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    I came across this place a few nights back...the next night I bought the ebook and am slowly (snails pace slow) reading a bit here and a bit there.

    This little journey began after Tom Naughton's film 'Fathead' aired here in February or March this year. Since then I've systematically worked my way through various stages, bringing me closer and closer to low carb. However, instead of losing weight I've put it on...entirely my own doing...and lack of knowledge. Improvements come slowly and I had one day last week where I didn't eat anything outside of what I'd planned. Everyday now I'm conscious of what I am choosing to eat...the good and the bad.

    Living in New Zealand, I've always been a butter eater...feeling guilty mostly for enjoying that most bestest of fats that everyone I know now believes is so bad...but who's going to believe in the goodness when told to them by a 100+kg fattie! So, one of my motivations is to prove it can be eaten as part of a healthy diet...and lose weight at the same time. But I learnt from 'Fathead' where my weight gains have come from...and can see how I've managed to gain around 20 kgs in the last my goal is to rid myself of 30 at least. That's about 66lbs...and there'd still be more to lose after that too possibly...depending how I feel.

    So, I shan't mention anything about what I ate today is it's not one of my better food days...looking forward to finding out more about how 'Primal' works and sharing the rest of the journey as I go along.

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    It's Sunday mid-morning after the best night's sleep I've had in a long while! Mind you, after four early starts last week for work, coupled with very little sleep, I'm not entirely surprised I slept so well.

    Breakfast was a couple of slices of toast with butter and jam and the usual cup of partner made it and i don't have the heart to not eat it as it is a rare but beautiful thing! My son and I are off to the market in town shortly to gather our food for the week. Bacon, lamb, fruit, vege and coffee. It's become the Sunday thing to do and has replaced fortnightly trips to the supermarket for a big shop. We now go occassionally during the week to pick up bits and pieces...cream, milk, etc.

    The rest of the day will be eating well, making stuff and relaxing reading some more of 'The Primal Blueprint". Good times.


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      Lunch was better than breakfast: 3 eggs, a bit too much cream and some butter in a scramble...then a cup of coffee with some cream instead of milk.

      I need to bake for lunchboxes this week...and had choc chip bikkies in mind...trouble is I know I will want to eat them until later on tonight I am keeping my hands with some sewing.

      Dinner is begun...I found what looks like an incredible cauliflower crust pizza while checking out a few journals last I bought an extra large cauli to go with the one I still had and it's now cooking away in the first stage. I got a good bag of bacon ends, red capsicum, mushroom and onion from the market to adorn this boy asked if he could use one of the sausages we also got for his pizza...I really should have got some of that salami as well...but there wasn't enough cash available for that this time! Must try for next time.

      Again, today, I've been looking through journals and other forum conversations...clicking on links to blogs and having a look. I can eat this way no worries with a bit of planning...but my kids, well, I have to rethink my approach to school lunches...I was having a bit of a chat to Ben (my boy) on the way home from the market...he's big into Milo and was trying to tell me how good it was for him...I began to try and explain how carbs and sugar works in our bodies for worse...and that I'm trying to get them out of my diet but I also want to be able to slowly move them out of everyone else's diet as well. We have a rather limited food budget and I go over it most weeks. So, more research is required in order to find ways to eat better...lower the usuage of bread as a staple...which is also quite often a snack for after school. My older step-daughter has put on quite a bit of weight lately and is largely inactive these I need to sort this out for all of us to be healthier.

      I am, however, notorious for beginning something and then dropping it five minutes later...this is not something I want to drop...ever. I can't afford for it to be...I need to lose weight. There are no underlying health problems that I'm aware fact, for someone who has always been overweight to varying degrees, I am remarkably healthy! But I won't tempt fate and expect it to last if I carry on...bending over these days is a bit of a hassle and crouching down...well...let's just say I'd rather sit on the floor!

      I can smell the cauli on to the next stage...assembling the crust....


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        Hello!~ One of my guitars is named Andromeda.
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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          Hi TigerLily,

          Great name for a guitar...must tell my partner...he's got a couple.


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            Dinner was interesting. Mark and the girls ate it all up...including one girl who doesn't like cheese...I ate half of mine as it was so large..and I had to call young Ben back to have some more as he was more interested in going back to writing his book! I would definitely make the pizza again...I'm having my left over half for lunch tomorrow.

            Then there was the pudding...we had some rhubarb from last week and got some apples today for a crumble. Usually I make the topping out of oats and flour...tonight I tried a mixture of almond flour and coconut with a small amount of palm sugar. And then covered it in was ok but not stunning...might add some cinnamon next time.

            Over all I've eaten well since low blood sugar shakes...and no baking for tomorrow either. So all in all a good day.

            I've been humming and hahhing about whether to do this or not. I mentioned last night about my weight being over 100 kilos. It's 116. And I want to get down to 90 at there...I've said's out now. I feel better..haha. Not something I generally talk about to anyone...ever.

            And now I'm read more PB...


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              Monday is my day off. I work Saturday so my weekend is Sunday and Monday. Today I had to be at school early for somethng I'd volunteered to do...and last night I had a really lousy sleep...didn't help with the lateness of the hour I went to bed! Anyway, I didn't have breakfast as I usually do and didn't eat until about 11.30 by which time I was getting rather hungry. I ate the leftover half of the pizza from last night.

              I spent most of the day in an odd usual productivity was way down...totally distracted and somewhat disgruntled I decided to go for a drive to get a magazine and some chocolate. I got the chocolate...Green & Blacks back to the car and quickly ate three squares...divine!

              I headed further down the road as by this time the cloud was clearing and the air temp seemed to be rising...and went for a 1km walk....then to the cafe for a carrot cake muffin and coffee...the only thing about going to that park is the great cafe...and my habit of going in every time I'm by myself!

              Dinner was roasted chicken drums, with some kumara and steamed brocolli...which I dipped in the dripping I'd roasted the meat in...too good! I was feeling pretty satisfied by that point. I even made the kids some orange slice for their lunchbox...and only tried a drop of the icing and a small morsel of the biscuit mixture as both are high as the sky in sugar. I shall have to be up early in the morning to make sure I cut it up in to small slices...or it will be gone before I have something better to make.

              My goal for the rest of this month is to finish, or at least get most of the way through, the PB...and then next month I want to have a good supply of recipes to begin weening my lot off the sugary carby crap I've been allowing them up until now. It's one thing for me to change how I eat but it's another to get them off that way of eating too.

              Ben was trying to convince me tonight that dripping and lard are bad fats and carbs are good...apparently one of the boys in his class is an authority on this. So we had to re-explain to him about fat and carbs in a quick cut down must have worked ok because he ate his dinner all up apart from one part of a drum...

              My kids have never taken too much processed crap in their luncboxes...the worst would be a small packet of potato chips...none of those fruit rollups, muesli bars or other rubbish. If they have sweet stuff it is mostly my own baking so I at least know there's no additives in it....even if now I know the flour and sugar aren't good for them either! Oh well, you live and learn. I'm determined though to find better replacements for my baking that wee can all eat to enhance out health...thankfully this website has a good archive of recipes and the forums are a great source of info as well.

              That's my day...and I'm on to Chapter Two...finally!


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                enjoy your day off! did you see the sticky that mark started with all the recipes? check it out
                Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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                  Welcome and good luck!! My twins are going into kindergarten this year so for the first time, all 4 are going to be in school. We are scrambling to find a set of menus for school lunches too, as we can't afford $12/day for their lunches!! We are looking at buying a set of bento boxes (japanese lunchboxes with little containers to keep things separate) and a 10oz thermos so they can take hot stews etc. Check my challenge thread if you're interested, I'll be posting my ideas there


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                    Hi Shannon,

                    No, I hadn't seen that but I was looking through the blog posts at some of the recipes there...I will go have a look...thanks for letting me know!


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                      Hi MikkiB,

                      I like the idea of bento boxes and I'm sure my kids would enjoy that...heck, I'm sure I'd enjoy it!! If I have everything available the kids can make it for themselves...thanks for reminding me! And I shall definitely be checking out your thread!


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                        Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled with butter and
                        Morning tea: handful of almonds
                        Lunch: tuna with mayo and a few almonds
                        Afternoon snack: bit too much of yesterday's chocolate...and a small piece of the citrus slice I made last night
                        Dinner: four morrocan flavoured gluten free sausages...plateful of spinach and some more mayo.

                        Didn't sleep well last night again...awake, asleep, awake, asleep...hate that! Felt really trashed this morning and all day in fact...Mark's working really late tonight and I'm just waitng for him to get home so I can go to sleep...trouble is he probably won't want to! Hoping for a better sleep tonight or I'll be a cot case tomorrow! Was quite short tempered with the kids tonight too...don't like being like that...two have a show tomorrow night and are quite excited about it...although it means a junk takeaway dinner...not sure what I'll do but there must be something I can find in town.

                        I've begun chapter three of PB just barely. Found a recipe for homemade mayo which I have yet to make but will as it must be better than what I'm using at the I'm quite excited about that. Talking more to the kids about it...mentioned the idea of bento boxes and they got all chatty about what they could use...after buying bread and rolls and such...need to be more organised and have meat and vege available to them to use as they would. Some cheese slices, chopped raw vege, cooked sausage or slice of sausage meat, fruit...and make some of those baking recipes I've seen around too.

                        I weighed myself today...well, I do everyday but I'm not obsessive about it...I've lost some weight, a wee bit...yay!

                        Now I'm going to try get some sleep.


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                          Ugh, I hate nights like that - I had one myself last night in fact... slept pretty good for 5 hrs then tossed and turned another 1.5 hr before I got up. 2nd night in a row... maybe it's the weather??

                          One thing you'll notice as you get used to primal eating is you won't need to or even think about snacking. How often and how much you eat is less important than waiting until you are hungry before eating, and stopping when satisfied. Eating this way, is the first time I've EVER forgotten to eat LOL -- in fact some days I never do get hungry, and my only cue that it's time to eat is that I start getting a headache and find it hard to concentrate. that said, don't think that you SHOULD skip meals, either - this WOE isn't about how you "should" eat (besides eating healthful foods!), but about following your body's cues rather than a schedule. At first I had dreadful "food anxiety" and carried around a little emergency kit of macadamia nuts and beef jerky, until I got used to the idea that I wasn't going to be starving and irritable 2-3 hours after a meal


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                            Don't worry about posting your weight. You posted it in kilograms, not pounds, so the Americans -- the majority of the board -- still have no idea how much you weigh. HAHAHA.
                            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                              I had another one like it last night too...I'm not so trashed today as it's been non-stop on the go until about 20 minutes ago, so no time to feel tired.

                              I carry a bag of almonds with me now just in case. My job is retail so I can't just hop off the shop floor and get a snack if I need it, so I eat a handful at morning tea time. I should start adding some vege to my eggs at breakfast...but I've never been much of a morning person and two mornings are early starts...I am going to have to just get to bed earlier because i really want this to work! And for the first time in my life I don't feel as I'm being deprived...I can handle some chocolate now and then...