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    im digging the posts, keep em up!


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      Thanks for your message-I hope you are able to expose your mom to PB by using my videos. I really appreciate it.

      Maybe just show her the vid-"Oh wow look mom!" not even considering the content?

      Good luck with that!

      I plan to come back and read your journal when I have a bit more time-Take care have a great weekend!

      Primal Terp


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        Unfortunately, my mother strives to read between the lines (even when they are not there). So it'd become "YOU THINK I'M FAAAAT?!?!?" :/ But I'll think of a way!


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          Ugh, carb-hangover. Yesterday was brought to you by the letter C, for chocolate, copious amounts of chocolate and maybe some ice cream for good measure. That's all that can be really said about yesterday. And everytime, I don't understand why I do it as, almost instantaneously, I feel like crap (I'm terrible at moderation so it's all the way). Even after my workout and feeling so awful because I was all hyped up on sugar, I still managed to go back for more. Blarghle, I think part of me is trying to get "celebrations" out of the way before next week as I'm moving (!!!) and won't be able to properly celebrate (okay, I think I'm splurging for one hard-cider, but that's it, got a thirty-day challenge to consider).

          Yesterday's WOD:
          15 weighted back extensions (25 lbs) for four rounds
          followed by:
          15 box jumps
          15 GHD sit-ups,
          also for four rounds.

          Yeah, I nearly puked. But I'm getting super fast at the GHD sit-ups.

          Today is off to a good start: Brekkie was an egg scramble, and I'll be getting my Saturday Americano from my favoritest coffee shop before hitting up the farmer's market.

          And a reflection on IFing: I've noticed that it helps in stabalizing my weight, particularly when I have my crazy sugar binge days. Also, it keeps me from overindulging if I do cave into the sugar craving. However, if I am able to find a suitable substitute (like Thai bbq chicken, nom) then the cravings go away and crisis is avoided. Problem is ensuring that I have something at all times, which right now, is difficult as I'm packing and haven't had time to make food. Ah well, it's my weekend (even though I still have to go into work), time to be productive!


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            ive noticed less crazy binges on high cocoa (85% +) chocolate... its not less nomish, just more satisfying. i say bin your milk chocolate and stock up on the lindt 85%


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              Originally posted by bedouin View Post
              ive noticed less crazy binges on high cocoa (85% +) chocolate... its not less nomish, just more satisfying. i say bin your milk chocolate and stock up on the lindt 85%
              its a little bit bitter though the really dark chocolate. but yes I've decided I need to keep some of this in my drawer at work to get me through the crazy times.


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                I've been eating dark chocolate for years now, so uh, I tend to over-indulge because I prefer the flavor so much more and (unfortunately) have access to some really nice brands. I think I should freeze any chocolate I acquire so I have to really have to want it if I want a piece.


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                  I've been hiding from my journal for the past few days. Won't talk of what went down, but I'm definitely ready to start the challenge tomorrow. The first few days I see as being the most trying. I'll be in the progress of moving (!!!) by Wednesday and hopefully, shall be done by the weekend, but we'll see. Definitely will be stressed out as I still have to go to work and other silly things like that.

                  These are my stats that I posted for another challenge that I'll be taking part of (School's Back Challenge) as they more accurately depict my day-to-day state (not my current bloaty-ness)

                  Female, 24 years old
                  5'7" 158'ish lbs (my scale is poorly calibrated)

                  Current measurements:
                  Bust: 38
                  Waist 30.5
                  Hips: 36.5

                  I have some vague goals outlined in my head. 1. I'd like to cut off the sugar fiend inside of me. 2. Make overall improvements to my fitness (the Partner and I are competing in a team event in a couple of weeks! Motivation!), 3. Cut my body fat percentage (it's roughly around 25%) and 4. Stabilize my mood-swings; they get out of control like whoah.

                  I made time in between packing to cook up a good amount of nom-noms and plan to stock up on easy-to-go-to options for when moving gets super crazy.


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                    I know what you mean about being ready to start the challenge. I had a bit of a binge fest over the weekend while camping and need to get myself back on track. Good luck on your challenge and your move!
                    Amanda's primal journal


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                      Moving is the worst thing ever, particularly when it doesn't go as it is supposed to aaand that leads to stress eating. But settling into the new abode, internet is up and ready, and ready to uh, stop eating everything that pops into my head.


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                        Well, figured out why I've been all mouth for the past week (asides from the stress of moving); it's that glorious time of month! I thought I felt some cramps coming in yesterday morning when I set out for the market, but was (foolishly) attributing them to the bottle of wine from the night before. And because I didn't take anything then, I had awful cramps the rest of the day that left me in a fetal condition, watching bad tv reality shows on the interweb. I'm a primal challenge failure :P.

                        Today is another day, breakfast consisted of egg scramble with turkey bacon, broccoli, chard, garlic and olive oil. Nommed on a few macadamia nuts while breakfast cooked and had coffee with HWC. Over the past week, I tried doing coconut milk, but really, it's just awful in coffee. I do not like the sweetness it adds. I could doctor it up with cinnamon and such, but that's too much effort for a cup of coffee.

                        Gotta get my butt in gear for next weekend. Doing a fundraising/fitness challenge with the partner and I need to be able to do a clean and jerk. So I know the idea of how to do them, but the actual execution is another story. Should be my primary focus this coming week. If nothing else, I'll use my strength to muscle through lack of technique (ha!).


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                          The rest of yesterday went okay; better than it has been. Lunch consisted of an orange chicken curry, pickled asparagus, olives, and roasted garlic...oh, and an ice-cream bar, which wasn't really tasty. The Partner and I were invited to our former landlords' house for dinner where I had chicken, tomatoes, and a corn cob (which I think was topped with margarine, blech). There was wine with the meal, and then watermelon and chocolate covered cranberries for dessert. I had waaay too many.

                          I took the Partner on a walk-about with me. There's a new Middle-Eastern store that opened up in town, and I wanted to see if they were open/what their hours were. I hope they have za'atar; that shit is the bomb, and I haven't had it since Israel.

                          Today, I plan to IF till noon'ish time (asides from morning cup of coffee) and then have my meat chili with avocado and roasted veggies. Dinner will be my triple chicken pinwheels in tomato sauce. Need to get into the rhythm of using the new kitchen, because I've been eating out waaay too much.


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                            Did you make the orange chicken curry? I would love a recipe.


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                              perfect idea... freeze the chocolate in a hunk of ice... lol you can primally smash it all up to get at it if its a crisis.


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                                MeatMe- I did not make the curry chicken (and it was waaay too sweet because of it). I think if I were to make it, I'd use a recipe like this one:
                                4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves or thighs
                                1 (18-ounce) jar orange marmalade
                                1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder
                                1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
                                1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
                                1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
                                1/4 cup chicken broth
                                (all to be tossed in a slow cooker) But I would sub in oranges for the marmalade (juice and possibly zest at the end of the process).

                                Bedouin- I think if the chocolate was encased in ice, I would cry. A lot.