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Primal Challenge Journal (Munkeeee!)

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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Munkeeee!)

    Hi, I've been eating basically low-carb since Monday with you all, but am going to have to ease in to being truly primal. I'm still drinking sodas, thought chickpeas were good for me earlier this week, am addicted to caffeine for the energy. My goals for this challenge are to weed out these bad habits and hopefully in the process lose a pound a week placing myself firmly under 150#.

    There are things I think I'm already doing right however, like Crossfit 4-5 times a week, loving my Vibrams, and playing in the pool regularly. I gave up on my marathon training after not doing it whole-heartedly and not really enjoying it as much as the Crossfit. I also just started waking up without an alarm this week, which is making me pretty late to work unfortunately (I'm lucky to have a somewhat flexible schedule), but I'm feeling pretty well-rested as well.

    I probably won't keep this perfectly daily, but I promise to check in regularly with the latest in triumphs and travails.


    75# power clean

    175# deadlift

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    I'll start with something that is going well - the Crossfit. Back in April I started working out regularly at a Crossfit gym near work/home. I'd been steadily getting better, more competent at the lifts, plus finding a few strengths among the myriad weaknesses it exposes. I was happy and going 5 out of 6 days the gym was open. It was somewhat addictive. I refreshed the webpage for the workouts sometimes every 10 minutes until it appeared, just so I could obsess over what weight I would use and what time I should shoot for. Perhaps it wasn't very balanced, but it was fun.

    Then my shoulder started bothering me after (though not during) workouts. After about a month of the discomfort lasting longer and longer in my shoulder and working it's way to my nearby elbow, I decided to take a couple of weeks off, only going the days I felt like it, which ended up being only 1 or 2 days. I took it slow and focused on form. I iced and Alleved every night. I played in the pool to keep myself more active, though certainly not as well as Crossfit does.

    My off weeks have helped immensely and I'm back to a 4 day a week workout schedule with appropriate intensity. Yesterday I did a workout as RX'd with a time I'm quite proud of, which is where I'd like to be with everything - in due time. Today I'm only sore the good way, which is even better. Keeping workouts fun is the only way this is going to work over time, and I think so far I'm off to a great start.