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    Sounds like you're off to a great start with a great attitude! Imagine how good you will feel in about 3-6 months! It doesn't usually take that long to feel better, but still.

    I can't wait for the day that I would be comfortable wearing a bikini again, so I hear ya about the loin cloth!
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      Holy crap, amazing results in such a short time! Fantastic about the blood sugar numbers too.

      Keep it up, and make sure you plan to post a loincloth photo by this time next year!
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        Thanks for the support! And heck yeah..... when I am ready to sport a loin cloth I will make sure to post the pics!! hahahahaha

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          Wow such a difference so quickly. Thats great. Your blood sugar is looking good too. Way to go.

          Thanks for posting the pics. It is very motivational. Also, loin cloths, kilts, jousting in armor - all good


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            Looks like you are off to a great start. Grok On!
            Strive for healthy today.

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              Great start! Can't wait to see the loin cloth pictures though
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                You all rock! I mean Grok! LOL Thanks for the compliments and the votes of confidence! It helps tremendously!

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                  PB is awesome, grok on and you'll soon climb trees in that loincloth and hollering like Tarzan.
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                    hahahahaha Thanks Sungrazer! hahaha I have my countdown set for the one year...... however, I have a feeling I might get to that point before the countdown reaches zero! Watch out Tarzan..... TAWFUNGUY is the NEW King Of The Jungle! Aaaahhhhhhahaaahahahahahahahahaa!!! I just gotta make sure I am not like George of the Jungle and hit a tree! hahaha

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                      So, one of my close friends named Mikey contacted me when I made my Countdown to Loin Cloth....... he gave me a lot of crap about it.... all in jest though. But here is the funny thing. he just resigned up for Weight Watchers....... he did well his first round with them but the weight started to come back. I told him about Primal Blueprint but he did the whole humbug thing. However, he said he will also take the countdown challenge and said in 1 year he will join me wearing a loin cloth LOLOL Wanna wager who will look more like Tarzan? Hahahaha! We got our wives to agree that when we do the loin cloth pics that we will do so at Mikey's place which sites at a rivor with some great rocks for us to pose on! hahaha OMG, this is going to be friggin epic and funny as all can be! What in the hell did I get myself in to and now Mikey! LOL

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                        in 1 year he will join me wearing a loin cloth LOLOL Wanna wager who will look more like Tarzan?
                        I have no doubt! Although chances are strong he sees your results and switches to your plan halfway through - PB is a much more guy-like plan, anyway!
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                          WTG on the BG!

                          Congrats on having it to put up the pics. That is nerve-wracking. Awesome progress so far!

                          Good luck to you and your friend. I do hope that he finds PB is better for him. Then you can both Grok the loin cloth pics. Thanks for that, btw. Hubby and I had a lot of fun w/ that and the kilt discussions. <eg>
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                            Yeah, I can see my friend switching over to PB when I drop about 50+ lbs and keep it off. Right now he is really skeptical but what is cool, this is a side by side comparison now between PB and WW. I used to be part of WW and I know how long it took to get results, how limiting and honestly some of their stuff (respectfully) are just really way off base.

                            Now as far as loin cloths..... I found an old (1940's) dear skin chamois that my dad used to clean his airplane. I t is fairly large, not being used.... he has passed a way and it is calling to me..... "wwwweeeaaarrrr mmeeeee...... wwwweeeeaaarrrrr meeeee" So, I think I will do what it says..... THAT will be my loin cloth! Hey, why settle for the fake stuff when I can wear the real! hahahaha

                            Kilts are definitely more manly and I love them..... but I think I will go for the chamois for this challenge and make Tarzan proud! Oh yeah Justin Timberlake.... I WILL bring the sexy back! hahahahahaha

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                              I've done WW, too - and gained weight doing it. Momma lurvs her some PB.
                              ZOMG. If my husband got Primal enough to sport a loincoth!? That might be better since it's his thighs I'm really excited by. Well, mostly.
                              Melissa Fritcher - 330/252/150
                              Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.


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                                AGE: 41

                                HEIGHT: 6' 2"

                                START WEIGHT: 278 lbs

                                CURRENT WEIGHT: 263 lbs

                                GOAL WEIGHT: 195 lbs

                                PRIMAL START DATE: 6 August 2010

                                WEIGHT LOST TO DATE: 15 Lbs

                                TOTAL DAYS BEING PRIMAL: 13

                                MEDICAL ISSUES:

                                TYPE 2 Diabetes, Over Weight (DUH! LOL), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Sleep Apnea, Severe Insomnia

                                Blood Sugar Level (Start): 230-250

                                Blood Sugar Level (Current): 93

                                Blood Sugar Level (Goal Range): 80-90


                                FASTING - Just not in the mood to eat as of yet so I will pick back up for lunch.

                                LUNCH: I am going to make the Bison and Egg Stuffed Tomato for the PB Cookbook as well as couple ribs on the BBQ and will throw on a yellow squash... grilled of course.

                                DINNER: Tonight will be a Grilled Turkey Thigh with Wild Game Seasoning and a touch of Cayenne Pepper and will do some Saute' Spinach with it.

                                SNACKS: TBA Later Today

                                SUPPLEMENTS: 3600mg Fish Oil Capsules


                                Going on a morning walk in just a bit but it will be a short one as I am leaving town this weekend and need to pack!

                                Primal Wall Pushups (20)

                                Primal Wall Squats: (20)

                                Primal Walk: (1 miles)


                                Didn't sleep at all really last night. However, I am up, chipper and motivated to get my day going. I have a lot to do and am looking forward to this weekend. I will be going down to Southern California in which I am the Celebrity Commanding General for a large Paintball War! Woot! I am DETERMINED to remain Primal all weekend and WILL NOT DEVIATE!!

                                COUNTDOWN TO LOIN CLOTH: 351 DAYS

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