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F*$# Cancer - I will not be a statistic

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  • F*$# Cancer - I will not be a statistic

    Life is too precious to end early. My mom fought off Breast Cancer 16 years ago only to have it return two weeks ago in her blood, floating around her body looking for a place to set up shop. And the list goes on. Paternal Grandmother died of Bone Cancer, Maternal Grandmother from Stomach Cancer, Great Aunt from Lymphoma, Aunt from Breast Cancer, 9 of my grandfather's 11 siblings died of one form of cancer or another. My dad has had surgery for Melanoma as well as for prostate cancer. My brother and I have both had multiple skin cancer surgeries for basal cell carcinoma. I have to end this cycle here and now, I don't want to die of anything but old age.

    I am the king of "last supper's". I can't remember how many time I have said, "OK, this time I'm going to pig out, but never again", only to end up back at the same place stuffing my face with all the wrong foods until I need a wheel barrel to cart my ass out of there.

    11 weeks ago I raced an Xterra MTB triathlon and my knee hurt pretty bad afterwards. Long story short, my knee surgery for a loose flap of catriledge went pretty well but the recovery has taken FOREVER. My dream of qualifying for The Western States 100 mile run have been dashed (for now) and all I can do is hope to be able to run again soon. Heck, just walking without a limp would be progress right now. I did get back on my bike today but I am very weak.

    I am a candidate for Level II USA Triathlon coach certification that is coming up in October. I am embarrassed to be seen with my "metabolic syndrom" AKA "beer" gut in a swimsuit at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs if I am selected to particiapte. Class is in 8 weeks, I want to be more fit and ready to strip to my jammers with confidence by then. I may not kmake it all the way to my goal by then, I am a realist, but it sure would be nice to make a big dent in my goal by then.

    I bought a copy of the primal blueprint about 8 months ago, read it, and set it aside. I have been very busy with life lately and didn't think I had time for the primal shift. Now I know I need to make time. The last jump on the Tinita Body Composition Scale (this morning) was SCARY:

    height: 5'8"
    Age: 41
    Weight: 163.6lb
    Body Fat %: 27.2
    Muscle Mass: 113.6lb
    Metabolic Age: 50
    Viceral Fat rating: 10

    MY 20 week goal is:

    Weight: 140lb
    Body Fat %: 15% or less.
    Metabolic Age: At least my actual age (42 by then)

    Here's to making a positive life change.


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    Hugs. Good luck fighting off that **** cancer.

    Um, maybe you should not push yourself so hard right now? Have you read Mark's accounts of pushing himself too hard? Just saying.
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    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      You are at the right place, the right time and making the right decision..... good goals..... keep with them, stay on track and remember that this forum and your journal will open you up to a very wonderful and supportive community of fellow Grokkers...... we are behind you 1001%

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        Welcome!! Good for you for taking the time to make a change -- I also found this WOE due to cancer fears (in my case, I had a C-Reactive Protein test of 12.5, and that level of underlying inflammation is a huge risk factor for cancer) ... I don't know if it is helping yet (been doing it 5 months) but I FEEL soooooo much better and many of my other little ailments are going away so I think this is the right way


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          Just got back from a weekend with my entire family, and I mean ENTIRE family. We had 33 people from four generations running around my parent's property. Forgot to mention to Mom that I had gone primal so she had Lasagna, garlic bread and a salad on tap for dinner. She was feeling rather tired from having her chemotherapy port installed and a drain in her lung installed on Friday so I sent her upstairs to relax and took over the kitchen. I put the lasagna in the oven and went to work on a salad that would basically feed me for the next two days. Dark Leafy greens, scallions, carots, mushrooms, snap peas, bean sprouts, shaved almonds, kiwis and strawberries. The funiest part was the running commentary from my Aunt (dad's sister) as I made the salad. She was commenting on all the ingredients and wondering when I was going to be done adding new one's. We got on the subject of food and she was extolling the CW against my choice of two to three eggs a day because of the high cholesterol and a lot of nuts because they are "so high in bad fat". At least we didn't talk about politics because I was outnumbered 3:1 by two "birthers" (my parents who learn everything they know about politics from Pat O'reily and Glen Beck) and an old school Reganite. Dinner went well, nobody noticed I didn't touch the garlic bread ( a former huge vice) or the lasagna. Unfortunately mom didn't eat much either. This was to become a worrisome pattern all weekend. Saturday was the family picnic. It was not the perfect primal feast, but it sure was better than most picnics. I settled in at the helm of the BBQ and cooked up 4 tri-tip steaks, a dozen chicken thighs and 10 or so breasts for everyone. Lots of fruit salads and meat dishes arrived and before long I had a plate filled with primal "style" foods (not organic of free range but it was better than nothing. I did break down and have four beers throughout the 6 hours of grazing and talking with releative I hardly ever see.

          Exercise is going slowly, I am only 8 weeks post surgery on my knee for a loose flap of cartiledge. It will pick up soon, my knee still buckles on me for no reason from time to time and it pops when I go up staris with too much weight on it for now. I am walking the dogs a lot more now and have hit the pool and the lake in the past week. Slow and steady she goes.

          Leaving for Canada in three days to cheer for my wife who is competing at Ironman. Then it's back to the folks house for Labor day to spend more quality time with mom. This weekend I learned the doctors are giving her a 40-50% chance of surviving the 6 months of chemotherapy that starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. First weekly weigh in is tommorow too. Wish me success!


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            Vitamin D could change everything for your mom.

            And for you.


            see my sig line's d doc.

            Wishing you the very best

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              Just recovering from surgery for breast cancer, treatment plan still to be decided, probably chemo and radiotherapy so reading all I can on diet and what I should or should not eat to support my body through this and for the future. I have read that cancer doesn't like an alkaline environment and can't seem to find any info if the the primal diet is more alkaline than acidic. Take Vit D and eat a healthy diet although I must say it probably has been a bit grain heavy in the past. Would be interested in any thoughts or experiences people have.


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                Keeping good thoughts out for you and sending big Grok hugs and support your way!

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                  There is some evidence showing that a ketogenic diet is absolutely beneficial in this case. I'll see if I can find the info I had on this.

                  Remember, a biologically appropriate diet is always the best one. Always. The Primal Blueprint is biologically appropriate.

                  See (D Action study) for information about the reduction in breast cancer recurrence with optimal levels of vitamin d. Be sure to maintain your D levels around the middle of the reference range per LabCorp or ZRT....65 ng/mL.


                  The Vitamin D Thread

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                    Home from Ironman Canada where I did pretty well until race day and hung out with old friends and ate a bunch of pizza and drank far too many beers. My wife had a tough day out there in the wind and rain. When you are up at 4:00AM and don't get to sleep until 1:00AM the next day, your mind is not as powerful to control your urges for comfort foods (pizza and beer for me). I decided to just let it ride rather than beat myself up, knowing I would be traveling home soon I let myself have some bad food choices until I was back on US soil. My house sitter left beers in the fridge and that will be my test. Can I leave them there, nice and cold and ready to drink while it is 90 degrees outside? Or will they suck me in? I have decided to leave them there as a test. My birthday ios September 19th so I will leave them until then and have one as a birthday present. As a former brewer and cetrified beer judge, this is the hardest part of going primal. I so enjoy a cold beer on a hot day.

                    Update: Very little weight loss while on vacation, not too surprising. BF% is down another % though. Mom had her first Chemo session last Thursday, went OK but she said it burns from the inside.


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                      Great news this morning! I have been accepted into the USAT Level II Triathlon Coaching Program. In October I get to spend 4 days at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs learning from the best and practicing my coaching skills with an elite group of coaches and mentors. Only 20 coaches per year are selected to particiapte in the program so it's pretty huge for me to have been selected. That's even more incentive to get a lot more fit in the next 6 weeks so I don't stick out like a sore thumb amongst the fittest of the fit at the OTC. Went 100% PRIMAL on September 1st and there's no turning back. I'm going to give it 6 good solid weeks of "by the book" primal living before I re-evaluate my progress and decide if I want to continue down that path in the long term.


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                        Congratulations Karma! That's very exciting.

                        I am sorry about your mom's cancer. My mom and my daughter both had cancer and it sucks. It's hard to watch the ones you love suffer so much.


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                          Long time since my last entry. Mom is doing well on Chemo but she is getting very tired. I got her to step up the supplementation with some very high quality nutriceuticals my wife gets through her nutrition consulting business. It should at least reduce free radical damage from the drugs.

                          My weight loss and fat loss took a turn for the worse last week but I'm back on track. I went away for 4 days with my childhood friends for some serious "man" time. We went through countless beers and rounds of ammunition while camping in the sierras southwest of Lake Tahoe. By default (beers), I went back on Gluten for a few days and really noticed how bloated I felt afterwards. That and the tortillas, pasta and breads they guys all brought killed me. I felt ill for two days when I got home and was up 4 pounds and 2%BF in 4 days according to my scale. I am going with the theory that I am dehydrated from drinking all week and the 20% RH in the air all week too. Coupled with the bloat from the gluten binge, what was I supposed to expect? Hey, I only see these guys once a year, I can binge for a few days. Call it my 20%, just all in one week!

                          Just before going away on my trip I had a consult with my knee surgeon and he basically told me I was being a pussy and needed to get into the weight room and seriously build strength in my atrophied leg or my knee cap will never track properly. So last night was my first trip to the weight room in I don't know how long. I almost forgot how to lift its been so long. Started out with the smith machine in front of a mirror and could immediatly see I was compensating heavily and my hip was tracking way off center during squats under load. It's going to be a hard road to travel but I have to do it, I'm not done for. My running career may be on it's sunset voyage, but my cycling and XC skiing appear to be on their way up!

                          My rollerskis arrived this week but so did triple digit temperatures. The heat is supposed to break this afternoon so I plan to go out on Friday to give them a test run.

                          Still trying to make this work.


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                            Week 6 is in the books. No stellar weight loss or fat % reduction to speak of. I do however feel a bit better. And the 4 pounds I was up last week from my party session with the boys is already gone. I'm sure it was the gluten that did it. I have seen it do that to me before. I finally got off my ass and started pushing my knee rehabilitation a lot harder. I have seen some tangible results in the past few days but the knee is still "clicking" (knee cap not tracking quite right yet due to imbalance in different quad muscles). That rollerski sesion last week, combined with my first heavy lifting set really was a bit too much. I will do one or the other on opposite days going forward. I had to take 3 days off just so I could walk right.

                            This Wednesday my gym is bringing in the water tank truck for a submersion body fat test. I have decided to do it. My tanita scale is just all over the place. One day it's 23% BF and the next day its 26%. Too dependant on hydration levels to be very useful. TZhe gym has the dunk tank guy coming every 3 months so I will use that measurement for my tracking purposes.

                            I have pretty much decided that the Primal way is overall the right way but I have had to scale back my expectations. I don't have a ton of recomposition to do or a huge weight loss goal (12-15 pounds) so seeing big results in a short time is not going to happen for me. I came into the PB lifestyle with a quick results arttitude and have re-shaped it into a more long-term approach. For me its not about 30 days, its more about 6 months. Small measurable results over time will be fine. I just need to keep plugging away.

                            Mom had to stay overnight in the hospital last week to have her lung drained again. Doctors are thinking of injecting chemo drugs directly into her drain tube for maximum effect at the site of the cancer. Her chemo is in round 3 of 6 before a re-evaluation and possible more rounds. She really started losing her hair this week but she has found a support group that is being really great to her. I worry about dad though. He has nobody to talk to locally about what he is going through. He bottles so much of his emotions up inside. That stress can't be good for him either, he's also had two kinds of cancer himself in the past 10 years.

                            Three weeks until I go back to the doctor for another blood test to see if my cholesterol and tyroid markers are good. I'm not worried about the Thyroid so much, I've been doing fine on the replacement hormones for years now. I'm worried that if my cholesterol does not drop that the MD will want to put me on meds. We had an agreement that I would try non-prescription methods first (red rice yeast & diet). I hope that's working!




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                              Week #7 done.

                              Got back to lifting heavy things this week. Currently doing a lot of twisting, pulling, pushing and core work for now. I am a bit surprised that I am such a weakling, but my knee surgery in late July really set me back a ton. I want to put that episode behind me. Going for rollerski #2 this morning after breakfast. Shooting for about 7 miles this time. It perfectly targets my weak quad that has shrunk following surgery.

                              I coach a team of triathletes and they are in for a suprise next season. I just bought a 100' polydacron 1 1/2" rope for some serious tug of war in training. (40 athletes should make this FUN). I am also developing a strength program that uses no wieghts for the team next season.

                              Yesterday I ordered new business cards for the coaching business my wife and I are launching in a few weeks. That's going to be a fun venture. I already have three clients who have called me to ask about coaching for next year. The next few weeks we are getting all of the web site details nailed down. I have a 14 year old designing my web site, pretty funny, but the kid is good at it and only charges me $10/hr. He's my next project because I see him slipping down the slope to obesity if he doesn't leave the computer and go play outside. I'm going to offer his mom a deal for his web services in exchange for me taking the kid outside to get him active and having fun.

                              I'm getting really excited about going to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in two weeks. I sure hope I can pass the muster and the tests to gain the certificatrion I'm after. It will really help my business because there are not really very many level II USAT coaches out there.

                              Mom's cancer therapy is going according to plan. Her hair is now completely gone but her spirit is still high. She is a little loopy from the chemo drugs, repeating things she just told me a few minutes ago, but that was expected according to the doctors.

                              Body Fat dunk test was this week. My Tanita scale was reading 23-27% depending on my hydration levels and I wanted a more accurate baseline. It turns out that my dunk test came out at 20.1%. That made me happy, but does show I need to drop some serious fat. My goal is to be at 17% by January (the next time the truck comes to the club).

                              Started really paying attention to my supplimentation this week, making sure to get my EPA/DHA, multi, Red rice yeast and joint relief support in every day. Two more weeks and I go for the blood test to see what changes in my cholesterol might have occurred over the past few months. Keeping fingers crossed.