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    Thanks for the update! Have an incredible day!!!!!

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      Dreadfully much so I came home and had a cat nap...with the cat! Then ate the rest of the G&B chocolate...oh well...I was on a lest I can get back on to it again...unlike previously where I would just give it up as a lost cause and go back to my old ways.

      Breakfast was bacon and eggs again...with coffee
      Morning tea was the last of the banana choc bread and some almonds
      Lunch was the left over half of dinner from last night
      Afternoon tea was the chocolate
      Dinner will be a couple of chicken drums, some yams and onion - all roasted...and some steamed broccoli...hopefully a decaf afterward

      And an early night as I have an early start in the morning. And tiredness was responsible for my cake and coffee last week...although right now it will be going ahead tomorrow as well...or I will wait to take the kids to the park and have far better that Starbucks muck...yes, I shall least there they do gluten free goodness...I'll see how I go. But I'm making it ok now if I do it tomorrow. But then it might just be the tiredness I'm typing I'm fancying a pile of spinach with mayo and salt and pepper...hmmm...better go get dinner.


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        Originally posted by TAWFUNGUY View Post
        Thanks for the update! Have an incredible day!!!!!
        Hey, thanks for continually visiting and offering the encouragement!!!


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          Friday fall off the wagon day!!

          Oh well...tomorrow's another day and it wasn't entirely a total loss anyway...I'm learning slowly as I continue to read The Primal Blueprint....and reading around the forums here just adds to that.

          One thing I really need to do to ensure I am successful at this...get more sleep. I have noone to blame but myself on this one. I have good intentions but they rarely get realised. I went to bed last night at about 10.30...was woken at 12.30am when Mark decided to come to bed...and woke at least once more after that before my alarm had me awake at 5.10am...crawled out 20 minutes later...and left just after 6 for the train station. Thought I'd be smart today and try and not eat until lunch time. By the time I got to work after missing the train and catching a taxi I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to continue with ate potato chips and a chocolate milk as my first food for the day. Then a coffee and carrot cake later. Next I had a small tin of sardines with some mayo at home. Took the kids to the park, did a 2km walk and had another coffee with a blueberry orange almond slice thing - it had no taste of anything really. Dinner was a large lamb chop with salad greens, half a tomato and mayo. Probably the best thing about having eaten better for the last three days is that I didn't have any low blood sugar episodes like I have had in the past. I haven't really even felt hungry. And I don't feel like giving up just because I screwed up one day. Tomorrow I may or may not have breakfast...but I will pack almonds in my bag tonight so I stay away from the chips and milk and cake!

          Something I'm really interested in tomorrow is to see what number pops up on the scale. I've been holding steady all week and although I've gone over 100 grams of carbs today by more than a few, today has not been the only day I've eaten non-primal does contain the most non-primal foods this week by far...but overall I'm getting it down...and I will get it to where I want it to be...but for now I'm working on the sleep thing...and being more resolute about keeping the non-primal things away from my body. Tomorrow is another day and I will conquer this...I've seen plenty of inspiration around here today to keep me going and reminding myself I can do it.

          So I have to go to bed. It's 9.15pm and I'm up at 5.15 again in the morning...yay...oh joy...


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            Saturated Saturday!!

            A handful of almonds at about 9am
            Caved for the carrot cake and coffee again...however, this was the first Saturday in forever that I left out the chips and I'm counting that as a success!
            Six slices of salami
            Pile of spinach and a dollop of mayo
            We went to Lone Star for dinner...I had The Kiwi Joker meal...350gm medium rare rib-eye...a pile of onions and mushroom...miniscule salady thing...big coleslaw...pile of buffalo fries...topped off with 1/4cup whipped butter and garlic, maybe more. I left behind most of the potatoes and coleslaw...but wallowed in the divine garlic butter with everything else! I could eat that quite often! I forgot to add...there were two, possibly fried, eggs atop my rib-eye too...

            Now off to bed...and maybe a sleep-in tomorrow...
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              So I'm having issues with posting here sometimes. I just typed up a great big long post and went to submit it...and got another error message...and lost the entire post!! A whole giant of a post gone in to the ether...oh well it wasn't that important anyway!

              So another short version:

              Son afraid of gaining weight and getting fat - he's 11. Convinced him to go for fried eggs and a sausage for breakfast for now in lieu of his usual Weetbix...I grew up eating Weetbix and a Bournvita for breakfast every morning myself. And he gets hayfever so we're hoping to relieve some of that as we are heading in to hayfever season here. I get it too as does my Mum. Another reason for me to really focus on staying away from grains and sugars of any kind!

              Dinners for the last couple of weeks have been right on primal food...everyone's eating and enjoying it all and they have no idea about what I'm up to...for now I'm happy to have the kids taking a sandwich for lunch but they also tend to eat toast after school as means work for me to figure out a more suitable alternative. I'll get there slowly...and to be honest the more subtle the changes as far as the kids go, the better the likelihood of success for us all!

              Primal baking is my next project. I have coconut flour and a more reliable supply of almond flour. Last week I made the chocolate banana bread from 'Joyful Abode' and am sitting on a couple of biscuit recipes from there I really want to has stevia in it, which I discovered last week is really expensive here...the other honey, which I can accept as I have some good manuka honey in my pantry...and as it's only 2Tbs in a whole batch I'm not going to exclude it.

              My goal for the coming week is to stay well away from any grains and refined sugars...I want to get right off the stuff properly as I think until I do I won't make any headway.


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                Sunday's food and bits:

                Breakfast: a couple of eggs scrambled and a piece of bacon...I was lucky Mark made me breakfast in bed and had noticed I'm not eating bread so asked what I would like!!
                Lunch: I made another bacon, egg, avocado and tomato salad and gave half to Mark...he enjoyed it immensely!
                Dinner: an awful stew made in the crockpot with tomato, a pile of mixed vege and a pile of meat. Again, Mark enjoyed this but I found it tasteless and undesirable...I did them all mashed potato and I made me mashed kumara with cream and butter.

                I checked my numbers in Daily Burn and I really wanted to up the fat some I've made a mixture of butter, cocoa powder, coconut, and cream. It's rich...not sweet...and smooth...but I could only eat a small amount, maybe a tablespoon - which doesn't really do much. A boiled egg and some mayo would have worked just as well if not better!! Oh, well, live and learn.

                I came over all tired just before I'm flagging the baking and going to bed early. I hope trying to get some extra sleep will help. I've also been feeling a bit grumpy this afternoon...found it hard to get warm after getting soaked at the market this morning...they rearranged everything which would be nice on a non-rain day but today there was two inches of water to wade through to get to my egg lady...who has gone from being the closest to where I park my car to the furthest I said usually not a problem even carrying a crapload of vege...but today I was lugging a whole pumpkin as well, making it impossible to carry my eggs without going back to the car and offloading first. I was already soaked enough...and tried to avoid the giant puddle but couldn't so my shoes/feet got soaked even further. Joy.

                No weight loss this week...and no change to my measurements. Must try harder!! That is all.


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                  I forgot to add...last night I was reading about going shampooless. It's something I did for a while before I knew anything about the primal lifestyle. I used the baking soda/cider vinegar combo. Last night I found out about a far easier method and employed it this morning. An egg. I used the egg white on my face instead of the usual scrub...and it worked quite nicely. The yolk went on my hair and it was ok, although my hair is feeling a little lank right now at the end of the day...but it's only the first day of no shampoo...and the one I have been using this year, although expensive initially has lasted me nine months and there's still some left! However, I shall try another egg tomorrow and see what happens...thankfully it's my day off so it doesn't matter if it looks crappy.'s an easy change to make.

                  There is more than one way to go primal!!

                  So there!


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                    Monday Crappy Weather Day!!

                    So no walk for me...I'm looking at the Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook thinking I can do this! Some of it at least. The only one I really don't see a way around at home is the pull-up as I have no bar and nothing I can use as an alternative. I'm not terribly disappointed though...there is a pull-up bar at the park where I go walking so eventually I can add that in...realistically I think I'm better to work on the other four as there's no way in hell I can pull my entire body weight up much at this point!

                    I also have a rowing machine that is badly under-utilised...I just prefer walking. I'm not even going to do the self-assessment and just begin at the first level and go from there.

                    1. Wall push-ups working up to 40
                    2. Wall squats working up to 50
                    3. Elevated jacknife press working up to 20
                    4. Hand/knee plank working up to 90 seconds
                    Hand/knee side plank working up to 45 seconds each side

                    So does that sound. I have a good wall space to use and a good sturdy couch against a wall I can also, let the fun begin!

                    And I bought strawberry plants yesterday! Nice big ones...I have to look after these well...I've bought plants the last couple of years and I think we may have had one decent strawberry out of it all! I am not a was the same with my tomatoes from the last two years. Lettuce I can do and this year I shall plant a double quantity and some indoor spinach. Last year's cabbages are still growing but they didn't come to anything the first time (as with the cauli and broc) and then got eaten down over autumn, but yet they continue to grow although have not managed to develop the heart centre part thing...decorative only it seems! The silverbeet we planted almost a year ago is still going strong...but the smelly guinea pig gets that apparently. This year though I am going to try encouraging the blackberries that grow randomly around here...I love blackberries...and smushed up with some whipped cream sounds like a recipe for delightfulness!!
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                      I just did this!!!

                      1. Wall push-ups = 25
                      2. Wall squats = 20
                      3. Elevated jack-knife press = 10...just
                      4. Hand/knee plank = 26 seconds
                      Hand/knee side plank = less than 10 seconds each side

                      Wow...that was different! I ended up watching the videos for each one before doing it so had a break do I feel as if I've had a workout and it really only took five minutes or so! I might have another go round later in the day if my shoulders go back to normal!! I can't believe how simple/easy that was...mind you I'm so out of shape it was never going to be that long anyway! It took me a bit of hunting to find a decent place to to the elevated jack-knife presses,,,I eventually settled on the bath-tub as the couch was way too low for me right now...I really am feeling it most in my shoulders which is a good upper body strength has always been rubbish, even when I was going hard at it at the gym with a trainer all those years ago...I think back then I only managed to get up to about five proper push-ups...would be great to get up to that again...greater still to surpass that!!


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                        Score one for primal food!!

                        As I promised him yesterday I made Ben a couple of fried eggs and a sausage for breakfast this morning. I just asked him if he enjoyed it...YES! Did it keep you full?...YES!!! FAR BETTER THAN WEETBIX!!!!!! Finally a way out of the Weetbix trap!

                        So, the beginnings of a primal kid. He's a bit of a baker too when he's in the mood...he made a batch of muffins yesterday and is making cupcakes now. I really am going to have to find some new recipes for him to have a go at that are gluten/sugar-free and primal friendly. And he was asking me to look for a recipe for gluten free self saucing choc of our sweet of him to think of it!

                        I made these biscuits: this afternoon and tried a couple with some coffee. I left out the stevia and the lemon. They tasted fine...when I hit a choc-chip I could taste the sweetness. Ben tried one when he got home from school and quite liked it....then went and scarfed down a rhubarb and orange muffin from yesterday!!


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                          i remember weetabix...don't miss that crap;-)
                          Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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                            Originally posted by shannon View Post
                            i remember weetabix...don't miss that crap;-)
                   either!! And of course it has to be loaded with sugar and milk!!


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                              congrats though on the primal success. my girls absolutely looooooooove helping me in the kitchen (wish it was a bit bigger though LOL)
                              Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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                                Yeah, was quite a surprise really...although with this kid it's the supposedly little things that work...I'm hopeful that eventually all three kids will come over to the primal side!