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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Mike G)

    Primal Challenge (Day 1)


    I just got back from vacation and will now be doing 30 days of paleo with no cheats or alcohol! On top of this I will be doing 6-8 Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance WODs each week.

    Yesterday I went shopping and got lots of paleo foods: Tri tip steak, Salmon, Pork Chops, Turkey, Spinach, Broccoli, Asparagus, Apples, Cherries, Kiwis, Pluots, Peaches, Almonds and Pecans.

    Today I've been doing a lot of running around so my meals have been quick and easy so far.

    B: Sliced turkey, apple, almonds

    L: Sliced turkey, banana, almonds and pecans

    D: Planning to grill salmon, salad (spinach and apples w/ olive oil dressing)


    5 Rounds of:

    10 Power Snatch (95lbs)

    20 GHD Situps

    30 Double Unders

    Time: 23:08


    Those stupid double unders killed my time...Im just not good at them! Time to practice them every day. But Im feeling good about starting paleo and making some big changes in my lifestyle!

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    Dinner: Tri tip steak, green and red peppers and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil. YUM!


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      Day 1 Stats:

      6'4", 225lbs, 18% Bodyfat


      6'4", 210lbs (not too concerned with weight), Under 10% Bodyfat


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        Tuesday 8/11/2009


        B: Eggs scrambled with chicken, spinach, mushrooms

        L: Chicken, spinach, peppers, onions, mushroms, olive oil/lemon juice dressing

        D: Salmon w/ Mango Salsa and a Spinach salad with tomato, onion, almonds and olive oil/lemon juice dressing

        S: Will prob have some turkey a piece of fruit and some almonds


        Row 500

        7 rounds of:

        3 Thrusters @ 135lbs

        6 CTB Pullups

        9 KB Swings 1.5pood

        Run 400

        Time 17:48


        I ate when I was hungry and stopped when satisfied and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I've already lost the weight I gained while on vacation. During the WOD I thought the Thrusters were going to really suck but it was the CTB pullups that kicked my butt!


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          didn't know when we talked earlier you were already using olive oil/lemon juice for dressing. weird. you're doing great. keep on posting. can't wait to see you progress over the 30 days.


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              You told me to go to sleep...and I forgot to update my log!

              Wednesday 8/12/2009


              B: Scrambled eggs w/ Salmon, onion, spices and a bit of olive oil

              L: Turkey, apple, almonds

              PWS: Turkey, cashews, pluot

              D: Salmon, Salad (spinach, strawberries, kiwi, olive oil and lemon juice dressing)...I wasnt a big fan of this combo. Live and learn.

              S: Turkey, banana, almonds

              WOD- team workout with partner (Good Job Jaime!!!)

              10 dips

              4 rounds of:

              one person runs 400 m while the other is at top of pushup position. Each person runs 4x. Burpees are a penalty if any body part other than hands or feet hit floor.

              1st time

              14:38 (I rowed instead of running...didnt take any shoes to the gym)

              2nd time w/ Jaime

              16:43 (I ran for this one)


              Im feeling good! I had put on about 6-7 pounds on vacation and I have already lost that in just 3-4 days on strict paleo. I've been having some really strong cravings for junk food (peanut butter and jelley sandwich and a big glass of whole milk) but I just try to not think about it too much. I really like paleo a lot better than the zone!!! I dont feel hungry all the time and I've been eating some pretty delicious meals (except that salmon salad). Im looking forward to seeing the progress I can make at the end of 30 days!!!!


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                slacker AGAIN!!!!!


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                  What would I do without you?

                  Thursday 8/13/2009


                  B: Eggs, crab, salsa, olive oil

                  L: Turkey, almonds, banana

                  S: Eggs, crab, salsa, olive oil

                  D: Turkey, spinach, onion, olive oil/lemon juice



                  Tabata Sprints w/ Ayo


                  CF Total

                  1 rep max for

                  Squat 315

                  Press 155

                  Deadlift 420

                  Total 890


                  5 rounds of 3min on 3min off running at the bay

                  Late Night

                  Exercise in willpower:

                  Sit in a house where someone is baking cinnamon/sugar amish bread and not try any! It was extremely tough to not even try one scrap of the delicious looking "crispy parts" leftover. Thanks Jaime for pushing my willpower to its limits. I am happy to report that as much as I wanted to I didnt try any!!!


                  My body is feeling pretty wrecked...I guess 5 workouts in 2 days will do that to you?


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                    Friday 8/14/2009


                    B: Eggs, carne asada, strawberries

                    L: Turkey, pluot, cashews

                    D: Veal, onions, peppers and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and garlic.


                    Still fighting off urges to eat crappy food. We went out to eat at an Italian restaurant and I stayed as paleo as I could. I didnt eat any bread or pasta or marinara sauce (I didnt know the ingredients to the sauce so I had them hold that).

                    It was also a rest day so I should be ready to rock tabatas tomorrow.


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                      Saturday 8/15/2009


                      I didn't eat till after WEW so times are a bit off.

                      B: Chipotle steak bowl with veggies and extra meat

                      L: Turkey, cashews, banana

                      D: Pork chop, mixed veggies cooked up in some olive oil

                      S: Plantain chips at the movie (they were salted but other than that pretty paleo)



                      Weekend Warriors:

                      Tabata Something Else

                      Pullups (strict) 2

                      Pushups 7

                      Situps 10

                      Squats (BTB) 10


                      Running Clinic with Nuno working on POSE form.


                      Feeling pretty good about the diet. Im down to 220lbs again and have been steadily losing weight. Im really looking forward to taking an "after" picture and getting another dexa scan after this challenge to see how much progress I've made.


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                        what's a dexa scan???? will you hold my scale for me...? I think it's important i don't weigh and i'm feeling tempted.


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                          congrats've made it through a week of strict paleo!!!! No cheats!!!!

                          good job're doing awesome!


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                            Thanks for the encouragement...its very helpuful!

                            Sunday 8/16/2009


                            B: Crab omlet with mushrooms, pluot

                            L: Carnitas, apple

                            D: Tri Tip (marinated in tequila/lime marinade), Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, garlic and a spinach salad with apples and olive oil/lemon juice dressing


                            Active Rest: Hiking Cowles Mountain


                            I've made it a week of strict paleo! It wasnt really as hard as I thought it would be. I've still got cravings for some non paleo foods but I wont be acting on any of them! I feel like my recovery is faster now that Im eating clean as well.


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                              B: Steak, 2 eggs, apple

                              L: Steak, fruit, nuts

                              D: Steak, spinach salad, apple, onions, OO/LJ

                              S: Steak, salsa, nuts

                              Wow...I ate a lot of steak yesterday. Guess thats what happens when I cook a lot of it at once.


                              Squat 5-5-5-



                              3 rounds for time:

                              run 400 m

                              21 kb swings, 1.5 pood

                              12 pullups

                              Time 9:39 (PR by 1:02)


                              Im feeling good about the diet and enjoying all the steak! Workout felt great today. I haven't squatted that much since I was about 30lbs heavier and doing starting strength. And I finally got into the sub 10:00 Helen club!!! I also weighed in at 218 lbs this morning...which is the first time I've been at this weight since I got sick a couple weeks ago.

                              I did have a dream last night where everyone brought a bunch of junk food and I cheated on a carbapalooza! I woke up feeling a bit scared that I had actually cheated.