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  • Yesterday's food log:

    Lunch (12pm)
    • sunshine
    • fresh air

    Supper (6pm)
    • TV
    • nap

    Calories for the day: 0.

    Just a few black coffees and water all day. Hadn't done a fast in a while so I skipped lunch... then at supper time I just wasn't into it. My tongue is bothering me, not sure if it's the dentist a couple days ago or what. Hurts to floss on one side of my mouth. Maybe my mouth is in a little distress from the cleaning or something. Anyway I skipped supper too. Surprisingly I had almost zero hunger. Even this morning I'm perfectly fine. Might just run this right up until supper tonight which would make it a 48 hour fast. I have some meatballs in tomato sauce packed up for work though in case I get hungry.

    Oh and I pooped this morning. WTF? I figured that would have been cleared out by now. Heh. TMI??


    • Bah, cut the fast down to about 40 hours. Had to go home for lunch to do something, and the wife was already giving me shit for not eating supper last night. She'd know if I didn't eat those leftover meatballs and I didn't want the hassle, and throwing away meat was obviously not going to happen.

      Anyway, they were delicious, even if I was not one bit hungry. Funny how that works though, as soon as I ate the 4 meatballs I was starving. Not a lot to choose from - ate a big pepperoni stick and an apple after, then got the hell out of there before I got into the nacho chips or granny's nuts n' bolts.

      I'm at work right now and I'm not gonna lie, ordering a small pizza spent a few too many seconds on my mind than I'd like to admit. I guess this is kind of like that first trip to the can when you're out having beers, you break the seal and you're done. haha