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    Hi All,
    I'm starting this journal because I've been 100% primal for one week and I am thrilled!!
    I'm a 20 year old college student, 5'4. Last week I was 135 lbs. I gained some weight over the summer and though I still look healthy I would like to get to a svelte, strong 110-115.

    This week, I ate only meat, fat, and vegetables: 3 eggs for breakfast, sometimes bacon or chicken; a big salad with tuna or salmon for lunch; dinner was chicken, fish, or beef with a vegetable cooked in butter.
    I've been tracking my nutrition info on Fitday. I've eaten an average of 1290 calories/ day (I did a little IF too), with 71% from fat, 23% protein, and 6% carbs. My average carb intake was 22g.

    For exercise, I'm walking to class every day and also on errands, so that's at least an hour a day, sometimes more, with a bag of books! I did sprints on Monday-- I went to a woods trail with some big hills and sprinted up as fast as I could until I literally couldn't go another step. I could only do it three times and then I was so exhausted I could barely walk for half an hour-- but it felt great!! Also I did two 10-minute strength workouts: plank (as long as I could hold it) and some other really tough exercises that I used to do for ballet conditioning. Again I was limping for a while afterwards but it was totally fun.
    Salsa Club starts up next week, so that'll be another couple hours of low-level cardio (or maybe more intense? hope that's ok because it's soooo fun)

    Results! I don't have a scale so I'm not weighing myself. But--
    waist-- lost 1/2"
    hips -- lost 1 1/2"!
    upper arm-- lost 1/2"
    Also, my face isn't as puffy, and I have a tiny bit more definition in my arms and upper abs and thighs.
    I have plenty of energy, my skin is glowing, and I don't feel any urge to eat sugar (a MAJOR accomplishment!). The only downside is that my grocery budget has gone way up. Oh well-- I guess I'm investing in my future health, right?

    I can't wait to see what happens after another couple of weeks!!


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    Week 2!

    Food: I neglected grocery shopping this week, so I foraged a bit. Had lots of salads because I had extra vegetables from my friend's garden- awesome. I bought some pork and chicken at the farmer's market and made some lovely stir-fry dishes and curries with coconut milk.
    FitDay stats: average 1621 calories, 72% fat, 18% protein, 10% carbs. 42 g carbs average.
    The only "cheats" were a diet coke and some almonds (which I've forbidden because they make me want to snack more).

    Exercise: Salsa club has started again so I've had about 6 hours of pretty brisk exercise from that. Didn't sprint this week, but did one really hard 15-minute bodyweight workout. Still walking everywhere.

    Changes: Another 1/2" from hips; waist is the same from last week. I need to find a scale at some point. But I definitely feel lighter and stronger, I think fat is coming off my hips first.
    I feel good, although several days I've been really tired. Usually the day after intense exercise. Maybe I should try eating starchy vegetables to replenish glycogen?


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      Right, so I'm ashamed to share this, but I've eaten badly this week. It started off with popcorn and peanuts, which aren't good but at least they're natural. But then I started craving sugar and had ice cream and brownies and I don't know what else. I feel bloated and horrible. It's amazing, sugar truly is an addiction. It's scary how little control I have over myself in certain situations. I am really mad at myself.
      Here's what I'm going to do, and I hope you'll hold me to it: every day I need to write here exactly what I ate and how I felt at each meal. I really need to get this under control, or it's going to get worse, I know it.
      I bought groceries today and I bought really, really simple ingredients for my meals. Breakfast = 3 eggs, sometimes sausage (3x week), Lunch= salad with tomato, avocado, cucumber, tuna, and olive oil; Dinner = baked fish or chicken curry with squash or greens.
      Fruit, nuts, and cheese are too much for me. I have to eat simply to get in touch with my hunger signals again.


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        My stomach is NOT happy with me for yesterday. I felt very ill last night, slept in until 10 this morning. I felt like my body was telling me to wait before eating anything, so I did. I thought about how my body was converting toxic sugars into fat, cleaning up my blood so I can burn energy again. It's pretty cool if you think about it. I fasted until 1, then had 3 eggs and 3 oz. sausages, fried in 1 tb of butter -- all from local farms. I felt so much better afterwards.
        I just ordered Mark's book. The $20 is a lot for a poor college student-- it's a signal to myself that I'm resolving to GET REAL now.
        The only thing-- don't laugh-- is that a good friend is back in town and we made plans last week to get frozen yogurt this evening. I really, really can't back out of it. My plan is, I'll get the smallest size of the low-cal version (it's some whey product with not too much sugar) and not finish it.

        I ate dinner at church community night, it was pretty good, I had a bit of the chicken dish (about an oz, I ate around the rice) and a little bit of salad (spinach with blue cheese, walnuts, and blueberries.)
        We did go for frozen yogurt, I got the low-calorie small with whipped cream and cookie dough. Hmm. But all in all, I haven't eaten many carbs today so I think I'll be ok.
        It's really important for me to feel on track and in control, I realize...when I don't feel in control, I take it as an excuse to eat anything I want. So yes, today went according to plan. I feel fine. Tomorrow will be better.
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          B- 3 eggs scrambled in walnut oil. So nutty and delicious!
          L- Salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, salmon, and olive oil
          D- 4 oz. cod fillet with a yogurt basil sauce, and cooked turnip greens
          dessert: small bowl of yogurt, peanut butter, and cocoa mixture.

          About 2,000 calories-- too high. I threw out the PB so I won't do that again.
          67% fat, 20% protein, 13% carbs. 108 g protein, 70g carbs.

          Exercise: Walking to class (I'd say that's about 45 min a day) and dance practice (1 hr)

          I was feeling pretty good today. The peanut butter concoction was because I was REALLY hungry by dinner time, waiting for dinner to cook and I was feeling a little down. aha, caught you, emotional eating! I threw out the offending ingredients so I won't be tempted to make snacky kinds of things anymore.

          I've stopped watching TV and I've noticed a major decrease in sugar craving levels. Think I have an automatic association with TV--> junk food. Also I've realized that chocolate cravings are a major PMS symptom for me. That makes me feel a little better about the past week.

          I tried on a pair of shorts from two years ago and they almost fit. That's really heartening because I feel like I've had a bad two weeks diet-wise. I guess it just means slower progress on average, I'm not going backwards at least!

          I'm wondering why I was so hungry yesterday. It seems I was eating enough calories and fat.


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            Yesterday's meals:
            B-- 4 oz. locally farmed pork sausage, 3 eggs, fried in 1/2 tb walnut oil
            L-- the usual salad except canned tuna mixed with a spoonful each of yogurt, safflower oil mayo, and curry paste. Drizzled with sesame oil. yummy.
            snack: a few pieces of dark chocolate, plain iced coffee
            D-- 2 fillets perch with salt and pepper (very little oil); turnip greens with vinegar.
            after dance snack: 1 cup chicken broth with herbs and 1 tb olive oil (heated in microwave; tastes really nourishing even though it's basically water)

            Calories 1584, carbs 64 g (damn chocolate), protein 96g, fat 107g.

            normal walking + 2 hours dance practice

            I need to break the chocolate habit. I can't afford it, for one thing, this organic dark chocolate thing. Henceforth I DECLARE THIS WEEK A CHOCOLATE-FREE WEEK! And nothing that gives me a "snacky" feeling-- nuts, fruit, sugar in coffee. Cheese and yogurt only as part of cooking. Ok, I can do this. It's my own mini primal challenge, a month is too intimidating. I'll report back on the craving intensity-- sure hope it goes down.
            I WILL NOT EAT CHOCOLATE for one week.


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              Yesterday's meals:
              B: 3-egg omelette with 1 oz parmesan cheese and basil...mmm
              L: The usual salad with canned salmon and olive oil.
              D: dance club picnic-- take out sandwiches-- I discreetly ate the turkey out of mine but it was kind of awkward so I didn't eat much. There were lots left over so I volunteered to take some home and ate the fillings out of those as soon as I got home. I was really hungry, I probably ate 6 oz of deli turkey in all plus a lot of mayo. Oh and I ate two little nonpareils without thinking. But I'm sure I burned off the sugar right away because we played frisbee for a long time.

              Exercise: A lot. Walked back and forth to class and home several times; did a 15-20 min intense bodyweight workout (planks and squats mostly), played kickball and frisbee for two hours, walked home again, then a two hour dance class. I felt awesome, it was mostly low-level aerobics and really fun.

              haha. chocolate happened today. But I'm not sorry, I'm was half a bar of Green & Black 75% with hazelnuts and currants. Soooooo good. I took a long stroll afterwards but it's too much sugar, I know. It was a gift from a friend, along with a bar of peppermint and a bar of raspberry 65% dark. Unfortunate. But I've decided to revise my no-choc policy. It has so many antioxidants, after all. My new policy is to treat it as delicious medicine. I get two little squares a day. It should last a couple weeks.
              I swear I will not eat more than 2 LITTLE squares per day. That will keep me from feeling deprived and it's not enough sugar to do any damage. K.

              I do need to get more sleep, I've been staying up late reading and hanging out. I've averaged 6-7 hours recently and I feel sleepy in class too much.
              I want it to be the weekend!!!

              Oh, the other thing: I replaced my desk chair with a slightly deflated exercise ball. I love it! My desk is an adjustable table so I shortened it and it's perfect. I keep finding myself doing little stretches and bouncing around and my posture is so much better...I have the habit of leaning on my elbows when I studied. And normally I'm always fidgeting with a bracelet or a pencil, but now I can just bounce and release my fidgety energy. I'm so happy with this!

              I feel much stronger this week. Yesterday I felt almost athletic-- I've never felt like that, really. I've never been fat but I've never really enjoyed sports. I think that's changing. My dance partner told me that my tango was much stronger-- Tango is incredibly precise and requires so much core strength, which I have more of now!
              Also I've noticed a little more male attention. Just things like guys looking and smiling more than I'm used to. I look fitter, but it's not just that...I feel more confident, energetic, happy... I can get used to this.
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                Yesterday's meals:
                Breakfast: omelette with 3 oz. deli turkey and ham, basil, and 1 oz provolone cheese
                skipped lunch (except for chocolate I discussed above)
                Dinner: Salad with just tomato and bell pepper and tuna with mayo
                After-dance snack: 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 square chocolate, 2 oz. deli roast beef, 2 oz. sliced parmesan cheese, a cup of chicken broth. (I was really hungry!)

                Exercise: walking as usual, 1.5 hr dance class. And playing around with my yoga ball while studying...I found myself bouncing and doing crunches and such. I even read my book upside-down while stretching my back It really helps me to feel alert! I think I was also feeling a little stronger in the core by last night. We'll see if it makes a major difference.

                Energy: I felt really good the whole day, except a few times I was hungry, but it didn't feel like my old carby hunger, it was a kind of anxious, buzzing energy that made me either want to run a mile or take a nap. (Or devour a big salad, which is what I did.)
                I was also quite sore and sleepy by the end of my dance class. Chalk that up to not enough sleep and lots of exercise in the past 24 hrs.

                I'm taking progress photos this morning and measuring B-W-H. I hope the first one hasn't gone down too much
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                  Breakfast: 3 eggs as usual
                  Lunch: Salad with tuna and mayo
                  Dinner: 2 pollock fillets with walnut oil, and sauteed summer squash and greens in butter
                  a little chocolate

                  Exercise: 15-20 min bodyweight workout. My workouts don't have much structure to them...I do a plank until I collapse (not very long), jump up and do some squats, lift my desk chair overhead as I do squats, wall sits, put my feet on the chair and my hands on the ground and do pushups, do intense ballet balance exercises (believe me, they're hard!), repeat when I can. Basically I'm done when I feel that I've exhausted every muscle in my body in the past 15 minutes. Then I take a long, cold shower. I really enjoy the whole process. But I think I could only do it in has to be a completely personal-focused, ego-less thing. I could never work so hard if anyone was watching. Is that weird?

                  This morning I was craving chocolate too much so I threw out the rest. It was painful but for the best.

                  On a sober note: last night my friend was attacked by some asshole frat boys because he's gay. Thank God he's ok, but I'm really shaken and angry. This is such a homophobic place. Those guys were only acting out what the whole frat culture here thinks. What makes people think they have the right to hurt an innocent person because of how they're dressed?!?
                  So yeah, I've been in a somber mood all morning. Grocery shopping was good therapy.


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                    Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with 1 oz of blue and parmesan cheese and basil
                    : didn't really eat lunch, late breakfast
                    Dinner: One of the best things I've ever cooked: coconut fish curry. Half a packet of (organic) red curry paste, 2 fillets of pollock, chopped; 1/4 cup each of frozen basil and cilantro; 1/2 grated carrot; 1 clove garlic; 3 tb sesame seeds. I browned all these things in sesame oil for 5 minutes. Then added a can of coconut milk and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Then I ate it over a big bowl of crunchy sprouts. OH MY GOODNESS it was amazing. I ate the entire pan, ahaha. Especially over sprouts- much more satisfying than rice!

                    oops: some chocolate, as I said above. (It was milk chocolate, a major backwards step).

                    Exercise: I did some dance practice and bounced around on my "desk chair" ball, but was not very active overall. However, I live on the third floor of my house, so every time I go to my room I climb 2 flights of stairs. I think my derriere is showing it!

                    As I said, I had a pretty emotionally exhausting day, so I was vulnerable to overeating. Cooking my meals from scratch with lots of fat really helped, both the action of cooking and the satiating, calming effect of fat.
                    But In the evening I was watching a movie and that's when I gave in to the urge to eat the chocolate that our house mom had left for us on the dining room table (ARGH, WHY??) After 3 squares I was at the verge of giving up and pigging out-- I'm sure you know how that feels. I got to my feet, got to the door of the dining room, but then a little voice in my head said "distract yourself". So I stopped and did a plie turn and a few stretches (no one was around) and spun myself right back to the couch. After that, whenever chocolate appeared in my consciousness, I pictured myself doing a plank or a pushup and somehow the image was so real that not only did it push out the craving, I actually started doing them at every ad break. And it felt good, because I can now feel myself getting stronger.
                    I think maybe i'm on to something...

                    I took pictures yesterday and I see definite progress. Not a lot of obvious weight loss BUT my waist is looking way smaller and my curves are more well-defined, and my arms and face are slimmer.
                    In order to really drop weight, I have to get serious about NO SUGAR and also watching my portions at dinnertime- for some reason I'm more likely to overeat then. On fitday I'm hovering around an average of 1800 calories a day, I think I can easily bring it a little lower, especially with no chocolate in my diet. Seriously. No more.
                    One treat awaiting me is my wardrobe. Since the start of college I've had maybe 5 pounds to lose, which turned into 15. However, I've been (idealistically, foolishly, etc) collecting clothes in my ideal size and have saved my favorites from high school. So, I have a small collection of clothes that I wear now, which works fine for me. But in my closet I have literally 5 big plastic tubs stuffed full of clothes, some brand new, all really cute, just waiting to be worn by my size 2-6 body. I don't obsess over it, but I am REALLY looking forward to the day when I'll be able to wear them. It will feel like a huge free shopping spree!!
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                      Breakfast- eggs cooked in coconut oil
                      Lunch- cucumber, spouts, and tuna salad
                      Dinner-- 3 stewed chicken thighs with tomato sauce, and a small bowl of salad with feta, a small apple, and a cup of grapes.
                      after dinner: 2 pcs milk chocolate.

                      Exercise: a little walking. nothing significant.

                      I was SO hungry when I went to bed.

                      Breakfast: 1/2 cup plain whole milk yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. Went out for chai tea with a little half and half (no sugar).
                      Lunch: Cucumber, sprouts, avocado, and tuna with olive oil. (I should cut out the mayo from my tuna, huh).
                      Dinner: Ok. I bought a bar of Ghirardelli 86% chocolate and ate the whole thing tonight. I thought maybe I could just kill the craving that way. I ate it with an apple and yogurt. (the whole bar was 280 calories, 30 g carbs, only 10 g sugar. Minimal damage all together, if it works).
                      Then I had 3 eggs and some sausage cooked in coconut oil. My body was very happy with the fat, and very sick of chocolate. God this is ridiculous. This craving for chocolate just hits me, every day, at some point. I'm avoiding just toughing it out. I can't afford to buy it so much. Wow, I'm glad I've gone primal though-- I would never have noticed this problem. Or maybe this is just my sugar-demon's last stand? In any case...hopefully I'll be able to leave it for a week, and I think that will take care of the issue.

                      I've been SO tired recently but I haven't been able to sleep well. Last night I COULD NOT fall asleep until 2 am. It was so frustrating, because I had a presentation today in class and I was nervous about that, but I knew I HAD to get rest and so of course I couldn't. I have so much work to do. I'm going to NYC for a conference on Thursday and I have to do so much stuff by then. STRESSSSSING out here.
                      And of course, I'm coming down with a cold. The lack of sleep + a bit too much sugar here and there+ not enough water, I think. Anyone know how to fend off a cold without meds?

                      My plan is to do my work as efficiently as I can, what gets done gets done. I'm going to take some primal friendly snacks (nuts, dried fruit) with me on my trip so I don't get stuck in a bagel shop or something. And go to bed at 10 every night until then. Ok.


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                        ugh. ugh ugh ugh. I just allowed myself to eat an entire bag of homemade peanut butter cookies and a bunch of sun chips. I don't know why. I honestly have no idea what came over me. I feel horrid.
                        The rest of my meals today were fine, as normal. but WTF??? why did I do that???
                        I think it's just stress. I haven't been this stressed in a long time. I'm really overwhelmed with work and I've been working so hard, I think I was subconsciously rewarding myself with food. But I'm still bogged down with stuff to do before Thursday, AND I know I just compromised my immune system. ARGH WHY?????


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                          so as a newbie let e offer the following ...
                          dont swet the slipups .. if u beat yrself up then its easy to just slip right off the path ...
                          plus its adds to the stress yr alreasy feeling.. breathe deeply let it go and move on ....