. We had lots of veggies, but I also had lots of grains and bread. Soo, yeah. I was directed to this site from the forum, on a chance post that someone had made. I'm really glad I found this site I'm trying to gain some muscle as well, as I'm a hardgainer It's good and bad, I suppose. I'm also trying to get my dad to start getting healthier, as he eats a lot of junk food and he's not all that active since he lost his job last year. Soo, trying to motivate everyone in the family. I've been reading the articles out loud to my mom these last few nights since I found this site, and it's both helping my communication skills and knowledge :] Hopefully in the long run this will pay off.

    My "Stats":

    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 66 3/4 "
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Build: On the outside, pretty thin. Shirt off = you can see some lean muscle
    Supplements: Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Whey Protein

    What I will hopefully update in my journal ... I'm hoping to keep a daily log of what I eat, my activity for that day, and what time I go to sleep. This way, I'll know how my health is doing, and why I might have caught a cold or why I grew another zit on my face If I'm too busy with homework or other things, I may have to wait a few days before I update like crazy!

    More things will be added hopefully as I think of them! Hopefully this journal will turn out good and maybe even inspire some people


    - All nutritional labels posted (starting 10/7/10) doesn't have my daily multivitamin amount added.
    - Daily Warmups - 60 bicycle crunches and 25 pushups (as of 10/3/10)
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    feel free to take a look at my journal!!

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    I guess I'll get my first post going!

    Summary of the Day: I had to wake up early today ... around 8. My school doesn't start until Sept. 1st. I had to go to my piano teacher's house for a morning lesson. I haven't been taking very many lessons over the summer, partly because my dad doesn't have a job. When fall sports come with golf, it's going to be tough to fit everything in. After my piano lesson, I went with my mom to Costco and helped her pick "primal" foods She's kind of still like "you can't just eliminate grains just like that, you need SOME balance!" so I guess I'll still eat some brown rice and such once a day.

    Diet: For breakfast (wow this is taking a long time to remember, LOL) I think I had some string cheese and almonds. Lunch, we ate at Costco (uh oh). I had half a chicken bake and sipped some of my mom's latte (i know, i know!). It was sooo good, but I forced myself to put it aside after a few gulps. Dinner was amazing. I had just went on a run/cycle, so I was starving. Huge plate of salad with cranberries, mushrooms, tomatoes, cottage cheese, and some nuts. Then, SALMON! Yeahh! I had like three slices cause I was so hungry. Nice and wild too I was really really full afterwards.

    Exercise: 3.5 miles of crosscountry running, 4 miles of cycling, started to do some L Sits.

    Sleep Time: About to go to sleep after finishing this -- 10:30 after I read a bit I'm feeling kind of crappy because my allergies flared up during my run/cycle. bleh.
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    feel free to take a look at my journal!!


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      Good job!! Lovely to see a teenager looking after his health.


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        good to see you're starting early;-)
        Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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          I'm a teenager too. I'm glad I picked this up early.
          What are you planning to bring for lunch at school? I usually don't even eat lunch, but my friends already think my food is weird enough so I will have to.


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            Originally posted by grokka View Post
            I'm a teenager too. I'm glad I picked this up early.
            What are you planning to bring for lunch at school? I usually don't even eat lunch, but my friends already think my food is weird enough so I will have to.
            Well I actually made a huge list. Here you go:

            (Oh it's kind of messy at the moment ...)

            Pre - Breakfast:
            Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey and water
            Fish Oil

            Oatmeal (primal) with Whey Protein, Flax Seed, Dried fruit, nuts
            Smoothie with various fruits and whey protein + greek yogurt + flax seed
            Salad with Eggs, Apples, Nuts
            Fruit and Cheese mix
            Greek Yogurt with Whey Protein, berries
            Omelet with ... tomato, ham, cheese,

            Almonds and various nuts
            Dried Fruits and Fruits (banana, apple) with almond butter
            Greek Yogurt
            Canned Tuna/Salmon
            Salad .. added with avocado, cranberries, nuts.
            carrot + ranch, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower ALMOND BUTTER?
            Cottage Cheese with Berries
            Deli meat wrapped in lettuce and cheese
            Almond Butter Baked with …?

            feel free to take a look at my journal!



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              Summary of the Day: Pretty much went to my grandparents house for half of the day. It was relaxing though. Had some time for exercise after I got back home.

              Diet: For breakfast, I TRIED to make the primal pancakes with my mom. It utterly failed, lol. We did two egg yolks instead of one, we used baking powder instead of cream of tartar, low fat instead of full fat cottage cheese, and regular flour. hahaha. Here's a lovely picture: (anyone know what went wrong? :P) It still tasted delicious though! It was basically scrambled eggs.

              Lunch ... DIM SUM! Yeah!!! I watched out for what I ate though, so mostly good stuff. Also had some turkey breast meat and two whole purple yams And dinner, I had squash stir fry with pork and salmon again. deliciousss! Also some cooked celery on the side. Overall, I'd say a pretty healthy day!

              Exercise: Climbing a tree to pick pears, experimenting with various exercises (trying to get my level) ... about 6 x 10 sec L-Sits, Plank 2 x 120 seconds, 3 x 20 second sprints, and some pushups and pullups here and there.

              Sleep Time: 10:00 -- kind of feel sick, not sure if it's from the excessive exercise and the allergies that came with it or what.... bleh
              feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                Summary of the Day: Relaxed since school is coming up Wednesday, had our first golf team practice which was pretty good.

                Diet: Breakfast was basically an assorted amount of nuts with some cottage cheese. Lunch was a different story ... the pizza leftovers were on the table so I ended up having half of one slice (not that bad i suppose but still ...). Dinner was great - had a whole plate of salad with different veggies and a lot of chicken feet (don't know if anyone has had this before haha).

                Exercise: Did pushups in the morning (20 and 10), L Sits 6 x 10, walked 9 holes on a golf course (about 2 hours of walking).

                Sleep Time: Early today! 9:25.
                feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                  Summary of the Day: Woops, I totally forgot to post something yesterday. Too busy getting to sleep for the first day of school ... anyways, first day of school! pretty exciting, got to meet my new teachers and see who's in my classes ... We got homework already ... yep ... this is so annoying!

                  Diet: Breakfast I had no-atmeal with whey protein added (tasted a bit watery but oh well!), snacks I had almonds/pecans and cranberries, lunch I had an egg and tomatoes. After I got home from school I ate half a subway sandwich (i know i know but i was starving!) and some fruit with almond butter.

                  Exercise: Sprints 6 x 20 seconds, 5 x 5 pullups, L Sits 6 x 10 seconds, 40 pushups. i had time for all of this because I finished my homework at school, haha.

                  Sleep Time: It's not my bedtime yet but I'd say around 9? I'll update later.
                  feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                    Summary of the Day: Wow, forgot about yesterday AGAIN. I was way too busy -- after school I had golf until 8 PM!!!! and then I had to do quite a lot of homework. I really hope that it isn't like this everyday ... sigh. Yesterday was pretty stressful ... Today was decent, pretty much just a day of school and I'm pretty much really tired but I'm going to try to finish all my homework tonight. There is seriously SO MUCH! too much!

                    Diet: Breakfast I had some no-atmeal from a few days ago with whey protein, brought some nice warm white tea to school. lunch I had leftover broccoli and steak (yummy!) -- also an apple and two slices of watermelon. Dinner was crazy. We went out to eat at an all you can eat salad bar I ate the most I've ever ate ... five or six plates of salad! Plus 2 bowls of vegetable and beef stew! I don't know why I was still eating after the fourth plate, honestly. I was bloated by the end of the meal -- it lasted like three hours

                    Exercise: 5 x 5 pullups, 20 x 15 x 10 x 10 Pushups, bicycle ab workout for about 60 alternations (hitting elbow on opposite knee) ...

                    Sleep Time: Around 11 ... because of dinner lol.
                    feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                      Summary of the Day: It seems like I'm doing this journal every other day ... bleh. Today was pretty boring, sat around doing homework all day. Learning about US History isn't the most fun, but it's still pretty interesting. Thank gosh that tomorrow is off! I can spend it relaxing and getting ready for my first golf match on Tuesday!

                      Diet: I basically just snacked on nuts and cheese throughout the morning, and had some chicken for lunch. Also had a banana and peach. For dinner I had some salmon and brown rice (my mom forced me -.-)

                      Exercise: 5x5 pullups, 20 x 15 x 10 x 5 pushups, bicycle situps for 50 alterations. L Sits 4 x 10 seconds, went to practice golf for a few hours.

                      Sleep Time: 10:30 ... because I was watching the Karate Kid III ... It's surprising how I've never watched the third one considering I've watched the first two like a million times!
                      feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                        Summary of the Day: Wow, this was a pretty boring weekend. I had more homework to do, and didn't go anywhere. Worked around the yard for awhile, hung around the house.

                        Diet: Breakfast I had one hardboiled egg, some cheese. Ate throughout the morning sorta, had two cups of almond milk and also a whey protein shake. Dinner was pretty delicious -- artichokes, a big plate of salad, and two turkey legs. I'm full now, for sure!

                        Exercise: 6 x 10 seconds L Sits, Spent half an hour shoveling rocks around the yard which was pretty tiring. 5x5 Pullups

                        Sleep Time: Pretty early, around 9!
                        feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                          Summary of the Day: School again, then golf after school. School days really suck nowadays Didn't get home until 7PM. Sigh. Then lots of homework.

                          Diet: Breakfast I had scrambled eggs with peppers, lunch I had a salad with beef on the side, dinner I had a slice of salmon and spinach. Snacks I had some nuts and cranberries and apples.

                          Exercise: Mostly a bunch of walking and carrying a bag while playing 9 holes of golf. it was our first match today and I didn't do so great. oh well, I know I can do better next time ...

                          Sleep Time: around 9:30
                          feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                            Summary of the Day: Sorry, yesterday I felt terrible after dinner! I ate a sandwich that my dad got me and I just felt like throwing up afterwards, not sure what was wrong. So I ended up going to sleep at 8:30. I feel better today though! Another school day, I'm getting into a routine though. Since I don't have class third and fourth period (I'm taking college classes starting the 20th), I'm hanging out in the orchestra room with my friend. I do as many exercises as I can as well as practice piano and singing during the hour or so we have So I'm finding time for the next week or two! My classes also changed due to my chinese class having some problems, so tomorrow's going to be all new periods for my current classes. going to be interesting! Gotta study for quizzes tomorrow too

                            Diet: Breakfast I had a purple yam and some cheese, lunch I had a plate of salad with chicken sausages on the side, dinner I had

                            Exercise: 50 alternations bicycle crunches, 10 overhead presses, L Sits 6 x 10 seconds. Also played golf for about two hours.

                            Sleep Time: 9:00
                            feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                              Summary of the Day: Friday! I'm SOO looking forward to sleeping in this whole weekend. I made it through the week though getting to bed before 10 PM everyday! Yay me! New class periods today was interesting, but I knew some people in my new classes, so it's not that bad!

                              B: Scrambled Eggs and Greek Yogurt
                              L: Salad with Avocado and Tomatoes, Salmon "Patties" from Costco.
                              D: Few slices of chicken breast, some brown rice, lettuce and mushrooms stir fry with garlic.

                              Exercise: 5 x 3 Pullups, L Sits 6 x 10, 30 Pushups ... my exercises are kind of scattered throughout the day currently. Oh well.

                              Sleep Time: 9:30
                              feel free to take a look at my journal!