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  • Larsen Primal Journal

    So here's what I have for the week so far:


    1. Reduce bodyfat to 5.0%

    2. Limit grains, dairy, alcohol to 1x/day

    3. Limit diet soda and sugar to 1x/week

    4. 1hr daily without cell phone, e-mail, etc.

    5. Perform strength/core work 3x/week.

    Monday (8/3):

    B - Protein Shake w/ banana

    S - trail mix & cherries

    L - Salad w/ grilled salmon

    S - green drink, fish oil, trail mix

    D - Grilled chicken, vegetables, brussel sprouts, strawberries (w/ ice cream), 1 glass wine

    Workout - Bike: 2 x 20/5 at L4 power on the emotions in my 'new' basement!

    Notes: took a nap in the hammock after work!

    Tuesday (8/4):

    B - Stinger Protein Bar & Banana

    S - Energy drink/gels (on bike), Protein shake

    L - Farm fresh eggs, organic chard, organic bison chorizo, cheese, potato, salsa

    S - Green Drink w/ fish oil, handful of trail mix

    D - Grilled pork chop, sweet potato, strawberries, 1 glass of wine.

    Workout - Bike: 2.5hrs, climb up 151 to Mt. Pisgah and home, in the sun!

    Notes: another 15 minute afternoon nap

    Wednesday (8/5):

    B - Protein shake w/ blueberries

    S - Greek yogurt, blueberries, handful of homemade granola

    L - Salad with sliced chicken, almonds, apple, Omega 3 raspberry vinaigrette

    S - Green drink, fish oil, trail mix

    D - Grilled salmon, sweet potato, salad

    Workout - Bike: 1hr, 4 x 6/2 at LT 55rpm

    Notes: I'm getting really good at these naps when I get home! Jackie (my dog) woke me up today though, by jumping up next to my head and barking!

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    Thursday (8/6):

    B - Eggs w/ ham, cheese, green pepper, onion, bowl of berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

    S - Hammer Bar & Diet Coke

    L - Mixed green salad w/ corn, rotisserie chicken

    S - Green drink, fish oil, trail mix

    D - Date Night w/ Jess! Spinach salad, Ribeye (grass fed, free range of course), Salmon, Brussel sprouts, asparagus (Jess and I split each others), Local beer, Glass of wine, dark chocolate truffle (and for full disclosure I had a few bites of my wife's ice cream from Kilwin's downtown)

    Workout - Cyclocore abs & hike w/ Jackie in Bent Creek

    Notes: My 1hr w/o a cell phone today was in the woods . . . sweet

    Friday (8/7):

    B - Protein shake

    S - Greek yogurt w/ blueberries, Latte

    L - Mixed green salad w/ grilled salmon

    S - Green drink, fish oil, trail mix

    D - Turkey meatballs w/ carrot & broccoli mash: (oh and I'm drinking a beer right now: Highland Gaelic mmm . . .)

    Workout - recovery ride in my new 'torture chamber' while watching Bill O

    Notes: a nice 15 minute nap with my wife when I got home today

    Saturday (8/8):

    B - Honey Stinger Protein Bar & Blueberry scone from the Farmers' Market (not Primal!)

    S - On bike: Energy drink/gels + recovery shake w/ Greens mix

    L - Grilled veggie croissant from the Farmers' Market (I know, not Primal either, but everything else we got was!)

    D - Sushi (there was some rice in there), 2 Highland Organic Cattail Peak Wheats, and a Liquid Truffle from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge

    Workout - 3 hour mountain bike ride in Pisgah on my new bike - Hell Yeah! Check it out here:

    Notes: Read in the hammock, then a nap in between riding and dinner

    Sunday (8/9):

    B - Honey Stinger Protein Bar

    L - Yogurt w/ blackberries and a bit of granola, Supergreen Drink (pre-ride meal)

    S - On bike: Clif Bar + Energy drink/gels + recovery shake w/ Greens mix

    D - Grass fed, free-range steak from Hickory Nut Gap Farm (, homemade coleslaw, sweet potatoe wedges, watercress salad

    Workout - 2 hour Road Ride, my favorite interval route: 3 repeats up the base of Mt. Pisgah

    Notes: Yesterday and today were less than Primal. The weekend, plus working today kind of screwed me up, but no excuses. Not 'unhealthy', just not perfect. The goal this month is to get better!