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  • Primal Challenge Journal (socracheese)

    I've been a follower for the past year or more but it's "never been a good time" to fully commit.

    Now happens to be the right time though. I've been sidelined with an injury, so my triathlon season has been cut short, and I have ample time to experiment with taking my 70% primal diet to 100%.

    My main goals are to ditch my body's dependency on sugar, and get my weight a little lower, so that when I hit the road next summer (hopefully ready for an ironman) I'll be leaner, and a little meaner.

    Body composition @ start of the challenge:

    Height: 6'1" (i don't think this will change, but as a reference for you guys)

    Weight: 172 lbs

    Body Fat: 18.6%

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    Day 3:

    So far today, here's what i've eaten:

    Breakfast: Two eggs, scrambled cooked with avacado oil + double espresso

    Post workout: Endurox R4

    Morning snack: 1/4 cup almonds

    Lunch: chili with ground chicken

    Afternoon snack: 1/4 cup almonds + organic pear

    Planning on picking up some ingredients to make some primal energy bars for tomorrow.


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      I've been using to track my diet and exercise for the past few months, which has turned out to be pretty handy. It has an iphone/ipod touch app as well, which is pretty convenient to get stuff added while on the move.

      I'm sure a few of you out there are using it, since I've found a few of Mark's recipes already added for me.


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        Day 3 Workout:

        Morning: 4k swim @ endurance pace

        Evening: Referee for U16 soccer game. 90 minutes of moving around slowly, with some sprinting


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          DAY 4:


          B: Almond flour pancakes + organic maple syrop + half a grapefruit

          S: almonds and pecans

          L: chili

          S: primal energy bar

          D: Chicken stir fry over cauliflower 'rice'


          - As many sets as possible in 10 minutes of 20 squats, 10 situps, 5 pushups

          - 30 mins light cardio


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            DAY 5:


            Breakfast: omelet with organic, nitrate free, thick cut bacon + espresso

            Post-Workout: protein shake

            Snack1: primal energy bar

            Snack2: almonds

            Lunch: pork ribs with primal dry rub

            Snack: apple

            Dinner: none


            3k swim, majority @ endurance pace, finished with 4x50m sprint

            Referee for Old Timers soccer game. 90 minutes of moving around slowly, with some sprinting