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  • Primal Challenge Journal (void_provocateur)

    This is my first post, kinda late, but better late than never. My goal has more to do with living life than losing weight but I will be using my weight issues as a benchmark. These are my stats as of July 31st:

    Height: 5'11.25" (want it to be 6' or 6'2" so bad)

    Weight:310.6 Lbs



    Wrist: 7.75 (wow, both big boned and fat)

    BMI:43.01 (apparently I died years ago)

    Bodyfat %: 38.6% (refer to BMI)

    Resting heart rate (after wake-up):71

    Clearly I am quite grotesque (I say this in good jest)

    This is just my introduction, I will start posting up my eating and exercise choices tomorrow. Also, I started the primal challenge already, I just now got around to putting this up

    I will not weigh myself or take any measurements again until after the challenge as my benchmark. My goal is to get active, play, workout my brain (not hard, I'm a complete nerd), eat primally, get great sleep, wake up early and without alarms, and did I mention the have more fun part?!? Really, I intend to laugh a lot... and if I laugh just once, consider the challenge a success... It's been a rough year...s

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    Good luck with the Primal Challenge VP. And here's to you laughing a lot this year.


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      Thanx mate.


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        Before I get started, I want to say what I decided will be my brain exercise. I am teaching myself to speak Esperanto, the constructed language that they hope will become a universal second language. I am also devoting myself to mastering Go/Wei Chi. add to that the fact that I'm a grad student and I'm pretty sure I have the brain exercise part down pat.

        Okay, so this is my second entry. I decided that at the very least I would only eat when I'm actually hungry and stop eating when I'm full. As it turns out, my body kinda likes the intermittent fasting schedule because i only really get hungry for one meal, and sometimes that one meal gets split into two meals in the space of an hour or two. So here is what I have eaten today (my one large meal):

        8 oz Salmon prepared on a skillet with coconut oil

        Two large fried eggs in omelet with swiss cheese (slice), onion, tomato, a sprinkle of cinammon

        3 cups of mixed greens plus 1 cup of spinach and 1oz of almonds and 1/4 cup pieces of chicken

        1/8 medium sized cantaloupe and 1/4 cup of frozen raspberries for dessert.

        According to this adds to 1,310 calories. It consists of 88.7grams of fat, 81.8 grams of protein, and 51.5 grams of carbs. I got 59% of my calories from fat (mostly coconut oil), 25% from protein, and 15% from Carbs.

        Not perfect but not awful either. I am bothered by how few calories I am eating each day, because this is a pretty run of the mill amount of calories now that i only eat when hungry and thus only once a day. I should add that this meal made me very full.

        For activities: I took a two hour walk before sunrise (woke up without an alarm) finished just as the sun rose... tired? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes! rarely see the sunrise anymore. Later in the day, did a ten minute jump rope routine. 30 seconds maximum effort, 30 seconds rest. a couple of times I didn't make 30 seconds, and a couple of times I had to rest for up to a minute, but I felt the sweat.

        Unfortunately I only had a weighted jump rope... my muscles are burning as a result. So far I haven't found much reason or occasion to play, but I am having fun. I couldn't stop smiling during my walk and I think I might have laughed once. Though I can't, for the hell of me, remember what at or why. SO that's my day. i know it's early but I have no more meals, and I might take a leisurely walk later in the evening for 30 minutes or an hour, but other than that...

        It's friday and every geek knows friday is scifi day on tv. Even though the scifi channel sucks now, we've been conditioned over the years to expect quality scifi shows every friday evening in an approximately 3 hour block. Geek Power!


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          Okay so I misbehaved today. Pancakes with blueberries and two fried eggs for brunch. A three hour nap. Handful of almonds. I am just being so random today. I haven't worked out today, not even sure if I will.

          Woke up this morning at around 8 but felt so lethargic and just stayed in bed for a while. I've been dull and sluggish all day. Such a difference from the past two weeks. I figure, if you're doing everything else right, then listen to your body. I just needed the rest.

          The carbs in the pancakes (okay you got me, I also had ONE macadamia nut cookie) knocked me out. I haven't slept like this during the day in a few weeks. I am going to try and take a walk this evening, just for the air. I had planned to do a jump rope/sprint training session today for 10 or 15 minutes, but I'm really just feeling very blah right now. It's only 6:33pm so I might get that boost.

          I have decided I am going to fast tomorrow. Only herbal tea all day, and spend the time meditating and relaxing. Might even pop in one of my sister's yoga dvds. All in all, I don't think this has been a very primal day, but 80/20. I've been living right for 2 going on 3 weeks now, one off day is only a problem if it turns into 2, then 3 then... etc.


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            Okay, been gone a minute so here is my update:

            I misbehaved during the weekend. Pancakes led to spaghetti etc. I noticed the difference though. My first migraine in weeks (I used to suffer from chronic migraines until going primal), I was bloated, and my sleep cycle has been thrown off from an inability to sleep at night. Also the cravings for everything were intense.

            Back on the wagon ended up fasting on Monday to try and clean out my system. I had excess energy so I did a ten minute jump rope routine (30 seconds max effort, 30 seconds rest), followed by a leisurely 30 minute walk and then the same jump rope routine again. On Tuesday I did a little lifting in the form of total body routine for 30 minutes and then went for a leisurely hour long walk. Didn't eat much on Tuesday either, didn't record anything but I know it was all primal based and very little. By Wednesday morning (today) my stomach felt good. I didn't do anything strenuous, just a 30 minute walk, and went back to eating when I'm hungry, stopping when I'm not. Which, as usual, turned into just one large meal.

            Here is my meal for the day.

            12 oz Beef sirloin on a skillet

            1.5 Tbsp coconut oil (1 tbsp for skillet .5 for eggs)

            2 large eggs fried

            2.5 oz almonds (over the course of the evening)

            2 Cups Raw mixed salad

            1 Cup spinach

            1 medium wedge of cantaloupe

            1 slice of swiss cheese

            0.5 oz slice of cornbread (with more sugar than was necessary. ugh!)

            According to fit day I consumed: 1,431 calories for the day. 115.3g Protein, 93.9g Fat, and 38.2g Carbohydrate. This means I got 57% of my calories from fat, 33% from Protein, and 10% from Carbohydrates.

            Not a bad day. Also, this is the largest amount of calories I've had in a day since going primal. most of it came from the 12 oz of sirloin beef I made. I usually fall to about 1,100 to 1,300 in calories. I think this is good. I always feel like such low calories will carry a cost. I am trying to find ways to get in more calories as my body demands more in the future, but to be honest, I'm unconcerned. I'm eating when it moves me to and trying not to get too focused on time and amount. In other words I am trying to act natural and just chill.

            I finally think I am mentally ready to graduate from jump rope sprints to actual running. Even though jump ropes extract more effort from you, there is a psychological aspect to actual running that I've been trying to overcome. I shall try tomorrow, or if my muscles are still too sore from my Tuesday workout, then no later than Saturday.