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Primal Challenge Journal: fletchingarrows

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  • Primal Challenge Journal: fletchingarrows

    Breakfast: 1 cup greek yogurt, 2 slices of pear, 7 cherries, 15 almonds, 3 walnuts, cinnamon, coffee w/half and half

    Lunch: 1 carrot, 1/3 large cucumber, 1 tb homemade hummus (got to get rid of it! but I love it!), 25 almonds, 2 very low sugar 85%-ish cocoa homemade chocolate truffles.

    Snack: 1 egg fried in butter with left over stir fry veg from last night (about 2/3 cup)

    I might IF dinner b/c I have to babysit.

    Exercise: walked 4 miles (to and from work), (plan to) walk another 1.5-2 miles to the babysitting job.

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    Your breaky sounds delish!


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      It really was. I wish dinner had been better. I had a couple of thick slices of roast beef and a thin slice of Whole Foods salami. Boring babysitting foraging. Funnily enough, the family that I babysit for considers themselves super healthy in the classic CW way- I always respected how crazy health obsessed they were, esp. marathon runner super thin mom. But tonight when I tried to wrangle up something to eat there, there was pretty much NOTHING primal. All lowfat yogurt, cereals, pasta in tiny tupperwares, whole wheat crackers, organic bread, juices and yogurt drinks, and other weird concoctions. It made me feel a bit superior.


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        Oh yes, today's "stats" (according to cronometer, though I'm not sure it's more accurate than fitday)

        cals: 1230

        fat: 75 g

        protein: 80 g

        carbs: 65 g

        Measurements (I think I did it right this time. Not sure.)

        bust: 40 inches

        waist: 30 inches

        hips: 40 inches

        weird how it all rounds out like that.


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          I just ate what felt like a huge breakfast. 2 eggs, 2 slices of uncured bacon, half a farmers' mkt yellow tomato, 3 mini fresh mozzarella balls, a coffee with half and half (the last of it! hurrah!).

          Man that was a great breakfast. I fried the eggs in the bacon grease (still feels alarmingly guilty-pleasurable) and then topped with the tomato. The mozzarella balls went with the tomato too.


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            Ode to lunch:

            you are delicious

            egg cheese cucumber veggies

            i ate happily

            Snack was 15 almonds and a homemade low sugar choc truffle.

            Lunch was an egg fried in bacon grease with a slice of pepperjack melted on top, with a side of fresh garden cucumber (i have a MILLION cucumbers in the garden and thus am obliged to eat them everyday). I made another side of broccoli, red onion, garlic, and yellow summer squash sauteed in olive oil, but I only got halfway thru before I was too full to finish.

            I'm still eating too much dairy but that's why it's called a goal, not an achievement.


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              Absolutely awful night last night. Dinner was leftover veg from lunch, a cup of chopped cucumber, and 3 slices of halloumi. Which was fine. Then I ate a bite of a homemade Larabar (I'm going hiking this weekend and wanted to make something primal but energizing. It's mostly nuts tho, less fruit) and a homemade dark choc truffle. Which was also fine. BUT THEN I ate 4 atomic fireballs while watching Rear Window. I know. I go through phases with them, sometimes I hate them and sometimes I can't get enough. Suffice it to say that the fireballs alone added almost 30g of carbs to my day.

              On a brighter note, I am eating a delicious breakfast of yogurt, walnuts, almonds, 4 cherries, 2 slices of pear, and coconut.


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                Lunch: 3 egg omelet with bacon, swiss, and tomato, and coffee with half and half from the diner near work (my boss took me out to lunch).

                Snack: 10 almonds and a small bite of dark chocolate.

                Exercise: walked 2 miles.

                I'm about to go to New Hampshire for 3 days so I won't be posting. I hope to keep things primal up there (going hiking-can it get more primal than that?) and will report back on Sunday or Monday.