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    Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
    Don't worry about posting your weight. You posted it in kilograms, not pounds, so the Americans -- the majority of the board -- still have no idea how much you weigh. HAHAHA.
    Good! So really I don't weigh that much then!! So my goal for the mo' is to make to 110...and I won't post the multiplier to coonvert either!!


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      I'm beginning to wonder if I'm eating enough. I guess I'll find out soon enough...I started the third chapter today. Still struggling to get my head around the whole body/insulin/whatever the heck you call it thing...gimme a diagram(s) with some explanation and I'll get it so much better...but this is one instance where I get lost in the words and nothing makes sense no matter how many times I read it...I understand enough to know I'm lucky I'm not diabetic or worse already...perhaps my butter and meat habit and water only habit has saved me thus far despite the junk I've put in for most of my 41 point something years. My Dad became diabetic at 65 just after he retired and managed it nicely but he was never overweight like the stereotype that is put around in the media and he was always physically active as well...but I think his over use of artificial sweetener did a number on him...

      Anyway food for today...and it's not too pretty!

      Breakfast: three eggs, cream and
      Morning tea: handful of almonds
      Lunch: chicken and peanut satay salad on rye...chocolate eclair with whipped
      Afternoon tea: apple
      Dinner: BK triple cheeseburger thing minus the bun...and a bit of Ben's bean patty thing...and a mouthful of his coke.

      I didn't get any fish for lunch today and went down the road to the cafe...didn't feel too flash after that!! Then the younger two had their once yearly Art Splash show and tradition dictates dinner out...BK was right down the road from the Town Hall. At least they do a decent tasting meat pattie and while it's not ideal it's not that bad either...especially when you don't eat the bun...learnt that from Tom Naughton on 'Fathead'...he's one of my food heroes...and I blame him entirely for sending me on this food journey this year that has culminated in me ending up here!

      And well, tonight while I was eating by bunless burger and my family were looking at me as if I'd come from somewhere far, far away...I kind of let on I'm trying to lose weight...I've never ever mentioned about the issue of weight or weight loss to the kids as I don't think it's healthy to feed in to that pressure that they get about weight...and it's not just skinny as, got no fat on him son is terrified of getting he's not eating much other than Weetbix for breakfast...which bothers me. So I have plenty to prove here not just to myself...and turn my family on to it as well. Slowly but steadily I shall transform us all..mwaahaahahahaha!!


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        And it's becoming same ol', same ol'. I've just had dinner and hit the wall. Really want to just go to bed and sleep.

        Breakfast: eggs, butter and cream
        Snack: almonds...then a small piece of a slice and a mini donut...darn morning tea shout...for work I'd done apparently...tried to resist but felt ungrateful!
        Lunch: sardines, mayo and spinach...first time eating sardines...not bad...and coffee to wash away the aftertaste!
        Dinner: lamb ribs, roasted yams and potaotes
        Somewhere in the mix: the rest of that chocolate - might not be such a good idea to have around!

        Still reading slowly...although there was conversation in the lunchroom as work today so not so much reading...must away and read for a bit before i have to get up and go to work early tomorrow...hope I sleep better tongiht! I think it may have to do with getting lighter earlier in the morning as we head to spring/summer...thinking of getting a sleep mask to make it real dark! We'll see.


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          Good morning FA,

          What wall did you hit? Hopefully you are going to get some sleep this evening, I am sure you can use it.

          Your food looks good from what I can tell.

          It may be me but it sounds as if you are a bit down...... what's going on and where do you find yourself struggling with PB? Not sure if I can lend any guidance but maybe I can or even another one of the PB community members.

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            Hi Tawfunguy,

            Thanks for dropping by...the wall I meant was just after dinner I was overcome with tiredness and all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep!! By the time the kids got to bed I was feeling better and carried on for a bit more.

            As luck would have it I didn't sleep much better last night. Was awake from about 4am...hoping not to miss the alarm going off at 5.15. Right now I'm feeling pretty energised despite not eating how I'd planned today...but I have walked a total of 2kms so far and am off soon to go for another walk...taking advantage of half decent weather!

            Thanks for your comments...I'm not feeling down as compared to normal...I just have to read the book and try get my head around the science of it all!!

            Anyway, I must away and deliver kids all over the place for the weekend!


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              Friday's Food Report...

              The usual for breakfast at 5.30am - Friday is an early start for me...I'm out of the house before pounding my way down the hill to catch the train on time!
              Morning tea is at 8.30. I was really tired this morning and didn't feel like battling myself and going upstairs to eat some almonds, even though i wasn't hungry at all. I got a packet of chips and chocolate milk...then got side tracked helping pick out morning tea for the team...there were Tim Tams and, yes, I ate one...along with a baby choc fish or two...I'm not owning up to anything else!!
              Lunch - at 10.30 when I'm usually having morning tea...again not battling...went down to Starbucks for cake and coffee...always want coffee by then as I don't get one at breakfast time...and the instant crap in the staff room just doesn't do it even when I use three teaspoons of the muck!
              I got home about 1.30 after catching the train and taking the 1km hike back up the hill to home...I'm getting better at it which is good!
              About 2.30 began to feel a bit odd and knew it was because of the crap I'd had broke out the tuna and mayo I'd packed to take with me. It was a different mayo from what I'd been using and tasted of the rubbish oil in i didn't finish it. Picked kids up and dropped one off before heading to the park as it was a reasonable day weather wise. My intent was to walk a couple of ks...but I sat down with a cup of coffee and a slice thing...and watched my boy and his mate get themselves filthy dirty and wet playing in the creek that runs along the park. Ended up doing an impromptu circuit (1km) making sure they hadn't drowned themselves...and all was well with the world again.
              Home to make dinner...had some sausages to cook wanted mashed potatoes and I'd found some pak choy at the supermarket...decided to be adventurous and stir fry it with olive oil, five spice, soy sauce, capsicum and mushroom...not my best impulsive action...the pak choy - which I've never used before - shrivelled up an died to the point where the capsicum and mushroom overwhelmed it. Hence why I always use a recipe!

              Just read one of Mark's blog posts about 'primal flu'. I'm wondering if that's what I'm experiencing...especially with not sleeping...although today I've lasted remarkably well...we'll see what the consequences are it's another early start at 6am....and it's gone 10.30 just. One day I will actually stick to my self-imposed bed time!

              Do people get thirsty early on in the transition to primal eating? I'm feeling dry at night...and even though I carry water on me all day at work (and can get through two 750ml bottles) and generally drink the odd glass or two at home, I'm getting the thirst so bad I'm keeping a seperate bottle beside my bed....and just chugged half a bottle. I'm also having trouble typing properly...massive amounts of typos...i'm now typing with one hand as it's actually faster!

              That's it then...light's out!


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                Another rubbish sleep. Woke at 4am again and dozed off and on until about 5.40...jumped out of bed, showered and got to work five minutes late...grrr. Ate a handful of almonds on the way through the car park and called it breakfast.
                Just before 9 I had a packet of chips and choc milk just like yesterday...then off to Starbucks again for coffee and cake at 10.30.
                I had a cup of coffee when I got home and don't recall eating anything until just after 3.30...another coffee (so much better than Starbucks!) and a really nice crunchy biscuit. And that was after going for a 2km walk.

                Dinner: now this is the exciting part. we usually have curry for dinner on Saturday night. We cook the chicken and add a jarred sauce. Last weekend I decided there was no way I was going to eat another jar of I did a search on here and came up with this delightful recipe:
                Yes, it was yummy...I was out of a couple of the spices so it probably tastes even better than it did...I used a tin of coconut cream and added a bunch of mushrooms as I didn't use enough chicken...but it was still delicious. I made a small quantity of rice for Mark and he enjoyed it immensely. Now I'm having a decaf with cream.

                Tomorrow is market day....fresh lamb...bacon and salami shall all be mine! And a pile of fresh vege and good!

                This coming week I want to look for alternatives for baking products for myself and the kids...especially for me on Friday and Saturday at work as those two days have the potential to become my downfall if I'm not careful and prepared. I don't use artificial sweetener either as I believe they're as toxic if not more than using white table sugar in their own way....I think I've mentioned about my Dad previously. I've found a few things that might be suitable...just have to add them to the shopping list and remember to look out for them.

                I'm going to buy a new lunch box container too that will allow me to throw in a meat mixture on one side and salad and fruit on the other with it's handy compartments...and it's compact to boot!

                I found a nice looking recipe for egg mayo while browsing...and after I purchase a few lemons at the market tomorrow I shall be having me some spinach with freshly made mayo...might chuck in some avocado and tomato for good luck....and bacon...eggs...drooling now! And a nice roast chicken for dinner......


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                  Having issues posting....this is the third time....even briefer than the second try.

                  Food good...carbs under 100g despite toast and jam for brekkie. Calorie count looks a bit light...but I'm not hungry or having low sugar all good!

                  Scale says down 1.2 kg on last week...that's 2.6 lbs...YAY!

                  I'm going to keep doing this!

                  Finished a skirt I've been does up...skirt not for public consumption just yet...will try again next week.

                  Now to try the submit button....


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                    Congrats on your losses!
                    Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                    Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                    Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                      Thank you so much!


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                        Breakfast of two slices of bacon and three eggs fried in butter....sat outside in the sun...a glimpse of things to come!
                        Lunch was the same as yesterday...BEAT good..and one row of that G&B organic 85% chocolate...trying to defeat the sugar monster!
                        Dinner - I made a pumpkin and bacon soup...fried up a pile of frozen bacon ends and a couple of onions in some bacon grease...threw in a smidge of nutmeg then added the pumpkin, a big quarter piece. Fried it all up for a bit then added water...later smashed it all up and added cream...really satisfying...even Ben commented how good it was later he ate it cold.

                        I was fighting the sugar monster in my head all day and hoped the chocolate might work. Then took Ben to the park after school...and added a caramel chocolate gluten free slice with the coffee at the cafe. It was very sweet...almost overly so. I use the Daily Burn app on my iPod to keep as close a track on what I'm eating as possible...and I've kept in or under the limits I've set for myself today...although obviously I'm disappointed that I couldn't resist that slice at least I can look at the numbers and be pretty confident I'm doing ok and it won't totally wreck what I'm doing...and tomorrow I will have some gluten/sugar free baking if I need it. And maybe have begun the conversion for the rest of the family. Then just getting them off bread...that will be the most it's cheap to buy and quick to make...especially for the kids for school. The only bread I've eaten in the last week was Sunday breakfast...and although I enjoyed it I don't miss it...and don't need it if I'm prepared.

                        I bought some meat to make some jerky as well...then forgot to make it! There's always tomorrow...and that's a snack everyone can eat...


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                          Ok...... I soooooo have to make that soup!!!!!!!!! OMG that sounds divine!!!!! I get the Sugar Monster to try and attack me but honestly, I found putting a touch of Stevia in my water or such curbs that immediately. Might wanna try that and see if it works for you!

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                            Yes you do!!! It was THE best pumpkin soup I've ever made! I was hoping there would be some left over for lunch today but someone ate it all. Next time I'll have to buy more pumpkin!!

                            I'll have to have a look around to see if we have stevia here...I've heard a bit about it but not tried it...thanks!


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                              Breakfast: three fried slice of
                              Morning tea: two small pieces of a banana choc cake, made with coconut flour - rather nice
                              Lunch: medium container of left over butter chicken from the weekend
                              Afternoon tea: two more pieces of the cake
                              Dinner: two pork saussies, pile of mushrooms fried in butter and a whole heap of spinach with a large dollop of mayo and about six squares of chocolate with my decaf

                              And there we have it....a pretty decent food day...pretty fantastic result given the utter rubbish day I had at work too, to go with the chocolate biscuits, choc fish and other lollies on the table in the staff room...of which I am proud to say I ate none of!! And all it took was this recipe: I went to Fitday and calculated some approximate numbers for the entire thing....then divided them by 30 as the approximate quantity I cut it up to...small pieces...but as it's really an intense flavour I'm happy I did. I figure one piece has about 3g fat, 3g carb (1g fibre), and 1.6g fat.

                              I'm trying not to focus too much on the caloric values of what I'm eating as apparently I'm not eating alot! But I'm not hungry...and even after going for a brisk 2km walk before dinner I was just beginning to be hungry at about 7 when we ate.

                              Still not sleeping too flash...but then either does my for now I'm blamin' the genes!


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                                Wednesday...and another day bites the dust!

                                I woke up with a headache this morning...and it stayed with me in various strengths until mid afternoon. I was determined to not give in and eat something sugary or refined carbohydratey as I figured it's one step closer to getting off the dependance! I'm so glad I did...I would have been rather disappointed in myself had I given in. I also have that feeling in the back of my throat when I have a cold approaching...I'm not giving in!!

                                Breakfast: three fried eggs and slice of coffee...Mark was away early, I was up late...darling Ben had a go at making some but found it a bit too weak so tipped it out...he's a trier though! Forgot my vitamins.
                                Morning tea: two pieces of cake from yesterday and a handful of almonds...and a giant cup of instant coffee (barf!)
                                Lunch: a couple of sausages left over from dinner last night, pile of spinach and large dollop of mayo...handful of almonds
                                Afternoon tea: couple of pieces of banana choc cake...and two teaspoons of peanut butter
                                Dinner: Mince thing...with frozen vege, tomato paste and pasta sauce topped with mashed kumara (butter and cream) and grated parmesan...ate half and half left for lunch tomorrow. Throw in a decaf and a few squares of chocolate and that's me for today.

                                I noticed my work shirt hanging a bit differently this morning. Since I've piled on all this weight I have a large 'tyre'-like protrudance above my waist at the's noticable as there's another much larger 'tyre' thing below my waist...and I feel a bit self conscious when I take my jacket off. It is disappearing. One day it will be gone entirely! I got quite excited as I also feel my work pants are loosening up a little bit...even though the scale sits at the same number...although it was dithering a bit this morning! I'm reading around not taking any notice of the scale number and focus on body measurements more than anything...I like to weigh every day but have learned not to read anything in to it. Some days I would drink more and weight more...other days I would weigh less after having not had enough to drink...and making those kinds of connections also with what I was eating...going up the day after eating a big bag of potato chips...lots of carb and salt.

                                I'm also noticing my body is not telling me I'm hungry...but my head is telling me I need to eat...gotta eat...where's the nearest bakery...cream donut...this, today as I was driving out somewhere I knew had lovely cream donuts (which I would only ever eat once in a blue moon previously anyway!) and decided I was not going to go to that bakery. Instead I went to a local supermarket that caters to cafes and restaurants and found some incredible food deals! Organic peanut butter...himilayan salt...small wedge of parmesan...giant can of condensed milk (more for the impressive size than to consume...although there is a kids birthday coming up that might require it's services!)...olive oil...decent pasta sauce and tomato paste...that was definitely an unplanned shop...the two kids I had with me were impressed with the size of some of the products though. Some of it was oddly cheaper than in the regular supermarket...I shall revisit it when I am alone one day and make a list of useful things....they didn't have any nut butters other than the peanut I purchased...I love peanut butter...but I usually get it with sugar in it - this one doesn't have it and still tastes great! I saw baking I can use it for to make biscuits...yum...weekend project maybe.

                                So, two days with no real slip-ups...woohoooo!!!