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    I've been on and off the primal diet for a few months now. I have been actively doing the crossfit workout regimen, and have definitely noticed my strength and muscle definition improving, but it hasn't helped me shed any fat. So, I'm going to do my own primal challenge before the real one starts since I don't want to put it off any longer.

    I have a journal where I write down my daily diet, but I wanted to have more of a motivator to keep me on track. What's more of a motivator than posting pictures of yourself to strangers? I'll still keep my diet in my own, personal journal, but I'll post new pictures each week so you guys can (hopefully) see my progress.

    I don't have too much to lose. Right now I'm at 127lbs and 21% body fat.
    All right, here goes. Week 1:

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    Oopsies, just realized I didn't write my title correctly... oh well.

    I'll go ahead and post my diet here as well. Here's what my day looked like:

    Brunch: 3 eggs with tomato and onion
    Snack: Crabapple with peanut butter
    Lunch/supper: Beef and Broccoli with onion and tomatoes
    Snack: Crabapple with peanut butter
    Later snack: Sunflower seeds and tea

    Calories: 1,230
    Fat: 85g (60%)
    Carbs: 62g (20%)
    Protein: 73g (20%)

    50 burpees

    I'm getting over a cold, so I'm not going too heavy on the workouts for now. And I need to get off my peanut butter addiction... any good substitutes?


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      Bleh, I'm bad at updating things. I've been tracking my food on and I've been doing pretty well. I had my first crossfit workout in over three weeks, and it sucked balls. Anyhoozle, here's my next updated photo. You can start to see my abs coming through!

      Current weight: 125lbs
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        Hi there Trobi!

        Great idea using FitDay for tracking as it definitely helps! Also, great job with the pics! Yes you can start to see the abs coming through! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your update and pics!

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          I'm surprised how easy this has been for me! When I tried going primal in the past, I would always get off track with too many sweets, and once I cheated, I gave up for the rest of the day. I can't do the 80/20 rule, I have to stick to it 100%. Right now, what I consider "cheating" is having an extra piece of fruit with some (unsweetened) coconut flakes or nut butter, but I keep that to no more than once a day. The chocolate bars that stare at me while I wait in line at the grocery store are no longer a temptation! And I switched from my normal coffee with hazelnut sweetener to just hazelnut/vanilla tea in the morning. I don't need that extra caffeine boost in the mornings since I have more energy now.

          Also, eggs cooked in butter are soooo much better than "healthy" canola oil. This morning I cooked them in coconut oil, and that was surprisingly delicious. I think I'm going to mix my eggs with some cinnamon and vanilla tomorrow morning and try to make some toast-free french toast.


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            Sounds like a great morning so far Trobi! Keep up the great work!

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              Hi brave Trobi,
              Love your courage and goals to get stronger!

              I'll keep up to see your progress

              Take good care,


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                Good luck!


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                  Looking awesome! I just ate the last of my peanut butter and threw the jar away. Will NOT buy anymore, will not buy anymore...
                  Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                  Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                  Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                    Shoot, it's been a while. Over the past few weeks I have been in the process of moving 250 miles away, and it's been pretty hectic. I've been sort of off the wagon. I'm trying to get back into it, but it's been hard since I'm living with my folks and my family doesn't eat anything natural besides fruit. Hopefully, I'll get the job I just interviewed for so I can get my own place, and start biking to work (it's only 2 miles away from where I'll be living). I never realized how much being unemployed sucks. I'm so bored during the day, all I want to do is eat.


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                      I need to keep up with this a lot better. I'll try to start posting pictures again soon, just need to find my camera. I may end up looking worse than my first picture after all the crap I've been putting into my body.

                      Today has sort of been a recovery day. I've been (trying) to run with my brother to give him some support for his cross country practice, and it's been tearing me apart. I normally just do a quick 1 mile run every morning, but anything more than that and I feel like I aged 50 years. Yesterday I was with my significant other all day since I only get to see him once a week. We had burgers and chinese food, with lots of soda and lemonade... I was definitely feeling it today. I hardly slept at all last night, and felt like a zombie in the morning. (I'm normally a morning person) Having healthier food and a good long bubble bath followed by a nap seems to have put me back on track.

                      3 eggs loaded with onion, and 4 slices of bacon.

                      Mid afternoon:
                      Cottage cheese with a giant mango that's been ripening on the counter for the past couple of days. It was delicious.

                      Evening: Snacking on plums and almonds. Haven't been too hungry today.


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                        Today was a really heavy fruit day... I don't know what to do about my fruit addiction. If I lived by myself, I would simply not buy it, but I'm stuck living at home, and my mom likes to have a plentiful fruit basket available. And then this afternoon, I caved and ate a chocolate bar. I normally wouldn't have, but it was bought off of a little girl at our front door. I'm such a sucker for kids selling stuff.

                        I was supposed to have an interview or something today, but they said they didn't have the right paperwork and to come back in the afternoon, so I did and they said they still didn't have it and told me to come back tomorrow morning. If I wasn't so desperate I would have told them to screw themselves by now, but I really really need it. Hopefully I can get this job, because then I can bike to work, and get out of my parents house.

                        What I remember stuffing into my face today:

                        3 eggs with half a small onion fried in bacon fat
                        3 eggs with leftover grilled chicken cooked in bacon fat with onions. (I've been in an egg mood today, is it bad to eat a lot of eggs in one day?)
                        Huge apple
                        Strawberries in a bowl of milk
                        Chocolate bar with almonds


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                          So far today has been wonderful. I found out that I (pretty sure) have a job!! Working at Subway, but who cares, money is money, right? I'm supposed to get a call from someone today or tomorrow to get things going.

                          I found out the library is less than a mile away, and I can take back roads to get there on my bike without running into heavy traffic. I picked up Good Calories, Bad Calories and will start digging into that as soon as I'm done here... well, maybe after I have some lunch.

                          Had a late breakfast since I had to go in and fill out job paperwork stuff, and then went car shopping.
                          3 eggs
                          2 slices bacon
                          1/2 cup of onions
                          1 banana

                          Lunch was a leftover stir-fry. I hate microwaving leftovers... bleh.

                          4/5ish oz pork chop
                          handful green beans
                          1 small sweet potato
                          1/2 an onion
                          The teeeeensiest dash of teriyaki sauce. It's one of my weaknesses.
                          All cooked in bacon fat.

                          I think it looks (and tastes!) pretty darn good for leftovers.
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