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    Hi there!

    I'm 30, 5'8" and currently 169 lbs (down from about 175 a week ago--whoa) and 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. I stumbled on Mark's Daily Apple a couple of weeks ago and have pretty much been devouring it ever since. Ditto for the book--bought it at Barnes and Noble this past Saturday, finished it yesterday. I tend to be a glutton for books.

    I started eating primally almost a week ago, on August 12. Well, 80-90% primally, I'd say. With the exception of a half cup of quinoa here and there, and a couple of pieces of Ezekiel toast (on different days), I've kept it to mostly clean meats and fish, fruits, and veggies, veggies and more veggies.

    I have gone on a few walks and lifted weights once, but have been sick with a cold and fatigue (carb flu?) since Saturday, so I'm taking it very slow on the exercise. Still walking, but that's about it.

    I'm a little concerned about the weight loss--I don't need to be losing weight at this point, but it's not to a dangerous point. I checked with the midwife at my prenatal visit and she wasn't concerned. Interestingly, when I handed her the Food Diary I had filled out 3 weeks ago, when I was still "faithfully" (in CW terms) eating whole grains every day, her remarks were, "Looks pretty good overall, but you might want to switch out some of the starches for more vegetables." My protein intake was on par with the 70g/day they recommend, but I've ramped it up over the past few days--I think. Up until now, I haven't been writing down or calculating anything, except on 8/12 when I racked up 148g protein (but also 157g carbs--had quinoa that day.)

    So I just finished logging on what I will have eaten today, after I finish my calf liver/hard-boiled eggs concoction. (I'm on a mission to make liver not taste like liver!)

    Calories: 1,939
    Fat: 132.7
    Carbs: 79.4
    Protein: 120.3

    I'm amazed at how hard it is to eat this much! I'm pretty sure I used to eat 2500-3000 calories a day without thinking about it, when I ate grains with abandon.

    Supposedly for my height, weight and activity level, I should be getting around 2500 calories/day to grow a baby. But that's according to, and I don't know how comprehensive that analysis is. Also, I've been under the weather today and mostly resting, so maybe it makes all the sense in the world that I couldn't choke down more than 1939 calories, especially since the ones I had were nutrient-dense.

    The nutritional concepts presented on MDA and in The Primal Blueprint book seem very sound to me, even as a pregnant woman (maybe especially as a pregnant woman.) But I know I'm taking a minority path here. I'm glad to see other primal pregnancy journals here!


    P.S. My due date is 2/19/10. Maybe a Valentine's Day baby! I'll be delivering at a birthing center this time.

    Here's what I ate today (really, it was a lot!) Almost everything was organic.

    B: 3-egg scramble with sweet onion, red bell pepper, mushroom and about 1 oz shredded pepper jack cheese. 1 cup (8 oz) decaf coffee with about 1/4 c 2% milk. (I have heavy cream waiting for when we're done with the 2% milk--exciting!)

    S: 20 or so bing cherries

    L: 1 can sardines in olive oil (surprisingly good and easy!), 20 almonds, 15 or so picholine olives (Olives are one of my all-time favorite foods that my husband thinks is gross.)

    D: 2 c spinach, chopped Roma tomato, 1/3 chopped cucumber, raw milk alpine cheese (similar to Gruyere), 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice
    3 oz pan-fried calf liver chopped with 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1 tsp yellow mustard

    S: 3/4 c sauteed kale with mushrooms and garlic--yum!

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    Today's been good so far. I feel a lot better after a great night's sleep, and my 1-year-old daughter seems to be over her bizarre fever/rash bug.

    Calories: 1730
    Fat: 107.3g
    Carbs: 104.0g
    Protein: 106.9g

    I made this calf liver and hard-boiled egg concoction with a bunch of yellow mustard, and it tasted like vomit. I had to throw it away. So, no liver today. Went for a can of tuna instead--easy quick (cheap) protein and a few Omega-3's.

    I'm only allowed 6 oz of tuna per week during pregnancy though, for fear of mercury contamination, so I'd better come up with a few more go-to protein foods.

    Lunch was a grass-fed tasty chuck roast stir fry with sweet onion, snow peas, mushrooms and some cut-up leftover broccoli stems in coconut oil, allspice and tamari. I figured Grok wouldn't throw away the broccoli stems, so why should I? They were good, I'd definitely use them again.

    I'll be 14 weeks along tomorrow, so just one more week until the 2nd trimester. Hooray! Maybe I'll get a nice energy boost. All this clean eating has to pay off someday.


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      Sorry your concoction didn't work out but glad you had something else that was quick and easy. Keep up the great work!

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        Oh yay! A new pregnancy journal! My journal still has "pregnancy" in the title but I haven't been pregnant for a few months. It will be fun to follow your journal. And congrats on reaching the 2nd tri. I think I started my journal around that time, after my icky 1st tri tiredness wore off. Congratulations and good luck. I'll be really curious to hear about how you do with weight lifting. I credit a lot of the good things about my pregnancy to my regular heavy weight lifting.


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          Ooh, yay, comments!

          Thanks for the comments, slesca & tawfunguy! I appreciate the encouragement. Slesca, I have read parts of your PB Journal and enjoyed following your pregnancy. I need to track down the very end of your pregnancy in your journal and see how things went for you leading up to delivery, on the big day, and in those crazy days that follow.


          Yesterday I did my usual (well, 3-4 days a week usual) stroller walk around the 1/2 mile park in my neighborhood. Then yesterday evening, having forgotten about the walk, I tried out my new Prenatal Yoga DVD. It was great and I'm sure I'll make it part of my exercise repertoire throughout this pregnancy, but I did something to tweak my left knee. (So much for "Avoid Stupid Mistakes"!) Fortunately it doesn't seem like a real injury, just something out of joint (probably originating in my left hip, a problem area for me). I didn't feel any productive pops until about 10AM this morning, but then happily I felt a few hip pops and it seems to have mostly righted itself. To be on the safe side, I made an appointment with my Myopractor. Couldn't hurt to have an "alignment" done anyway, especially with that lovely pregnancy hormone relaxin flowing lately.

          I am feeling much more energetic and just plain happy today than I've felt over the past week. I'm not sure it's time to get excited about PB paying off yet, but I'll take today for what it's worth.

          I would LOVE to start lifting heavy things today. Maybe I will do a short isometric workout when my husband gets home from work tonight.


          That reminds me, I'm supposed to be making Beef Bourguignon tonight for DH and my brother Geoff. It will be my first primal meal shared with someone other than DH or my daughter, so I'm excited--and hoping the absence of starches/grains will go largely unnoticed.

          I've been pretty good today so far. Woke up starving at 4AM and helped myself to some organic cheese. It wasn't grassfed, but it was the best I could do at Sprouts the other day. Still getting the hang of this and working my way toward the best food options. I'd love to get a deep freezer to handle bulk gf meat orders and a composter to take my gardening to the next level. All in good time I suppose.

          Breakfast was organic cottage cheese with raspberries and strawberries mixed in, and mostly decaf coffee with heavy cream. (Love that stuff.) Got hungry for lunch at 11, so ate rest of leftover sauteed kale with a side of scrambled eggs.

          I'm a little backed up this morning, maybe due to eating more than a little cheese yesterday. (Sorry if this topic grosses you out.) I'm pretty sure I can correct it with generous veggies and a big a$$ salad today. And drinking more water.


          After months of talking about it, I finally busted out one of the 3 blank canvasses I have sitting in the guest room closet and my long-neglected acrylic paints and started painting! I only got a multicolored background done, and am still debating what I want to do for the subject of the painting, but I'm excited to have made it this far.

          AND I went to the library and checked out "El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez last night. That's right, the Spanish-language original. Time to dust off my Spanish and get lost in delicious fiction. I indulged for about 30 minutes before bed last night.


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            Hey, I'm glad you found my journal, but I can give you the short version I delivered 1 day after my due date after a horribly long and exhausting labor. But my weight was back within 5 lbs by about a month out. Since then, my weight has gone down a few lbs, and my body comp has changed for the better. And, I'm waaaay stronger. The main thing that being primal meant for me (I think) is that I a.) healed really super fast, even though I had a few stitches and b.) I never even had a single teary/emotional day. I panicked one day ( when I had a motion due 3 days after giving birth) and I was edgy a couple of days after only sleeping for 4 hours.

            Anyway, enough about me. This is your journal! I'm totally jealous of both your spanish language knowledge and your art ability!


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              Nice surprises

              @slesca: Wow, that's great to hear about your fast recovery from one hell of a labor AND incredibly fast return to pre-pregnancy shape. That alone is enough to keep me going in this!

              Besides, the strength and health you developed going Primal must have helped you (and encouraged you) through that labor. You didn't end up with a C-section, did you?

              My first baby was induced (never again!) and I was in labor for 14 hours, after being starved and kept up all night with beeping gadgets, that stupid blood pressure cuff going off every 10 minutes, and nurses checking on me all the time. This next time will be as intervention-free and natural as possible, in a birthing center. (I realize 14 hours is pretty average and many labors go 24 hours+, especially if allowed to.)

              I love that you didn't find yourself teary-eyed either. I had PPD with my first, and probably cried daily during the first month post-partum. It would be wonderful not to repeat that. Besides, I won't have time for that, caring for a baby and a toddler.


              Today was good for the most part. Met up with a couple of former co-workers for lunch at Chili's and had the Asian Salad, minus the wontons. It was delicious but then again, I can't be totally sure what was in that dressing. There might have been some sugar or other devious ingredients.

              Last night's Beef Bourguignon turned out delicious, but between doting on it and chatting it up with my brother, I didn't even think about working out. I had walked in the morning at least.

              Today I walked again, but still nothing else. I hereby declare that I am letting myself off the hook for this. I'm just starting the PB path and I'm pregnant, so if I want to ease into these good habits, I have the right to. I'm sure I'll enjoy lifting heavy things the PB way when I get around to it. Maybe this weekend will be the auspicious time to begin.

              I got showered with compliments by my former coworkers. They remarked at how much better and healthier I look now. Working there held a lot of fond memories for me, but the culture was terrible when it came to promoting healthy habits (in terms of food, exercise and a healthy balance in life.) It was a very "Korg" place to work.

              I haven't felt like tracking things for the past couple of days. I'm making good food choices and my weight has stabilized, so I trust things are going well. Today I tried on some pants I didn't come close to fitting into last time I tried. Voila, they fit! A bit snug, but I can fasten them and sit down. Even pregnant. Amazing.


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                I did it! I finally did a Lift Heavy Things workout this morning.

                I started with a 10-15 bike ride around the neighborhood, which was enjoyable in and of itself. I even sprinted the last 1/8-1/4 mile uphill to my house. Whew!

                At home I cranked up the "Faith No More" radio on Pandora and did:

                2 sets 12 pushups (knees--can't do the real ones yet)
                2 sets 1-minute planks (30 sec on toes, remaining 30 sec on knees for both sets)
                2 sets 20 tricep dips
                1 set 7 assisted pull-ups (sort of--I couldn't quite clear the bar with my chin--maybe got my nose over it. I've never in my life been able to do a full pull-up, and I look forward to that day with excitement.)
                2 sets forward-leaning lunges (this technique was taught to me by a trainer and does a great job of making that front leg work, from butt to calf)
                2 sets full squats
                1 set 20 "doggie pissers" (I don't know the real name of the exercise, but it's a single bent leg raise on all fours.)

                I was suitably exhausted and exhilarated after this 30-minute workout, and felt like it was sufficient for a first day.

                "More vegetables" is my diet mantra today. So far so good.

                DH, DD and I are headed out to Bull Creek to splash around in some cold water this afternoon.


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                  Somehow it hasn't been hard to give up the grains and starches... until today. I woke up dreaming of toast. Dang it.

                  I believe in this enough to resist, for now, but what do you do to keep the bad carb cravings at bay?


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                    Off Day

                    Yesterday I felt sore from my first LHT workout the day prior, but otherwise energetic and good. Today I woke up with a stuffy nose and haven't quite felt right yet. I have a headache that didn't go away with food or a small dose of caffeine.

                    I treated myself to TerraBurger (organic burger drive-thru! Austin rules!) and had a Hill Country Burger, sans the bun, and 2/3 of an order of sweet potato fries. So I guess that means I did cave and have a bit of starch.

                    Also, the scale is inexplicably back up several pounds today. Huh? I think I need to just put the scale away for a week or two. It isn't helping and my goal shouldn't be to lose weight at this point anyway.

                    Last night I had a lovely moment when I tried on an old favorite pair of pants, you know the rare ones that make your butt look great, and for the first time in two years, I was able to zip and button them. They're tight. But I got them on!

                    I need to stop doing things like that though, because I'm pregnant and inevitably I will grow out of all that stuff soon. I know the tops won't fit, and that's already the case. I need to give up on the bottoms, too.

                    I need to have less ego behind this and remind myself that the whole point is to get healthier so that I can feel better and have more energy to spend on my little growing family.
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                      Just finished a LHT workout. I was planning on doing it tomorrow, but felt inspired tonight.

                      40 wall push-ups
                      10 knee push-ups (might've done more if I'd given myself more recovery time after the wall push-ups)
                      10 chair-assisted 2-leg pull-ups
                      50 bench squats
                      20 elevated jackknife presses
                      10 regular jackknife presses
                      90 seconds hand/knee plank
                      45 secs/side hand/knee side planks
                      20 forward-leaning lunges (my addition to Mark's essential 5 movements--not sure this is essential but it targets my butt, so I'm doing it until I have reason not to)

                      I missed my usual morning walk because I'm now watching my neighbor's 20-month-old on Tues/Thurs mornings. Felt stir-crazy enough to go out in the 100+ degree heat for a short afternoon walk my 1-year-old to the park playground for a swing/slide/play around and eat the gravel session. Does that count as play?

                      I haven't been keeping track, but I feel like I've been overeating for the past few days, even without carbs. I've also been indulging in dark chocolate (70%+) on a daily basis, which I think is a bit much. Oh well.

                      This morning I ate a little lightly just because I didn't have time to eat more, what with getting up late then watching the girls. I don't know how I'm going to find the time to plan or eat properly with 2 kids in the house come February. I guess I'll adapt.


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                        Awesome! Great job!

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                          Thanks TFG! Nice new pic, btw.


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                            Nothing much new this week, so I haven't been posting as much. Here are a couple of highlights:

                            - I went to the Myopractor (like a chiropractor, but a bit more involved, especially with ligaments and muscles) I've seen a handful of times for help with my sciatica-related back and leg pain. It has been months since my last visit and I only went because I felt my left knee go out of joint and stay that way after doing what was apparently too deep a "pigeon" pose in Prenatal Yoga. I had tried gentle range-of-motion exercises to pop it back into place, and although that helped a little, it still seemed a little off. He fixed it easily, and also popped my collarbone back into place (it's always out.)

                            He commented on how much weight I'd lost since my last visit. I haven't really lost that much, maybe 10-15 pounds, but it looks more dramatic than usual. So that was nice. He also commented that my overall alignment was much, much better this time. Hooray!

                            - Today was my regular 6-month dental checkup. I got kudos for good dental hygiene, and they were cool about letting me skip x-rays and fluoride due to my current pregnancy. Interestingly, when I said I wanted to skip the fluoride, the very nice dental assistant who was working on me said in a low voice, "you know, you don't really need it anyway." She went on to explain that we already have fluoridated water and toothpaste, which is of questionable benefit given that tooth decay hasn't shown a decrease since the advent of fluoridation. She also mentioned having read about a link between excessive fluoride use and thyroid problems. Then the actual dentist came in, looked at my prior x-rays, poked around in my mouth a bit and advised me to watch for one spot in my lower gums where the tooth is a bit decalcified, which she called "insidious decay". She asked me to be sure and floss that area well (no problem), and use a fluoride mouth wash and toothpaste. Nice.

                            - My weight's back up in the low-to-mid 170s range, but seems to be staying there for now. I'm not concerned. This is the very beginning of my second trimester and I would expect to start slowly gaining weight soon. If I only gain 20 lbs with this pregnancy, I think the baby will be perfectly fine. I'm sure my body won't miss the extra weight, either.

                            Other than a few more bouts of allergies and sinus pain, I've been feeling good and energetic lately. This week has been more demanding than usual in that I ended up babysitting 3 days in a row, but I was able to take it all in stride, even after a crappy night's sleep Wednesday.

                            There have been a few minor slip-ups, where I ate some of my daughter's Cheerios (gonna get that all out of the house for good soon) and a few Goldfish crackers my neighbor's daughter wanted to share with me. I also had sugared dried cranberries in a salad last night. Other than that, I've been quite faithful to the PB way of eating.

                            I'm enjoying following other people's stories in the Forum and starting to get to know some of you. No shortage of inspiration here!


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                              Okay, so I have this recurring allergy problem that usually leads to a sinus infections after a few rounds. I'm in the throes of one of those nasty buggers now.

                              Being preggers, I am even more reluctant than usual to medicate, but I've had to resort to using Afrin nasal spray and even took one Benadryl to help clear my nose up enough so that I can sleep tonight. Antibiotics are a very last resort for me, as I know too much about the negative effects, and my body in particular doesn't take well to them.

                              I'm doing round after round of breathing in steam from my decaf green tea cup. I'm propping myself up on a ramp of pillows to let gravity help drain my sinuses overnight. Monday, I'll schedule an acupuncture appointment at AOMA (Austin Oriental Medicine Academy). In 2006, I had pretty bad allergies and acupuncture did seem to clear things up in the midst of a particularly bad bout.

                              If you have any tips for clearing up a sinus infection without antibiotics, I'd love to hear them. I think chicken soup will have to make it onto tomorrow's menu.