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  • Primal Challenge Journal (cmdowns)


    4 Scrambled eggs mixed with 1 tomatoe, mushrooms,spinach, and cheese. Freakin Da-lish!


    Sunflower seeds. Yum!!!!

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    Wall Balls (20lb)

    Pull Ups 29:22

    Push Ups

    Kettle Bell Swings (55lbs)




    12-15oz Steak

    Alot of broccoli with butter.

    Great first day! Workout was rough but I got through it. Especially after a week of vacation. Body is adjusting to some bad habits that crept in on my vacation. But I'm back on track now. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!


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      Went to bed at 1230 last night. Got up at 9am. I need to change that and start doing both earlier. Good breakfast though...

      4 Scrambled Eggs mixed with tomatoes, spinach and cheese. I ran out of shrooms and forgot to buy more(darn it).

      Looking forward to a lil ketosis these next couple of days. Today is day #2 with no carbs!!! GROK IT BABY!!!!!


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        I try not to eat many nightshades but that egg scramble sounds great I might have to try that tonight. I need to eat some eggs anyway!


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          Hey Popa Murph,

          Thanks for the reply. Just one question though. What is a "nightshade?"


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            Another day down in the books.

            Pumpkin seeds, steak and sweet peas rounded out my meals yesterday. I'm proud to say I haven't cheated in two days. However, last night I drank a few jack and diet cokes at a comedy club.

            Didn't get a work out in yesterday, sorry to say. Went to a movie with my wife and saw 'The Ugly Truth.' Not a bad film. Had a great time with her though.

            I feel my work ethic slipping a little in the workout dept. Need to get back on track with out beating myself up with guilt punches. Just get back in there and continue to improve performance. No pressure.

            Looking forward to the weekend!!!!!

            Remember to always



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              Ok. Sorry for not writing the last two days. Being a daddy and husband took up the lions share of my time.


              Friday was good. Stayed true to the spirit of Grok. Eggs w/ tomatoes in the morning. Some turkey and a glass of milk in the afternoon, and steak w/ broccoli again for dinner with 2 glasses of merlot. Freakin Good!

              I eat when I'm hungry and do not eat when I am not. I feel great. Skipped Friday's workout though to see another movie with my wife. Julie and Julia. Good film. It will make you hungry though.


              Saturday is a different story. It was my 20% day. Started with my usual 4 eggs with shroomies, spinach and tomatoes and was on my home around 4 in the afternoon when campo verde mexican food called my name. I didn't totally lose it though. I ordered carne asada with guacamole, rice and beans and a cheese enchilada. I was unable to finish the whole plate. A rarity for me. Ate a few chips. All in all I felt pretty good about it. Then I took my wife and daughter out for some ice cream. Brusters. The freakin best. Had cherry vanilla in a waffle cone. Trying hard not to beat myself up. I try to remember it is one day out of 7 and if I stay true most days, then a day like yesterday isn't a big deal.


              Breakfast was the same today. 3 scrambled with veggies. Going out to eat indian food for lunch with mi familia. Gonna try and be semi-disciplined but not so sure I can handle it. I've already bargained with myself on the whole "its the weekend and I did so good lat week" thing. Cuz I loves me's some indian foodz. May get a small ice cream after. Bring it on.


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                So I caught a stupid cold. First time in like 4 months. I'm getting over it quick though. Fo breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs.


                3 eggs again this time mixed with tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. No cheese though. I'm working on less dairy now. I AM STARTING BACK TO WORKING OUT TOMORROW.


                Outback. 10 oz Victoria's Filet ( I had some of my wife's) and broccoli. Really good!


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                  I guess I should be dating these things.....ooops!!

                  Tuesday 08.11.09

                  Breakfast - IF

                  Lunch - Grilled Chicken, sauteed mushrooms and onions, topped with melted swiss cheese, broccoli and carrots.

                  Snack - 10oz New York Strip

                  Dinner - Sunset Fajitas from Mi Cocina. D-lish.

                  Snack - 16 oz glass of milk.

                  WOD - 20 min AMRAP.

                  x10 Front Squats - 95lbs.

                  x15 Push Press - 95 lbs.

                  x20 K2E (knee to elbows)


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                    Wed 08.12.09

                    Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs

                    Lunch - IF

                    Dinner - 12oz steak, sweet potato with butter, broccoli with butter.

                    WOD - 10 Rounds

                    x3 deadlift - 315lbs

                    x7 push ups

                    x9 K2E'S

                    GOOD DAY!

                    I feel like I may not be eating enough. My appetite might increase now that I'm back to regular workouts again. I always do this though. I get so obsessed about losing the weight, that I focus on the number instead of overall performance. The thing is I'm not starving myself. I just don't feel hungry during the day. We'll see how it goes.


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                      So here we are. Good Day!

                      Breakfast- 1 boiled egg

                      Lunch - Trout, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

                      Snack - Peanut M&Ms and a medium cherry coke. Movie - The Hurt

                      Locker...Good Flick.

                      Dinner - 10 oz ribeye with carrots.

                      16 oz glass of milk.

                      WOD - Ten 100 yrd sprints. Lil reversal of the aging process.

                      I went to a funeral today of a very good friend and neighbor, so when I got up this morning I tried on my suit and it fits again. Felt great!!!

             will be missed. Take care of my Sammy.


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                        3-4 eggs w/ tomatoes,shrooms, and spinach.

                        6oz steak 6oz grilled tilapia.

                        5 jalapenos stuffed with shrimp wrapped in bacon

                        2 shiner bocks

                        1/2 piece of keylime pie 1/2 piece of carrot cake.

                        small coke, peanut m&m's.

                        No Bueno....

                        Taco Bueno - 2 muchacos,2 party tacos.

                        8 oz glass of milk.


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                          Forgot Friday 08.14.09

                          2 boiled eggs

                          chipotle salad w/extra chicken and avocado and diet coke.

                          black eyed pea 10oz top sirloin, broccoli.

                          WOD- 5x5 clean and jerk.


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                            Sunday 08.16.09

                            3 eggs scrambled

                            Fuzzy's Tacos Beef Burrito with chips and guac.

                            Grilled chicken, butternut squash with butter and cinnamon and peas with butter.


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                              IF - Breakfast

                              IF - Lunch

                              WOD - x3

                              Farmers Carry - 200m

                              25 Box Jumps 20:22

                              25 K2E's

                              Snack - 2 peaches

                              3 oz steak

                              Dinner - 12 oz Buffalo Steak


                              Sauteed Mushrooms

                              Snack - 6 oz chicken breast

                              Scoop of Peas

                              Good day!