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    Cool thanks.
    I think ill try tossing some orange into my next batch of coconutmilk curry


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      I'm going to practice recording food stuff for the next few days on fitday. This is the nutrional breakdown for the day (forecasted and roughly estimated because I don't feel like figuring out what each component really consists of)

      Calories 1,577
      Fat 93.4 819 52 %
      Saturated 21.7 192 12 %
      Polyunsaturated 13.7 122 8 %
      Monounsaturated 48.8 423 27 %
      Carbohydrate 51.6 190 12 %
      Dietary Fiber 16.6
      Protein 137.5 570 36 %

      I think I might need to add in more foodage (but damn, those carbs be lookin' good). I now have a six mile bike ride to and from work. Not to mention working out on top of it. I'm doing more this week than usually as I need to uh, roughly master the clean and jerk by Saturday. Yeah, it's going well...kind of. I went from not being able to do one, to roughly doing one within an hour. There was a lot of awkwardness inbetween. Yay, progress!

      Doing super good on the sleep front, possibly too well (it's so nice to laze in bed in the mornings these days). I want to get up earlier so I can take the pup for a walk-about. We moved next to an awesome park, and I have yet to utilize it (all the parks I lived near before banned dogs).


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        *fist bump* I did not indulge in ANY sugar today!
        Bahahaha, yes!
        And I cooked up ten pounds of ground turkey (the majority to put in the freezer as I expect the next few weeks to get crazy and so preventative measures).
        And now I'm watching America's Next Top Model and finding it ironic that they keep showing UnderArmour commercials
        (andI'mtotallynotwatchingthissmut'causeIwatchedhor rorshitbeforebed,whut)


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          Day two! No sugar! It was so very tempting. The minion gobbled down a hot fudge sundae, and it almost seemed appealing (and then I recalled how awful I felt after I had one last week...didn't keep me from fantasizing about the caramel sundae that could possibly be paired with sweet potato fries). I opted for an Americano, which once again, due to where I had to buy it, was really coffee flavoured cream. Oh well.

          Lots of plodding around blueberry fields. It's pretty entertaining. I made the minion endure a photoshoot as the boss-man wants photos to send off to big-grant-man showing our progress. And minion isn't allowed to handle cameras after breaking the last one he had hands on (which, fortunately, was one of the cheaper one's).

          Found out that the Partner sprained her back We won't be competing in the competition this weekend, or at least, I'll have to find a new partner. They seemed to be suffering from a shortage of judges so that would be fun as well.

          Aaand, found out bad news today which makes me that much more inclined to stuff food in my face, but I'm resisting. Monday, I'll find out how bad it actually is. But as I told a friend, it's not much of a disappointment as there's nothing I can do about it now and just go with the flow.


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            Day three and no sugar! (okay, except maybe in the sauce for the Thai BBQ chicken I had, but, trace amounts, yesss). Food is going well. Slacking on working out. I am officially competing again tomorrow, but with a new partner (not The Partner). That's a bit sad, and the more I think on it, the more I get nervous. They released the first event this evening, which is finding your 3 rep max in the clean and jerk in seven a team. So really, I have about 3.5 minutes. And they time each lift sequence o_o. Might I add that I only just, sort of, kind of learned how to do a clean and jerk this past Tuesday? Yeah, and never went through the whole motion? That's me. I think I'm going to end up dropping the bar on my head (if I get up to 80, I'll be happy). The final event will be a partner-carry run, and since I don't know who my partner is, uh, I'm hoping she's a twig, or really beefy and can carry me the entire way (that's the spirit! but really, I think I would die if I accidently dropped whoever she is). The second event won't be announced until tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be mean and evil, including all the things I can't really do like pull-ups and double-unders. I hate you double-unders.

            So now I distract myself with thinking of the nommy foods I'll be bringing with me to fuel the day. I'll start it off with my traditional egg scramble and some coffee. Then I'm going to take heaps of ground turkey meat with cucumbers and tomatoes, smothered in tzatziki sauce (maybe not so smothered), aaaand the AMAZING sweet potato fries I made up this evening (melted some coconut oil, mixed it with vanilla, coated the sweet potato spears, sprinkled all that with a combination of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, and baked it up to not quite crispy perfection). I'm definitely craving the sweets, and this uh, is marginally better than gelato. And it's to refuel tomorrow, yeah, that's it.

            Also, I managed to drop a table on my foot this fine evening, and I really hope it feels better tomorrow morning.


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              I broke my toe.

              But today's competition was pretty awesome! I was aiming for 80 pounds in the clean and jerk for my three rep max aaaand totally got 95 pounds.

              The second event was uh, not so awesome and where I broke said toe. It involved crawling under a low hurdle, hopping over the hurdle, crawling back under, hopping over again and then going over to a drawn out line where you had to jump 5.5 ft onto this horizontal steel bar that was set up (if you stuck the landing, more points for your team). Uh, yeah, I couldn't really do it, and the ONE time I attempted, I saw my toe going down first (strategy to curl my feet around the bar as I had my VFFs on, not so good for this maneuver) and then the rest of my weight crashing down upon it. Good. Times. This was done AMRAP for 8 minutes.

              Then the partner carry race came which went relatively well considering broken toe. There was the additional bonus surprise of having to establish your 3 rep max at the clean and jerk once finishing and only having four minutes to do so. I was able to do 95 pounds again which means it's probably not really my 3 rep max, but whatever.

              Food went well. I ate a lot today, but considering I did a lot more activity than usually, I don't care. Also, I am now eating mashed squash with copious amounts of butter, hwc and cinnamon because it is necessary to do such things when broken <_<


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                Feel like I was run over by a pony. I should roll out or something, but I'm being lazy and didn't get nearly enough sleep. I need to get back on track with my sleep schedule. I've been staying up way too late and the dogs wake me up way too early. Ze toe is many shades of grossness, but is not quite as painful right now. Of course, it's swollen beyond belief so not much moving it anyways.

                Food was mostly good until the gelato, but I don't feel so bad about having some. The Partner received her copy of the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Aaand I've been perusing it (I get to read it after she finishes). I plan on trying the 30 day meal plan as I like experiments. He also outlines some interesting ways to keep track of progress that I'll do as well. I will say that the most difficult part will be eating beef (I flat out refuse to eat pork, so that'll be substituted). I don't recall the last time I've had it, and as ridiculous as it seems, not eating beef (or other red meats for that matter) has become a part of my identity.


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                  owwwww on the toe. HOpe you feel better soon!

                  So no pork... no bacon..... sad!


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                    Haha, yeah, no pork bacon anyways. Trader Joe's has turkey bacon that I like to munch on occasionally, even though it's kind of questionable in how it's pressed turkey meat parts.


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                      Last few days have been highly stressful. Ate merely okay. Definitely moments of "I NEED THAT IN MOUTH RIGHT NOW!" because I had freak-out moments. I had to give a presentation last night that I was not qualified for aaaand it showed aaaand I totally put my foot in my mouth at one moment as I indicated a certain product was not ideal and the Posterboy/pusher for said product was in the audience. AHAHAHAHAHA. But it's done and now I can focus on happy things like actually making food again and working out as my toe is not as swollen and causing me to do weird things with my gait.

                      Going to the Farmer's Market this evening and picking stuff up to try out the Paleo 30 day meal plan (though, I might turn it into 60 days as the quantities seem to be for two people and I'm too lazy to scale down).


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                        Today was a good day! I didn't get everything accomplished at work that I wanted to, but I'm not getting too stressed about it. That's what tomorrow is for. Food was awesome. I didn't try to be primal, but ended up that way anyways. The one exception was a small square of dark chocolate.
                        Did my "get swol'" routine:
                        400m erg sprints
                        20 sit-ups
                        20 back extensions,
                        three rounds. My back feels uh, pumped? It's an odd feeling.

                        Tomorrow will be much plodding through blueberry fields and starting the first day of Paleo meal plan *dun, dun, dun*


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                          Personally I think the small square of dark chocolate is primal.... it has antioxidants in it, so thats good. and it is only 1 square of good chocolate, not a bar of bad chocolate. It's all how you look at it!


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                            True enough!

                            Today was my first day doing the thirty-day meal plan dealio. It was interesting. I think I need to re-adjust the portions or at least make sure that I have all my food prepared so if I do get hungry it doesn't take forever and a day to do something about it.

                            Since it was the nom and different from the usual, I will list what I had:
                            B: Overeasy eggs on steamed broccoli, macadamia nuts
                            L: Deconstructed turkey burger with fixin's, macadamia nuts, and cantaloupe
                            D: Baked salmon, roasted broccoli, and a side salad.

                            *note: I am not 100% following the meal plan because I'm a deviant like that.

                            Rambled about in blueberry bushes, did the "Raptor" run, and raked the yard with the dogs zipping through the leaf pile every.single.time.

                            So, I have body issues (ha!) and find it very hard to let go of the notion that I am no longer the 210+ lb girl wandering about in the world. Because of this, I have adapted the various experiments I take on (regarding weight-loss/health) with the notion that I have excess of fat to lose. And the logical side of me knows this is not true, but it is so difficult to get past.


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                              Day two paleo!
                              B: Steamed broc, overeasy eggs (I LOVE/HATE MY NEW OVEN, I can't master the runny yolks with it's effiecency, curses), almonds
                              L: Chicken Fajita salad
                              D: Leftover salmon, broccoli, side salad aaand a poop ton of macadamia nuts
                              Post-wod snackie: Sauteed banana and ground turkey.

                              Even though food was all made up, still got hungry, hence lots of nuts at dinner. Reluctant to add in the snackies recommended as I spent waaaay more on groceries than usual (and I'm a cheap bastard).

                              Work-out=weighted lunges and practicing push-ups on rings.
                              Play=Meandering around town and a 6+ mile bike ride.


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                                A quick update
                                B: Salmon and nutages
                                L: Chicken Fajita salad
                                D: Panfried chicken breast, steamed broc, and almonds
                                Nibbled on various forms of chocolate and plan on having some hard cider later this evening. I will be staying up past my bedtime, but plan on hanging with a friend who needs a shoulder to lean on.

                                Fair amount of walking today, but that's about it. Might do Fight Gone Bad tomorrow as the Partner inspired me with her performance.