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  • BeLikeGrok's Primal Journey

    So, after months of reading MDA, I'm finally starting (officially) my primal journey! I'm shooting for about 60-70% consistently primal living. I'm coming off of a shoulder problem, so I'll be working with some alternatives during my Lift Heavy Things days til it heals completely. I didn't miss my toast at all when I ate my eggs, green peppers, onion, tomato, plum and pistachios this morning!

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    I started my journal today today, and also have a shoulder injury that I'm working around. Have you been eating palaeo for the months you've been reading? Or are you starting today?

    Good luck. I am convinced this lifestyle is totally worth it!
    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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      I have not been eating paleo prior to getting started yesterday, although I have been (sporadically) cooking a primal meal or two here and there, and attempting to pass on the carbs some. I read the free PB Fitness download, and it just sort of clicked with me, as I am into functional fitness, but struggled with attendance at my Crossfit gym haha. Yesterday I enjoyed some sprints in the pool, which was actually part of a game the kids were playing (it is fun to play with kids, and then they generally think you are a "cool" adult!) and today will be a Lift Heavy Things day. Diktynna what was your shoulder injury (if you don't mind my asking)? They aren't 100% sure what is wrong with mine (suspected bicep tendinitis with impingement syndrome) , I haven't had an MRI or anything, the ortho decided if PT fixed it, then great! It is better, but not where I need it to be, I hope it continues to improve!


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        By the way, I've lost 5 lbs in the past month just by cutting back on the evening drinks and cutting out some of my grains/rice/starch. I'm looking forward to seeing even more results!

        5'5"F 167 lbs.


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          Hey, good job on the 5 lbs! Am yet to see any weight based results but am only a few weeks in so will see how it goes. Can sympathise on the shoulder front also, picked up a twinge playing football last week and am now struggling to get a full range of motion on any pushing work....guess we'll need to focus on the legs until better!?

          Keep it up, i've got a feeling this'll pay dividends in the long run!


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            Randall - Thanks!! I'm totally convinced it is worth it too! I work for the fire department, so my challenge will be staying away from the carboliciousness of the firehouse food. I cheated last night after eating primal (except for a little peanut butter, I was in a pinch) all day and had a burger, some fries, and a couple of beers. But it was guilt free, knowing that I can go right back to eating right today, and not feel too bad about it. This is great!! I'm going to test the waters today and do a full LHT workout with all the essential movements. My goal is to get them down pat by the end of the year. Speaking of cheating though, how often do you guys "cheat" and have a meal that isn't so primal, like my burgers, fries, and delicious micro brew Hefewiesen (sp?) last night?


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              Hehe, I can imagine the firehouse having plenty of treats lying about....its a constant temptation in the office as well....every other day is someone else's birthday, which is celebrated of course with a selection of bicuits, pastries and krispy kremes. Nightmare!

              As for cheating, i've been seriously good so far to be fair, its pretty tough as a chocoholic. Sometimes I find it difficult to contain the amount of food I eat though, I had a ridiuculously big day last week where I just couldn't stop snacking, my appetite hasn't dropped much as yet. I think things will pop up from time to time (e.g. friends over for dinner or a meal out at a restaurant with few primal options) and you just need to go with the flow....over the long term, the occasional variation shouldn't have much of an effect I'd hope, especially considering how long we've been eating the way we used to.


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                I am resurrecting my Primal Journey log, as the MDA 30-Day Challenge begins today...revisiting the idea of moving towards a more Primal lifestyle after a year of dabbling is very interesting. I can honestly say I made no progress whatsoever...I am still just about as Primal now as I was then. I have breakfast down...I love eggs, and am OK with eating things that aren't necessarily "breakfast food" for breakfast. Lunch is not too too hard either, less a matter of logistics than willpower (which I am admittedly completely lacking).

                Dinner has been my stumbling block, especially at work with large communal firehouse dinners with lots of rolls, potatoes, pasta...anything that people can cheaply gorge on (dinner standard is $5 per person). I really enjoy eating with my shift (not just reheating whatever food I have and eating at the same time) but actually eating the same food. I think the key may be to bring my own veggies to go with whatever protein is being served, and just realize that I am going to have to put my mental foot down on the rolls. I gave up pasta completely a couple of weeks ago (I figured as one of my least-favorite starches, that would be an easy one) so I guess I will be out on the lasagna. It is far easier at home, where, for the most part, my family understands what I am trying to accomplish.

                I am looking forward to the challenge, because it gives me some motivation to begin moving forward again with this! I am hoping it is motivating you all out there too!

                Good luck everyone!


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