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Thoughts after 1st week

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  • Thoughts after 1st week

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts about this new lifestyle now that the first week is up.

    1. First of all--I FEEL GREAT. I really didn't believe that I would feel a noticeable difference so soon, but there's no denying that my energy level is more even throughout the day (no afternoon slump), I'm waking up more easily in the morning, and the "shaky hungries" are gone. I used to get so hungry sometimes that my hands would shake, and I would literally stand at my kitchen counter and stuff dry cereal or crackers into my mouth until I felt steady again. I realize now that I probably had some wonky blood sugar thing going on, and that has completely ended.

    2. Eating this way is about 10 times easier, more convenient, more satisfying and more FUN than my ill-fated attempt at veganism several years ago.

    3. If you don't eat starchy things, you don't crave starchy things. I cut out all grains and potatoes right from Day 1 and I don't miss them. At all. Amazing!

    4. I can live without peanut butter. I didn't think I could, but I can. (As long as I can occasionally have Sunbutter!)

    5. I may not be able to live without coffee and that's okay for now.

    6. A cold drumstick for breakfast beats a bowl of cereal any day of the week.

    7. I have had NO heartburn at all for 8 days in a row. That's some kind of record for me. All these years I've been suffering and popping Tums, and it must have been the grains or dairy all along. That alone is reason enough to continue eating this way for the rest of my life.

    So what about the rest of you Primal newbies? How did your first week go? Any epiphanies, challenges, lessons learned?

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    Love this thread and thanks for starting it !! .. OK, here goes:

    1) I feel great too - I thought I would have crashing headaches from the no-carb thing but I am NOT - yay !

    2) I am eating too many nuts and too much dairy, I think - I have actually gained weight (not sure how much - maybe 3-5 lbs - ugh) so I am guessing it is that ... also, I have not been as active as I was due to getting kids ready for school etc

    3) I THINK I may need to cut my thryoid meds back - that would be amazing - NO grains and NO sugar has surely got to be it !!

    4) I am tolerating small amounts of coconut oil - yay !

    5) I am living without my "crack-like fructose-filled" protein powder .. woohoo ! ... I say "crack-like" b/c it WAS like crack - well, like I imagine crack to be LOL - I would have some and I just wanted more - in fact, that is all I wanted and I would think about it and ways to eat it ... YUCK !!! ...

    I never stole money to support my habit !

    So, chime in all the rest of you newbies !!

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