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    Day 13

    B: Glass of Orange juice, apple and omelette with mushroom, garlic, onion and ginger

    L: IF

    S: pump seeds and cranberries, few assorted nuts

    D: 88% lean pork sausage salad

    S: assorted nuts and cranberries

    WOD: pull up variations and powerballforearm workout (not quite primal, but awesome forearm workout)

    Need to chill out on the snacking me thinks


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      DAY 14:

      B: banana and a 4 egg omelette with garlic, mushroom and onion

      L: assorted nuts

      D: chicken salad with spinach leaves and chopped celery.

      S: assorted nuts

      WOD: Pull up variations, powerball spins


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        DAY 15

        B: Apple, Banana, few assorted nuts

        S: Nuts and pumpkin seeds

        L: IF

        S: Nuts and seeds

        D: 4 Egg Omelette with garlic, ginger, onion and mushroom followed by an organic chicken thigh on the bone

        S: When I got back after work at 3:30am I felt i'd truly earnt myself a beer (was A-level results day and my first day behind the bar of an extrenely busy club so as you can imagine -- it was rammed to the hilt!) snacked on a few nuts and then slept for 9 hours

        WOD: Pull ups - variations of


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          DAY 16

          I felt like fasting today as it was about time again so...



          D: 2 egg omelette with garlic, ginger, mushroom and spinach, bowl of salad on the side

          S: after work i had very few assorted nuts

          WOD: Pull ups, variations


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            DAY 17

            Found an awesome farmers market today which will now most likely become mine and kane's top choice for shopping.

            B: Yeo valley organic apricot yoghurt 450g followed by a 3 egg omelette with mushroom garlic ginger and onion topped with chopped sausages (80% lean).


            D: brocolli colliflower and baby carrots and a glass of red

            S: primal powerball

            WOD: pull ups variations


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              DAY 18

              B: Apple, 3 Egg omelette with garlic, ginger, onion, and mushroom, banana

              L: IF

              D: 2 Chicken thighs, mixed veg (brocolli, colliflower and baby carrots) and side salad.

              WOD: pull up variations + 20 spiderman pushups


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                DAY 19

                Right.. Today MIGHT be the last day I can post before the 1st September as i'm off to reading festival for the rest of August.

                That said, it is inevitable that I won't be able to maintain my aim of 100% primal challenge dedication at a festival where the only foods conveniently available aren't so primally acceptable.

                However, I will be doing my 100% upmost to stay dedicated to the primal lifestyle as I can because i've enjoyed it sooo much more than I expected and mainly because I've done so well. Futhermore i'm now just 9% bodyfat and looking better than ever so of course I don't want to lose that.


                L: Cajun Chicken salad topped with cheese (the cheese wasn't intentional, we ate out and it didn't state it was topped with cheese on the menu

                S: 1/4 of a 450g yeo valley organic probiotic yoghurt and 2 squares of lindts 90% dark choc

                D: cajun chicken breast and a mixed side salad

                S: I got in and had incredible munchies so am not so proud of the next bit....

                2/4 more of my yeo valley organic probiotic yoghurt

                the rest of my lindts 90% dark choc bar


                didn't get much sleep (cause of all the sugar i guess) but have tried to counter it just now by going for a 10 - 15 minute walk to top village park, tried some sprints (twice) but heel still has a crack in and caused waaaay too much pain (probably made it worse - but hey i'm dedicated) did a few pull ups on the goal posts then walked home.

                Today and tomorrow will be my last chance for 100% primal so this is my aim along with a good few bodyweight routines thrown in...

                Good luck to everyone on finishing the challenge, it's been great fun and i've learnt a shed load... Almost finished reading the book now too.

                Grok on!


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                  I don't quite know how i'm finding the time to post this morning, but whatever,, here goes, last post for 5 days

                  B: IF

                  L: cajun chicken salad

                  D: 3 egg omelette with garlic, mushroom, red pepper, onion followed by 1/4 yeo valley yoghurt and an apple.

                  WOD: brisk walk and pull up variations

                  i'm off to reading fest now and had my last fully possible primal meal this morning which was a 3 egg omelette with red and green peppers, colliflower, 80% sausages, garlic, mushroom and onion. mmmmmm

                  it's been fun

                  bye for now