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    Sunday's weight/measurements (first thing in the morning, next to naked, empty stomach):

    172.5 lbs
    40.5" bust (This is actually growing--one of the perks of pregnancy!)
    31" waist (Measured at narrowest oblique indentation, slightly flexed)
    38" belly (It's gonna keep growing--thought it would be fun to track)
    42.5" hips (Sweet! Lost half an inch in a couple of weeks or less. This is my trouble spot.)
    12" upper arms (I wish I had a "before" measurement for this. I'm guessing I've lost about an inch over the past four months or so.)

    My physique is subtly changing from more pear to more hourglass. Of course, the preggo belly will really take over soon, but that's perfectly fine.

    Allergies (I guess) are still killing me. I made an acupuncture appointment for Wednesday afternoon. It has helped before. The hubs is going to pick up some plain saline mist when he goes to the grocery store for me tonight. (Great guy!)

    Made it through a family visit yesterday, and I think I did pretty well. It helped that we stopped along the way to my parents' house to get beef jerky and raisins to snack on.

    They had:

    Antibiotic/hormone-free 91/9 beef burgers on whole wheat buns
    Sour cream & onion potato chips
    Lettuce, tomato, mustard, red onion
    Coke Zero
    Homemade bread pudding with brandy creme sauce for dessert (I had to excuse myself to give my daughter a bottle during this one. Too tempting!)

    I had:

    A plain burger with mustard
    Extra lettuce & tomato (can't do raw onion)
    Decaf iced tea (unsweetened)
    Raisins for dessert

    I probably had more raisins than a Primal one should, but I considered the visit a successful one.

    It has been 2-1/2 weeks, almost 3 weeks, since I started eating (and to an extent, exercising) primally. I love the way my body looks right now but I'm hoping and praying to feel better soon. I'm fatigued and these allergies are just the pits.


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      Hey AustinMama! Thanks for the welcome on my journal! Sounds like you've got the Austin allergies. Thankfully (knock on wood) that hasn't happened to me yet. If you're ever in the mood to take a walk around town lake (I'm mentally unprepared to call it Lady Bird Lake) - let me know! It'd be amusing to have a partner. --Megs (also in Austin)


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        Confession time: I've cheated a little: I had organic breakfast tacos in flour tortillas yesterday. I had a couple of bottled Arizona teas over the past week, which I knew had sugar cane syrup in them. I didn't realize until yesterday, in horror that they also have HFCS in them. Should have read that label!

        I've had a bite or two of pita chips and tortilla chips here and there, but really only a bite or two. Not the 4 handfuls I used to have.

        My weight dropped to 170.5, which got me a little nervous, and our fridge and pantry are running low on PB foods. I think this added to the unwise indulgences.

        The worst was yakisoba noodles at Fujiyama Steakhouse. The sad part is that I wanted the hibachi grill, but thought it was too expensive for our budget. My husband got the hibachi. I ate some of his, and my yakisoba was very disappointing by comparison. It also gave me my first experience with post-carb bloat that I hear about so much on PB. It was that uncomfortably full feeling. We both had it (my husband's was courtesy of the side of fried rice that came with his hibachi), so we went for a family walk when we got home. The walk did help alleviate the bloat quickly, and we got to stop and feed the ducks at the Quarry (using up that bread we're not eating any more!)

        I've slacked off on LHT and even walks, to an extent, mostly because of this sinus infection that is almost gone now, and without antibiotics, thankfully.

        My husband is reading the Primal Blueprint and getting more serious about following it. This is great, because it makes it that much easier for me to follow it and grocery shop. We went to the Lakeline (formerly Cedar Park) Farmers' Market yesterday and bought a bunch of meat, milk and cheese. The weather was beautiful--first fall-like morning this year--and it was just plain fun shopping there. Talking to the producers was educational. For instance, I found out that dairy farmers in Texas can't legally sell raw milk at markets, but can sell yogurt and cheese made with raw milk. We bought some low-temp pasteurized (140 degrees) whole unhomogenized milk. I'm looking forward to trying it.

        While cravings are popping up more these days, I find myself almost automatically talking myself out of them. Except in the above-mentioned indulgences, that is. For example, yesterday when I was taking the car to the car wash I realized I was super hungry, breakfast had been hours ago, and Schlotzsky's would have been very convenient. I drooled over the idea of scarfing an Original sandwich. Until I realized it was fast food and loaded with bad carbs, unhealthy fats, nitrates and God knows what else. So I talked myself out of it and had a delicious salad with feta and farmer's market bacon at home.


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          Hi AustinMama! I am enjoying reading your journal so far and look forward to following your pregnancy.

          I think it's awesome you are making better food choices and talking yourself out of cheats. I am finding the same to be true for me as well, and it's been very exciting for me.


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            I just wanted to stop by and say that I love how you described going from a "pear to an hourglass." That's the sweet spot of pregnancy, isn't it?! Right before you get the bowling ball look!

            And I can totally *feel* the win that was NOT eating that sandwich. It's the little moments like that that are tough but that feel so good. I still have my junky vices, but for the most part primal food is way better than the other junk. I just have to remember that.


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              Thanks, Slesca!

              I've slacked off for a long time now (2 weeks, I'm guessing) on LHT workouts. Otherwise I've been mostly faithful, walking almost daily and eating primally. Except for this past weekend, when my husband and I went to a B&B to celebrate our anniversary. Even there, I wasn't as bad about eating grains, starches and sugars as I thought I would be. I ate more at the beginning, but realized that now it really DOES make me nauseous and spikes my blood pressure to eat some sugar-laden thing. It's a little disturbing to me that I never noticed or made this connection before.

              Strange that a lot of pregnancy lore tells you to eat something sweet or even suck on a lollipop if you have morning sickness. That must work for some women, though I'm not sure why. It has just the opposite effect on me, at least now that I've been on the primal wagon for about a month.

              We hiked up Enchanted Rock and I was delighted at how much easier it was than I thought it would be! My husband was impressed, too, and even had to tell me to wait up while he caught up with me, huffing and puffing. I'm 4 months pregnant and it was the easiest climb I can remember on Enchanted Rock. I was breathing heavy as we neared the top, to be sure, but never felt like I couldn't keep going without taking a break. We took several short breathers on the way up, but only at my husband's prompting!

              I had a great weekend overall, and these little nutritional and fitness revelations are just strengthening my resolve to keep going with PB.

              Curious to see how this week's prenatal appointment goes. It's on Wednesday 9/15.

              P.S. I check out "The Brain Trust Program" by Dr. Larry McCleary from my local library and just finished it. A lot of Dr. McCleary's advice, really most of it, coincides with PB. Fascinating stuff from a neurosurgeon.


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                I should be tracking things more, I think. In that spirit:

                B: 1/2 decaf coffee with organic whole milk, 16 oz smoothie (organic vanilla yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana, organic whole milk) shared with my 13-month-old daughter, who loved it

                S: More smoothie (8 oz?)

                L: Salad with 1/2 spinach, 1/2 baby romaine lettuce, 2 strips bacon, grape tomatoes, cucumber and bottled asian dressing. No HFCS, but probably more sugar/carbs than I needed.

                S: Celery with almond butter. Oh, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares with mint. Decadence!

                D: Eggs and chorizo with garlic, cilantro, green onions and salsa

                S: More yogurt with fresh strawberries

                I'm pretty sure I'm overdoing it on carbs and dairy these past few days. Will try to exercise a bit more discipline tomorrow.