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  • Primal Challenge Journal (scru_loose)

    Today i'm intermittent fasting so it's green tea and water until dinnertime when i'll be diving into my huge plate of salmon salad.

    Various bodyweight exercises today, mainly the crazy 8 endorsed by Brad Pillon.

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    Hey dude! Good to have you on here! You should state what you ate and did for workout at the end of each day, it'll be good to look back on at the end of the 30 days!

    Sunday is comming...


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      Ok so Day 1 didn't go too far out than expected. I fasted all day till I got to dinnertime then had a smoked haddock salad wich was truly amazing. Followed by a banana for desert.

      Living with students who decide to go out just for 1 drink is never as innocent as it seems however, as this 1 turned into about 4 or 5.

      Handful of assorted almonds brazil and macadamias just before bed.

      WOD: various bodyweight routines. Off to swim now


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        Day 2

        Breakfast: IF

        Lunch: Cajun chicken and peppers omelette with glass of red wine

        Dinner: Smoked Haddock salad

        probably had about another 5 or 6 beers over course of night as we went out, however i'm starting to take more control over this

        WOD: swimming didn't happen as I didn't wanna go on my own however i did fit in a blinder of the crazy 8 bodyweight circuit :-)

        Muscles are tiny bit sore today so i'll rest and eat as best as possible :-)


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            Day 3

            Felt good about day 3, ate some good food and gave my muscles a chance to recoup

            Breakfast: 2x Green tea, Apple and small handful of almonds

            snack: 3 squares of Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate

            Lunch: onion, garlic, peppers, and cajun chicken omelette

            Dinner: 3x 82% lean pork sausages with mixed veg (broccoli, coliflower and baby carrots) Glass of Red wine followed by just 1 can of lager (better)

            WOD: Only did a 6 minute planks exercise, as I felt I needed to give most muscles a rest.


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              Right, this was potentially my greatest primal day so far until I decided to A, drop out of a window and crack my heal bone ever so slightly, and B, consume copious amounts of lager and half a bottle of red wine.

              2x Green Tea

              Swimming using sprint interval technique for 35-40 minutes

              1 more green tea

              Small handful of assorted nuts

              6x squares of green & blacks 85% dark chocolate

              small orange juice

              82% lean pork sausage with spinach leaves and italian salad with balsamic vinegar dressing

              Copious amounts of alcohol... oh dear.


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                B: cajun chicken, chopped peppers and garlic 3 egg omelette

                L:: Apple and few squares of 85% dark choc

                Snack: couple more dark choc squares and a muller peack and apricot yoghurt

                D: Primal Chicken Phaal Curry with colliflower rice mmmm

                Snack: few more dark choc squares and glass of red wine.

                Not too bad apart from maybe tooooo much dark choc.. will avoid buying this for a week or so when it's gone.

                WOD: none as I've recently gained a small crack in my heel causing me to hop about like a pirate. (hoping it heels soon so I can get back on my bodyweight circuits)


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                  B: 3 Egg bacon, garlic and peppers ommellete with a bit of sea salt and black pepper. followed by an apple

                  L: IF

                  D: Lean pork and jalepino sausages with spinach, salad and mixed veg

                  Snack: assorted nuts, few squares of dark chocolate and half a rasher of bacon

                  WOD: half hour walk/(limp) around a country park, few pull up variations.


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                    Today was another IF day as I felt it was necessary after not doing it in a while


                    B: IF

                    L: IF

                    D: Wild Alaskan Salmon salad with spinach leaves followed by a handful of assorted nuts, 1/2 banana, 2 squares of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine.

                    Later in the night we popped out for just 1 beer :-)

                    WOD: 6 Minute Plank exercise, half hour walk, pull up variations.


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                      DAY 8

                      Feels good to have been going at this for a solid week now

                      It's hard to get any decent exercise in with this crack in my heel bone as it's painful to walk. So decided swimming would be a super substitute and did it for about 30-40 mins in the morning fasted state :-)

                      B: 4 egg omelette, with bacon peppers and garlic

                      S: Eat Natural yoghurt coated bar

                      L: Apple with almond butter

                      D: Chicken salad with large red wine, handfull assorted nuts and 6 squares dark chocolate

                      WOD: Swimming in sprints, and a few pull up variations


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                        Day 9

                        B: Apple and 2 Sausages

                        S: Handful of assorted nuts

                        L: IF

                        D: Wild Alaskan Salmon salad with glass of red wine

                        S: 1 square of dark chocolate, a few cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

                        WOD: few pull ups, not much really as foot is still painful so can't really do too much.


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                          DAY 10

                          If there's one thing i've noticed so far.. it's been a weird sleeping pattern and hard to wake up in the mornings. I'm putting my faith in the PB to pull through and once i'm passed it, have more energy

                          LATE B: small O'juice, banana, eat natural cereal bar, 2 squares of dark choc, 3 egg bacon omelette with peppers and garlic.

                          SNACKING Throughout day: on a few pumpkin seeds, cranberries, 1 Stick of Celery dipped in almond butter

                          Dinner: Smoked Haddock Salad

                          WOD: rest day. I could maybe say a 30 minute walk at tops


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                            Day 11

                            This was a messy day for me... I'm not quite sure why but I was hungry all day, especially when I got in after drinking.

                            B: apple, eat natural bar, 3 egg omelette with canjun chicken garlic, peppers,

                            L: SNACKED frequently throughout the day on dark chocolate, cranberries, nuts and pumpkin seeds

                            D: Huge Piri Piri chicken salad with celery and peppers. :-)

                            About half a bottle of red and about 6 pints of lager

                            WOD: 20 spiderman push-ups


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                              Day 12

                              Today was great. Me and Kane found an organic farm shop really near to where we live and also discovered they run a farmers market every saturday. :-)

                              B: IF


                              D: smoked haddock salad, with spinach leaves and chopped celery.

                              S: we found some organic ice cream at the farm shop we visited, wasn't sure if it was completly primal but almost.. had 3 or 4 scoops just before bed.

                              WOD: had a rest day today, like i keep saying though, can't wait till my foot is better :-)