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    I'm getting serious.

    After years of gestation and lactating, putting myself last, not exercising regularly, adrenal issues, a Celiacs diagnosis, and vegetariansim...I've completely effed up my body. I am 100 lbs too heavy, and finally had an epiphany when my father was diagnosed with diabetes in April of this year. "Is this my path? Is that want I want to look like/feel like/be like in 20 years?"

    I dropped most carbs with ease. I had given up gluten a few years ago to help combat my IBS symptoms (which were finally explained by Celiacs disease.) Dairy too is an allergy problem for me and was given up years ago. I began eating meat again, and have (in the past three months) converted my Buddhist veg husband to a meat eater (by giving him books like "The Vegetarian Myth" and talking about inflammation and grains non-stop.)

    So in April, I gave up sugar and all remaining carbs from my diet, found a source for grass-fed meats locally, am growing a ton of my own veggies, and ... as of last week, I've begun working out.

    The good news is: I've dropped 20 lbs...that is, before I even started working out.
    The bad news: I have at least 80 to go, and I feel impatient for my body to begin looking good again. I really can't even tell that I've lost weight. My clothes do fit a little bit differently, but I still look like the same old me.

    Mark's fitness book came out at the perfect time, and I started today incorporating the weight exercises he recommends. I'm pitifully weak in my arms.

    So, for today:
    Breakfast - left over veggy and beef stew and a cup of coffee
    Lunch -- fasting
    Dinner -- will be roast chicken and broccoli, and a peach clafouti (from Mark's cookbook) for dessert to celebrate a friend's birthday (she is also palaeo dieting)

    20 minutes of about 60% max heartrate cardio
    1 circuit of strength training machines - 10 reps each (for a warm up)
    10 modified pushups
    45 assisted squats (with a large ball behind me for support)
    45 seconds Level 1 plank for all three positions
    not one pull up...I'm just not strong enough to lift my body right now.
    8 "downward dog" shoulder presses (Level II in Mark's levels.)
    -- these really hurt my left shoulder, where I have injury from carrying huge babies around for so many years.

    Well, that's my first entry. More tomorrow.
    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.

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    Push-up's hurt a day later when you are out of shape. In case you were wondering.

    The peach clafouti from Mark's cookbook went over very, very well at this birthday party. Thank you Mark for this recipe. It is quickly becoming a staple in this house. I made it with raw milk cream and coconut milk. MMMMMmmmmm.

    I was musing yesterday about how palaeo dieting is just one part of a life where I am incorporating ancestral pathways into my life. I am an archaeologist and have a profound respect for ancient lifestyles. That led, in part, to my belief in parenting with an anthropological bent: breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping...all of which have roots in how people have raised their children since, well, forever. This made sense to me as a mother and as a research scientist. Palaeo-parenting :-) The palaeo diet seed was planted during my doctoral research for my preliminary exams, one of which was on the palaeolithic to neolithic transition. The main focus was, "Why did people get so sick with the introduction of agriculture?" We can see it in their bones...people began dying younger, developing cancers, leukemia, obesity. Their joints broke down early with arthritis. The list goes on. My research concluded that it was the nutritional issues surrounding domestication of plants (reduced variety) and animals (reduced variety, grain feeding vs. grass fed) as well as urbanism and the various components that come with that -- sanitary issues in particular. But I really never applied this to my own life, believe it or not. How dense can you be? I was a vegetarian and didn't know a lot about nutrition. But then I had children and descended into the rabbit hole that is nutritional studies, and began applying my learning about inflammation, fats, Vit. D, probiotics, my own life and that of my children. It was a major breakthrough to realize that all I was learning pointed me back to a lifestyle of eating that resembled our palaeolithic ancestors, and of course that made perfect sense to me from a genetic point of view.

    So here I am...

    Brunch: coffee with heavy cream, 3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon
    Dinner: Ginger Chicken with Broccoli, slice of almond tart

    Rest day for exercise. I am far too sore to work out!
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    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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      We had guests in town this weekend so my routine was upset a bit.

      Saturday I had my herbalism class and didn't have the opportunity to walk or work out.

      Meals: coffee and left over ginger chicken for breakfast
      Lunch: carrots and two pieces of roasted chicken
      Dinner: Thai grated chicken, cabbage, carrot, cilantro salad with lime juice, shrimp tom yum soup

      Sunday brunch: Fritatta with chard, bacon, and onion, 4 extra slices of bacon, because it was just that good.
      Dinner: Left over frittata, 1 piece of roast chicken, 2 all-beef/grass fed/nitrate free hot dogs

      I did garden on Sunday, having gone to my friend's farm...he needed help harvesting okra, so I spent 1/2 hour squatting and cutting overgrown okra pods off his plants to keep the plants going. In the rain. It was really fun.

      Today isn't over, but I've had more the left over frittata for breakfast, some home made/raw milk yogurt for lunch, and I've worked out at the gym (bike for 1/2 hour at 60% max cardio and strength work: 10 pushups, plank, 25 full squats. Shoulder presses will be at home.) Oh, and I mowed the lawn (an acre, push mower, on a hill.)

      My two best friends told me yesterday that they too are going primal. It seems that people are catching on!
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      Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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        Just stopping by to say congrats and best of luck!

        Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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          It sounds like you have an awesome start and a plan! I applaud your efforts!! I only wish I could find others that are into this lifestyle...(sigh)
          I felt the same way as you at first. With all the changes you are making you will see results in no time!

          Put the scale away! Go with measurements instead! It'll show you your success' much better!

          I wish you much determination and improved health!
          Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
          Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
          Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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            Thanks to you both for your support. You the scale. I have not owned a scale since I lived in my parents house (I am 43), but right now I feel like the scale is an important motivator. I do, however, have to resist the temptation to step on it often. I think I may go to a once a week weighing so that I can see improvement. Since purchasing the scale a little over two weeks ago, I am down 9 lbs. THAT is a big motivator. It seems almost too good to be true :-)

            Re: friends -- I am blessed with many many friends who are sharing this ride with me, although few are as committed to it as I am. If only my husband would...he just started eating meat after 10 years being a vegetarian, so that's a baby step. But I think once he begins to SEE my changes (he says he can't tell so far) and sees me getting stronger and fitter, perhaps he too will cut out the carb/sugar crap from his diet.
            Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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              Oh, and one other minor victory...

              My 4 (almost 5) year old says to her daddy at dinner: "I just want the chicken leg and some broccoli daddy, but no rice. The carbs aren't grow food."


              LOVE it!
              Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                He may not see them because he sees you everyday. Others will probably notice before he does! Vegetarian to meat eater is a big step
                Congrats on the 9 lbs!
                Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                  Breakfast - a nice big cup of Joe.
                  Lunch - sliced tomato and cucumbers
                  Dinner: Jumbalaya (mmmmm), perhaps some dark chocolate for dessert

                  Oh, I had 1/2 a banana at Starbucks. I threw the other half out because it was too sweet for me. My taste buds are changing.

                  No workout today, unless you count schlepping kids to camp, swimming lessons, doctor's appointments, haircuts and playdates....
                  Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                    Breakfast: 1 cup of raw yogurt
                    Lunch: Greek salad, ingredients picked 10 minutes beforehand
                    Dinner: Left over Jumbalaya with roasted okra and andouille sausage

                    Workout: 1/2 hour bike, 1 full cycle of weight machines
                    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                      Like me, you don't seem to eat a lot. Do you feel full with the amount of food your eating? I do, but sometimes wonder why I eat so little. My family harps on me about this all time.
                      Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                      Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                      Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                        Yeah. I don't eat a lot. Truthfully I never have (and yet, I've always been big!) I've complained to doctor after doctor about this: I eat so little, why am I so FAT? And their response, time after time? "It is a simple equation: calorie in vs. calorie out." or "It's just your genes..."

                        Well, I knew that couldn't be the case. And now I know that the types of foods I ate (especially in the 10 years I was a vegetarian) were terrible for me and caused me to gain 100 (yes, you read that right) 100 lbs. In ten years (and two babies). I thought vegetarians were supposed to loose weight...right? It is SUCH a b*s* scam. With all the data coming out now on HFCS and cortisol and good/bad fats and insulin resistance, I now understand the gain. And also why now it is just falling away.

                        Just4Me- did you have a lot of weight to loose? Have you had children? I should go and search out your journal and see.

                        I am down 2 more lbs in 3 days. (I know I should stop stepping on the scale. I know!)

                        Morning: coffee with raw milk
                        Lunch: Big Ass Salad, with tuna
                        Dinner: not sure yet. Probably more stew...

                        No working out today...(maybe some pushups and plank work)
                        Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                          I went away over the weekend to visit my brother and his wife and their new baby. My brother is doing Atkins, so we were on the same page. He is using ketone sticks to monitor carb intake. Mmmm... I never thought of that, but I'm not so interested in peeing on a stick every day. I just want to eat well and workout and let nature take its course.

                          I lost 2 more lbs over the weekend, despite spending 5 hours driving (i.e. sitting) and not working out.

                          Eating has been the same: big ass salad yesterday for dinner. Lunch was beef patties (2 of them) and some grilled veggies (onions, peppers, squash)

                          Workout today was walking a mile and then some weight work. I upped the level of the plank work from the easiest level 2. It was definitely harder. I did 30 squats with a 6 lb medicine ball/arms outstretched. 20 Level 1 pushups. I also did upper body machine work.
                          Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                            I haven't posted in awhile, just from sheer business. Nothing much has changed, although I didn't go to the gym as much (my daughter has been sick and I didn't want to put her in the kid-care room). I've lost another 2 lbs. I did cheat last night and eat a gluten-free muffin I made for my was a small cheat, sweetened with dark chocolate.
                            Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                              Originally posted by Diktynna View Post
                              Just4Me- did you have a lot of weight to loose? Have you had children? I should go and search out your journal and see.
                              I have two kids (1st = 27 & 2nd = 11!). I started at 184 lbs. Before gaining all the weight, I used to average around 125 give or take a few pounds. I'm at 149 now. I don't want to be that 'thin' again. I'm aiming for a healthy 135 because I'd like to 'see' some muscle!

                              Congrats on the losses!! You go, Girl!
                              Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                              Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                              Ultimate Goal: 125/18