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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Murph)

    Hello Everyone;

    Let's see here, where to start? I stumbled across the Performance Menu website in 2007. I dabbled with IF after reading the information there. I felt wonderful and still do feel great while IF'ing. That got me interested in paleo eating and eventually lead me to MDA. I tend to be hardcore, perfect on my diet and workouts or completely off the wagon. I'm hoping this 30 day challenge will help get me going in the right direction. I plan on taking before and after shots but I won't post them up until the end of this journal. I will post up my beginning stats tomorrow.

    My Goals:

    1. Make more primal food choices and keep a journal of what I eat here.

    2. Start working out again. 3-5 times a week, log those here too.

    3. Lose some fat - 10-12lbs.

    4. Gain some muscle - not a specific amount just enough to notice in the mirror.

    5. Increase my flexibility and cardio ability.

    6. Increase my body image (Mines currently low low)

    7. Have fun with it, make it 2nd nature not a diet or fad.

    That's it guys and gals!!

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    The Daily! 8/5/2009

    Workout - a 40 minute wrestling match between me and my push mower while I mowed the lawn. It decided to poop out on me 1/2 way through, turns out the carb was dirty so I took it off and cleaned her up. Went ahead and changed the oil too. This evening I'll finish up and maybe do some P90X.

    Diet - I fasted most of the day. 1 cup of coffee and a shot of barley grass for breakfast. For dinner I had a huge garden salad, 1/2lb of buffalo wings my wife brought me from her lunch and probably another 1/2-3/4lb of lean grass fed ground beef. For dessert 1 scoop whey protein mixed with 2 tbsp's of almond butter.


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      I just realized I didn't take my measurements last night. I will do that tonight.


      Measuring food. I can't stand doing it. I don't think it is primal in any way. I know that you pretty much have to do it if you're on the zone. Do any of you guys measure your food?


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        Thanks again for the advice Murph. I'm a long way away from having the need/desire to measure food. If you're not preparing for a specific meal via recipe I think it's a little too far to go. It's probably one of the better things you could be OCD about but I heard in a video someone linked that some folks will actually bring a scale to a restaurant! More power to them, but I would have chuckled and clicked on by.

        I think the ideal is to get a good idea of how much you need visually and go on instinct. Shouldn't a "serving" for you and I be different than a 5' 3" 115lb female? If so then you'll still need to be making a mental adjustment with the food on the scale. My humble O would be to do what you feel you should, if you're doing something you don't really enjoy you are more likely to lose interest.



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          for posterity:

          it was in that interview(one of the 3 parts) I believe, posted by the guy on the right discussing people getting carried away with stuff.


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            Agent81, thanks for the vid. I found a whole bunch of videos and websites I'll have to look through now. Good things!


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              The Daily: 8/6

              Diet - 1 cup of coffee black and a shot of barley grass for breakfast. I planned on fasting again today but made my way to Chick-fil-A and had a 8 piece nugget and a side salad w/ a water. For dinner ~3/4lb of roasted pork loin and my usual huge salad. I feel like I should watch my portion sizes a little closer. I think today I will research my macro totals and start shooting for that. Also I came to the conclusion last night that I just don't like pork loin. So that will be off the menu for a while.

              Workout - ~30 minutes of mowing the lawn. I planned on doing some P90X but I slacked. Maybe I will make it up tonight. I need to set up a schedule for my workouts too. I do much better if I have a schedule/plan set up.

              As you can see I'm being a little lackadaisical with my diet and workout so far. In the past I dive in and go all out until I crash and give up. I want to do more than what I'm currently doing for sure but I'm trying to find something long term that works for me. Hopefully my progression will come quickly but more importantly I will be able to maintain it for good.